Breathing machines in taxis, special training: How the UAE caters to People of Determination

Breathing machines in taxis, special training: How the UAE caters to People of Determination

Smart applications are also available throughout the country for people to request assistance or report any emergency that poses a threat to their safety

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Published: Sun 6 Nov 2022, 6:13 PM

From the airport to transportation, to hotels and tourist facilities, the UAE has succeeded in building a tourism sector that has all the capabilities and tools to cater to the needs of People of Determination – according to a report published by the Emirates News Agency.

Upon arrival, people of determination can immediately feel the special care adopted by the UAE to ensure their comfort and safety, thanks to the facilities put in place to welcome them and to help expedite their transaction – including designated gates, elevators and counters, said the report.

People of determination can easily and safely reach their destinations thanks to Braille signs placed in public buildings and facilities. Car parks, pavements, lanes, pedestrian bridges and tunnels and building entrances are also all accessible for people of determination.

Public transportation such as taxis also take into consideration accessibility, as some taxis are equipped to carry wheelchairs and breathing machines into the vehicle. Public buses have low flooring to allow wheelchair uses to effortlessly use them.

Hotels and resorts also cater to tourists of determination as entrances are all equipped with special ramps. Inside the facilities, they will find spacious lobbies, restaurants and rooms. There is also a special area for people of determination inside all sports and health amenities within these facilities.


Workers in the tourism industry are also given specialised training to equip them with the necessary skills to assist people of determination, including how best to answer their queries and provide them with the appropriate assistance with travel and reservations.

The UAE is one of the few countries in the world that has established entertainment destinations that are dedicated to the comfort and entertainment of people of determination such as public parks and amusement parks, the report said.

The services provided include trained personnel and children’s playgrounds which are accessible to all needs, in addition to walking tracks, fitness equipment, open theatres, football fields, amphitheatres, celebration venues and shaded seating areas.

The UAE also provides smart channels to communicate with people of determination. These include the ministry of community development which provides direct support services, via a cartoon character that communicates using sign language.

There are also many smart applications available in the country through which people of determination can request assistance, or report any emergency that poses a threat to their safety.


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