Which items are cheap in Dubai

Which items are cheap in Dubai

Dubai is renowned for its low rates and heavily discounted costs. The general pricing structure in various stores and the city's tax policy are to blame for this. When visiting Dubai, keep an eye out for the products we'll be discussing in the following sections if you want to score some nice deals. This is so that you can purchase them in the city at a reduced cost. Overall, we think that double-checking the currency translation between your home country and Dubai is the best method for calculating price rates. This is so that what may seem extremely reasonable to someone else may be pricey to you depending on certain conversion rates.


No matter the type or brand, laptops can potentially deplete your finances. Prices can differ according on the model, the features, and the date of introduction. As an illustration, by examining Apple's most recent Macbook Pro, you can save up to AED 400. While this sounds really small, when converted to your currency, it can represent a sizable reduction.Since you can simply hand carry one laptop home, taxes and import costs may not even be noticeable.


In Dubai, there are several smartphone models and brands that are less expensive. Additionally, you don't have to be concerned about import tax or other taxes when you purchase one. Samsung is one of the businesses that charges less in Dubai than in other nations. If the local businesses are having a sale, you might save anywhere from AED 200 to AED 600 or more. 

Gaming Consoles 

Gaming systems Retail costs for consoles often follow a fairly uniform pattern worldwide. Some versions, such as the more recent Sony and Nintendo models, are, however, more affordable in Dubai.According to Great Dubai, visitors can save between AED 600 and AED 2,000. A traveller from India can save anywhere between Rs 5,000 and Rs 42,000, demonstrating how economical this can be.  

A DSLR camera 

When comparing the costs of popular DSLR camera manufacturers throughout the world, Great Dubai found that we could undoubtedly find several models in the city for less money. The conversion rates you choose to compare Dubai's currencies and pricing with will ultimately determine how much money you save. But in the city, you can definitely find electronics at a fair price!

 High-End Cars 

The majority of high-end, luxury vehicles are often very expensive, even without maintenance. But if you purchase your ideal car in Dubai, you could just be able to afford it more easily. Comparing Dubai to European nations, it is less expensive to purchase a premium vehicle. Due to its well-maintained road systems, Dubai is a good country to drive a car in. Dubai also offers cheaper fuel, which makes it a desirable location for revving the engines of expensive, high-fuel-consumption vehicles. Despite the relatively inexpensive cost of cars and petrol, owning a car comes with additional fees.In major cities, parking can be scarce and expensive, and traffic infringement fines can be fairly substantial. Similar to regular cars, premium cars will cost more to maintain and repair. Always drive safely to avoid spending on this. Additionally, being aware of the top suppliers of vehicle components will be helpful if repairs are required. When purchased in Dubai, luxury vehicles, designer clothing, and even consumer electronics may be more reasonably priced. The main reasons for them are that the area has a low sales tax and the necessary infrastructure to support the majority of these goods.

 Designer Apparel

 Fashion goes hand in hand with luxury, and Dubai has plenty of malls and apparel shops where shoppers can buy designer labels even on a tight budget. While the costs of luxury goods and clothing are somewhat comparable to those in countries like the US, they are about 15–25% less expensive when compared to China, India, and other MENA nations. However, there are a number of sales held at Dubai shopping malls throughout the year, so potential customers might want to keep an eye out. 

Public Transportation

 The cost of public transportation in Dubai is one factor that is harder to quantify. Given the volume of tourists the city receives each year, it is a considerable investment. The Dubai Metro is still a very accessible and practical means to travel between the emirates. It travels rather quickly and makes enough stops in a number of important locations. Other than that, the most typical and affordable method of transportation in Dubai continues to be the RTA bus. You will almost always be able to find a ride because there are currently over 1,500 buses operating in the city. A Nol card, which is the primary form of payment, is necessary to ride an RTA bus. It may be purchased at any Metro station and is also accepted to pay for taxi prices. The city's reputation as the "City of Gold" is not something that should be used as a source of intimidation. There are deals to be had throughout the city on high-quality things if you know where to search. Dubai continues to uphold its solid reputation for purchasing presents and fulfilling them. To make their trip much more memorable, discerning consumers will undoubtedly want to take advantage of these discounts. You can get info through Great Dubai about everything in Dubai like through Great Dubai you can book a car on rent sell and buy an apartment and you do much more...