How To Get A Dubai Health Card For Children

How To Get A Dubai Health Card For Children

One of life’s greatest pleasures is starting a family, but it takes a lot of preparation. The Dubai Health Card for newborns, which is quite helpful if you don’t have private health insurance, is something you should be aware of if you’re thinking about beginning a family in Dubai. Continue reading to learn all there is to know about the Dubai health card for kids, including its advantages, expenses, how to apply, and other crucial information.

What is health card Dubai:

All children residing in the UAE must comply with a crucial immunization policy that has been established by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Both governmental and private hospitals in Dubai provide the opportunity to immunize infants. In Dubai, private hospitals charge a fee for immunizations of infants, however insurance companies often reimburse this expense. The government hospitals in Dubai offer free vaccinations for infants whose parents have private health insurance that doesn’t cover the cost of shots. A Dubai Health Card is necessary for this.

How to get children health card:

For expats, obtaining a Dubai Health Card is a simple process.

For a charge of AED 120, the following channels can provide the Dubai Health Card for infants, which is good for a year.

  • Visit your nearest primary health centre.
  • Apply from the online DHA site.

How to apply:

  • Passport
  • Original parents emirates id
  • Tenancy contract
  • Passport size picture of child and father
  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Child’s vaccination card

The procedures for registering a baby’s birth in Dubai and obtaining an official birth certificate must be followed by parents before they may apply for a Dubai Health Card for immunizations. A vaccination book, which may be obtained from the hospital where the kid was born or the most recent location where the child had their vaccines, will also be required of expat parents.

You and your family will get to experience a new home together if you move overseas. However, it also means that preparation is required. Before moving to Dubai, consider how you’ll take care of your children’s health, whether you’re expecting a child or already have kids. Did you know that having a Dubai Health Card has benefits for both adults and children? One feature of the Dubai Health Care for children is free immunizations from birth to grade 11. Your approach to obtaining a Dubai Health Care for children is this post from Pacific Prime Dubai.

You must apply for a health card if you or your spouse work in Dubai and your company does not provide health insurance coverage. Similar to what UAE citizens receive through public healthcare, this card covers the cost of basic healthcare in the UAE. Even if you have private health insurance, you must obtain a health card as an expat in order to use public healthcare services in Dubai. Regardless of whether you currently have a policy, it is important to apply for a health care because the new law requires that you have medical insurance in order to enter Dubai. After all, some treatments could not be covered by private insurance plans, and occasionally going to a public clinic or hospital will be less expensive.

Dubai immunization certificate:

The National Immunization Program of the UAE has been crucial in preserving the nation’s top-notch public health services. The country has seen a remarkable decrease in the spread of infectious illnesses since the program’s launch in 1980. The UAE offers free vaccination to people in order to preserve the standard of healthcare provided by the government. The Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) immunization policy mandates that all children residing in Dubai get vaccinations in accordance with the UAE National Children Immunization Program. Children can receive free vaccinations from birth to grade 11 with the help of the Dubai Health Card.


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