How do you get a sim card in Dubai?

How do you get a sim card in Dubai?

Services for sim cards in Dubai

Free activation of a Dubai sim card for tourists Packages for tourist sim cards in Dubai Are you moving to or traveling to Dubai and want to know the quickest way to get a sim card there? Getting a sim card for yourself is a simple process, regardless of whether you are a resident or a tourist. Everything you need to know about buying, activating, and using a Dubai sim card can be found here.

Services For Sim Cards In Dubai

There are three primary services for SIM cards in Dubai Etisalat, Virgin Mobile, and du Post-paid, and prepaid mobile phone plans for calls, texts, and internet packages are offered by all of these service providers. These SIM cards can be purchased at numerous Dubai shopping centers and the Dubai Airport.

In Dubai, premium network coverage is provided by Virgin Mobile, Etisalat, and du.

How To Buy A Sim Card In Dubai?

In Dubai, purchasing a sim card is a simple process. With their Emirates ID card, residents of Dubai can visit any of the sim card shops and select the plan that best meets their requirements. At Dubai International Airport, visitors can get a free sim card by showing their passport and visa, or they can buy one from the city’s shops.

Free Sim Card For Dubai Tourists

Major General Mohammad Al Marri, head of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, has announced that Dubai tourists over the age of 18 can receive a free sim card. They can get a new sim with free call minutes and data by going to the passport control officer as soon as they get to the airport. For a month, you can use the free 20 MB of data and three minutes of talk time.

Procedure For Activation Of The Complimentary Du Tourist Sim Card

Activation is required for the complimentary du tourist sim card that tourists receive at Dubai International Airport. Simply dial *122#, and enter your passport number, the date of your arrival, and the name of your country to activate it. After activation, you will receive an SMS with a confirmation.

How to Purchase Internet Data and Talk Time for Your Tourist Sim Card in Dubai. In Dubai, you can purchase the following data and call packages.

Du Sim Card Prepaid Packages

Tourists in Dubai have access to a variety of data bundles on their du free sim. If you want both an internet and a call package, you can get 500 MB of data and 20 minutes of talk time for AED 55 for seven days.

The service provider offers a plan with 2 GB of internet and 40 minutes of calls for AED 75 to customers who require more data and minutes. The validity of this package is 14 days.

A 3.5 GB data package with 50 minutes of talk time for AED 110 is also available to tourists. Additionally, this package is valid for 14 days. These packages include unlimited talk time for international calls.

Etisalat Sim Card Prepaid Packages

Etisalat provides tourists with two distinct prepaid packages. The first Etisalat sim card package costs AED 125 and includes 2 GB of data and 40 minutes of a voice call, whereas the second package costs AED 200 and includes 7.5 GB of internet and 175 minutes. Both packages come with an AED 100 Careem credit and have a 14-day validity.

Virgin Mobile Sim Card Prepaid Packages

Dubai residents and tourists alike can select the Virgin Mobile sim card for prepaid phone plans. Etisalat is one of the UAE’s two sim card service providers. The telecom provider provides a variety of mobile plans, including monthly, semiannual, and annual options. Virgin Mobile lets customers make plans that are just right for them based on how much data, voice calls, and SMS they send.

The basic Virgin Mobile monthly subscription plan starts at AED 82.95 and includes 50 local minutes and SMS and 1GB of data. Your package can also include 50 international minutes. For a monthly plan, adding 50 international minutes to this basic package would cost AED 92.40.

These plans for mobile phones are available on tourist sim cards and are made for tourists. In addition, Dubai residents have access to a variety of internet packages offered by Etisalat and du. You’ll also have an easier time getting around Dubai if you know some of the other first-time visitors’ travel advice.

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