Dubai Desert Safari Activities

Dubai Desert Safari Activities

  • Morning desert safari
  • Evening desert safari
  • Camel ride
  • Sunrise desert safari

Morning desert safari

We organize a house-to-house safari. We will get you from your area around 9:00 AM and drop you off by 11:30 AM.

Our accomplished drivers will take you on a gutsy desert ride slamming through the hills, making your morning perhaps the most noteworthy one. We likewise give the office of a selective get for you given the times. You can show up in the desert with only your family and no one to impart your ride to. After the ride, you can go sandboarding on the sand hills, which is an undertaking in itself. Or probably you can respect this present of nature to us and make a point to catch the magnificence with your camera for wistfulness.

Try to keep yourself hydrated with water and soda pops, and it’s on us!

For the adrenaline junkies, we have quad bicycles in unique interest. Jump on one of those four-wheeler bicycles and approach investigating the lovely territory without anyone else. We have prepared teachers to direct you. You can likewise get on top of one of our camels and take the antiquated visit, simply as our predecessors did. Do try to wear light, vaporous garments and apply sun cream to safeguard yourself against the desert sun. Nothing to stress over, however, do it as a careful step. You can likewise appreciate free Sandboarding and Camel riding in the desert. You can add Quad bicycles, ATVs, or Hill buggy at extra expense contingent upon the ride’s size and span

Evening desert safari

The visit begins with Hill Slamming, where your 4x4s will leap off the precipices of ridges offering a stunning perspective on the desert scape. Get on their mound and investigate the desert with the agreeably cool night wind. Your get and drop are on us. The timings of the get are 3:15 PM – 4:00 PM from your separate lodgings. We will be dropped off by 9:30 PM.

We will invite you to Arabic espresso and tea and dates.

We have extraordinary contributions for your taste buds in an Arabic setting at our Bedouin camps. Exemplary Bedouin style covers and low tables and bar-b-quay supper in both Vega and Non-Vega choices. Kick back and unwind and rope in your pulse and partake in the tranquil night in the great Dubai desert with Fire Dance, Tanagra, and Hip twirl. You can embellish yourself with henna compositions or spruce up in Arabic outfits and catch the second as a gift. Likewise, you can partake in the cool wind while getting a charge out of sheesha on a charge-on-request premise. As a warning, we will suggest keeping away from experience rides on the off chance that you have heart illnesses or back issues or for pregnant ladies, as the rides could unfavorably affect your prosperity. Rent Yacht Dubai Marina, We take care of you; a different vehicle may be sorted out on request to ship you securely to the setting.

Camel ride

This Camel Ride Dubai permits you a groundbreaking chance to suddenly encounter the desert. Begin your day in great Dubai and which will take you across the deserts of Dubai.

The Ascent banging in a piece of the extraordinary edges will keep you empowered and stimulated; encountering the primary light from the desert is floundering, and getting these peculiar minutes in your camera with the objective that you can remember the minutes at whatever point you wish. You will be gone to the enormous desert locale, where you will get the important opportunity to encounter the strategy of Bedouin life.

Set out on a thrilling experience of a Desert visit in Dubai with us that unites Camel Riding in the Dubai desert.

Sunrise desert safari

The most awesome aspect of Morning Desert Safari is the Rising Sun. At the point when you are in great Dubai; this is an opportunity one ought to never miss. The staggering excellence is past your creative mind. Besides, you can’t depict this involvement with words. So go for the confidential visits to partake in something similar as per your timetable. The fulfillment level will continuously be high, whether you are going it alone or with others. Try not to stress over the security as every one of the escorts have licenses and is a specialist in their obligations. To catch the stunning perspectives in the mornings, remember to take the camera.

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