Golden opportunity for aspiring blog writers to flex their skills and earn 1000AED

Golden opportunity for aspiring blog writers to flex their skills and earn 1000AED

The wait is over! is offering you a golden opportunity to take your blog writing career to the next level!

If you think you are an excellent blog writer, you are the perfect candidate to apply for a blog writing contest and win a 1000 AED cash prize. While the prize money itself is an excellent allure for you to apply, if you win, it will look especially good on your resume. Participate Now

But wait, while anyone can write a post, it’s essential that you have a basic understanding of what is considered to be a good blog post.

At first, blogging started out as people writing journal entries about their personal lives but then Facebook and Instagram came into play. Now, people use these platforms to share their personal lives and blogging has been assigned a new purpose.

blog writing contest and win a 1000 AEDNow, the majority of the businesses online have their own blogs where niche articles are posted regularly and it’s a way for them to bring traffic to their websites to increase their sales. Besides this, blogging is also used to raise awareness about a cause. Blogging also comes into play in affiliate marketing. And even though it’s sparse, the original form of blogging also exists and people run successful personal blogs.

The thing is, everyone can create a blog and call themselves a blogger, but very few actually succeed. Being a good blog writer takes more than having a good grasp of the English language. If you can write good blog posts consistently, only then do you have a chance of succeeding as a blogger.

So, what exactly does a good blog post entail?

Qualities of a good blog post:

After a lot of trial and error in the industry, the consensus is that if the following qualities are found in a blog post, it’s considered good.

Grammatically Correct:

Your post should have no grammatical and spelling errors. And that is only possible if you have a good command of English and proofread after you’ve written the post.


Even if you’re writing on a topic that’s already been covered, make it unique by adding something new or picking a new style of conveying your information. The post should be unique in flavor as well as the content. Plagiarism is not tolerated because of all the latest algorithms that detect plagiarism instantly.

Clear and focused:

The post should not be running into tangents. It must be structured carefully to keep the reader engaged from the start to the end. Whatever topic you choose, the post must have something new for the reader.

blog writing contestInformal:

The blog is not a place where you need to be overly formal. The post should have a personal touch so that the readers connect to the blog post at a human level. Try not to use slang language though.


If the post is informational, it should have actual statistics to back it up. Share those stats and your readers will eat them up.

Passionate and Thought-Provoking:

If you are passionate about a topic, it will shine through your blog post. Also, a good blog post leaves the reader thinking about it long after they’ve read it.

So, do you have what it takes?

If you think you can write such a post, apply for a blog writing contest and get a chance of winning 1000AED prize money.

This is your chance to be innovative and persuasive! Make your place in the blog writing industry!

Contest Rules:

  • You can choose any topic from our website and write your best blog post.
  • Your blog post should be 500 to 700 words maximum.
  • You can add visual aids like photos, videos, and charts to support your content but that’s optional.
  • Entries must be original. They will be checked by our state-of-the-art plagiarism checkers. Software spun and plagiarized articles will be disqualified.
  • Entries will be posted on and the one that gets the most hits will be the winner.
  • The winner will be notified via email.
  • The competition will be completely transparent, without any bias.

This is a golden opportunity for aspiring blog writers to flex their skills and earn 1000AED while they’re at it.

So, what are you waiting for? Fill out your form by clicking the link below.

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