Complete guide to Dubai safari park wild tour

Complete guide to Dubai safari park wild tour

No one has ever recreated an animal’s natural habitat within an urban setting as well as the team at Dubai Safari Park. Unfortunately, the park is closed for the summer. But, hopefully, it will reopen to the public in September 2021 with some exciting new attractions!

A marching band of exotic animals and birds leads a procession to mark the park’s closure. To protect the residents from the sweltering summer heat, the authorities will relocate the animals and birds to shaded areas and cooler enclosures. During the hiatus, the park will undergo renovations and expansion.

Previously, this popular tourist destination closed its doors to the public in May 2018 for renovations. Several changes have been made to the redesigned facility to improve the visitor experience.

Continue reading to learn complete guide about the Dubai Safari Park’s attractions, operating hours, and ticket prices.

About the Dubai safari park

The wildlife facility, located in the middle of the desert in Al Warqaa, houses a diverse community of 3,000 birds, mammals, invertebrates, and amphibians. It is also home to the world’s largest land animal, African elephants.

Dubai Safari Park provides visitors with a variety of interactive activities, educational programmes, and the opportunity to feed the magnificent animals by hand. The park also has a many of facilities that make their visit more opportune and enjoyable. Among the park’s amenities are the following:

  • Restaurants and convenience stores
  • Baby changing areas
  • First-aid station
  • Toilets

Dubai safari park attraction

With its beautiful lakes and lush landscaping, the Safari Park Dubai makes an immediate impression. The massive park is navigated by an eco-friendly fleet of vehicles.

The 119-hectare safari is divided into zones, each with its own topography and animal population.

Arabian Desert safari park

Do you want to see an Arabian Oryx in its entire splendor? This drive-through attraction is a must-see. Before beginning their journey, visitors are greeted by a Dubai Safari Park marshal. During the short journey, visitors will see some of the Arabian Peninsula’s most well-known animals, including the Arabian Oryx, gazelles, and camels. The Arabian Wolf, on the other hand, is the attraction’s star!

Explorer village

The main attraction at the park is the Safari Journey at the Explorer Village. The traditional open safari takes you to the jungles of Asia and Africa for up-close encounters with the local wildlife. Visitors can tour the village in specially designed vehicles and see many animal species such as zebra, water buffalo, and the village’s Hero Animal, the cheetah.

Families enjoy the cheetah run area, where they can see the rambunctious beasts in action. African village

The African Village is another popular attraction in the safari park, and it is home to a variety of exotic animal species such as majestic white lions, giraffes, and the hero of this zone, African elephants!

The Grand Aviary is the attraction’s highlight and the best place for birdwatchers. The guides who help you spot various rare birds along the way make the experience more interesting. Don’t forget to stop by the reptile house the next time you’re in the park.

Asian village

The Asian Village is home to popular Asian native species ranging from tigers to gibbons. The park’s expert keepers and guides teach visitors fun and exciting facts about the animals. The Moon Bear, also known as the Asiatic black bear, is the attraction’s hero.

Kids’ farm

The specially curated Kids Farm, a fun-filled combination of a farm and a petting zoo, is another attraction at Dubai Safari. The Kids Farm teaches children about traditional farm animals such as chickens, goats, and sheep. Children enjoy connecting with nature, riding ponies, and visiting the bird aviary.

Other kid-friendly attractions at the safari park besides the farm include:

  • Giraffe feeding
  • Interactive activities for children
  • A magnificent aviary

The ambitious attraction is more than just entertainment. The park was built on a landfill site, transforming the area into a reusable space. Furthermore, the park has implemented a number of eco-friendly and sustainable technologies, such as using solar energy to power its facilities and electric vehicles.

Other initiatives include repurposing food and animal waste as fertilizer in the park. There are also several recycle bins located throughout the facility for visitors to use. The park also works to protect endangered species by conducting extensive scientific research.


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