Dubai: Woman kidnapped, assaulted, robbed of Dh170,000 by two men she met on social media

Dubai: Woman kidnapped, assaulted, robbed of Dh170,000 by two men she met on social media

They took her to a villa in Jebel Ali, where they stole the money that she had in her possession and seized her phone

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Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Tue 18 Oct 2022, 8:35 AM

The Dubai Court of Appeal increased the penalty from five to 10 years imprisonment against two Asians for kidnapping, robbing, and assaulting a female.

According to police records the case took place in July when the two lured a girl of their nationality through a social media.

According to the victim’s statement, she met a person of her nationality through a social media platform. He invited her to attend a party held by members of their community in Dubai. The victim said that she agreed to attend the party. At the agreed-upon time, the first suspect came in a vehicle and as soon as she got in, she was surprised by other person who beat her and threatened her with electric shocks.

They took her to a villa in the Jebel Ali area, where they stole Dh5,000 that she had in her possession, seized her phone, and transferred Dh165,000 from her bank account to theirs. They continued to assault her and photograph her in immoral situations.

The victim added that they contacted her family in her home country through a messaging platform to get money after sending her photos and a video clip showing the assault on her. After three days, they put a bag over her eyes and mouth, and left her in another place, from where she contacted the police.

A policeman said that the CID team was able to identify the suspects. The first admitted that he lured the victim through social media and agreed with other to rob her. The second admitted that he rented a vehicle to carry out the crime and that they both assaulted the victim.

Besides the jail sentence, court also ordered them to pay the victim Dh170,000. They will be deported from the state after serving their sentences.


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