How To Get A Golden Visa By Investing In Dubai Property

How To Get A Golden Visa By Investing In Dubai Property

No question that obtaining a golden visa from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) comes with several advantages. If you hold a long-term residency in the UAE, you enjoy unrestricted access to all parts of the country as well as the rest of the world. Investors in real estate in the United Arab Emirates now have the potential to get a golden visa with as little as a $2 million investment.

Even if they have to borrow money from specific local institutions to purchase a property, real estate entrepreneurs are still eligible to apply for a golden visa. If the pre-construction house is acquired via a local real estate business that has a good reputation in the community, the purchaser may be eligible again for a golden visa. For those interested in applying for the golden visa, these pre-construction properties are offered for purchase. The entry criterion for acquiring a golden visa may occasionally be decreased by developers providing payment plans that enable you to qualify for one with an investment of as little as 10% without the need for a loan (AED 200,000) and 25% with one (AED 500,000). The legislative overhaul that took place in April 2022 gave the Dubai real estate market a boost, which resulted in a record number of transactions and attracted a huge number of new investors from both within and outside of the country. According to data conducted by CBRE, the overall number of deals that took place in the housing segment of Dubai hit a 13-year high in May. This was driven by investors, rich individuals, and company owners who intended to relocate their businesses to the city.

Benefits of a UAE Golden Visa:

The benefits of holding a UAE golden visa are as follows:

  1. A residence visa valid for ten years that may be extended inside the UAE.
  2. Neither an employer nor a sponsor is required.
  3. The position of golden residency is not revoked regardless of how much time is spent living in a country other than the UAE.
  4. To qualify for the golden visa residency, the first entry visa must be valid for a minimum of six months and must allow for further entries.
  5. Members of a family unit, including a spouse and any children they may have, may apply for an extra golden visa without regard to age restrictions.
  6. In the event of the visa holder’s passing, members of the visa holder’s immediate family can keep their golden resident status until the end of the term.

The process for obtaining a UAE Golden Visa (5 Years):

Required Paperwork:

  1. Passport
  2. Having a digital copy of the deed certificate available
  3. A private image
  4. Reliable medical insurance
  5. Genuine ID from the Emirates

Needed Conditions (Anyone):

  1. A piece of real estate or other owned asset with a value of at least $2 million that’s also listed in the applicant’s name.
  2. If the mortgage on the property is paid off, the lending institution is entitled to at least $200,000 of the property’s worth. In this particular circumstance, a letter verifying payment as well as a NOC have to be sent.
  3. A wife and husband are allowed to occupy the same dwelling. A license to marry is required as a kind of proof.
  4. Obtain a loan from any or more of the local banks to purchase a property.
  5. Invest at least 2 million AED to acquire one or more pre-construction houses from well-known local real estate companies.


  1. Medical (753 AED)
  2. Emirates ID – 573 AED.
  3. AED 2,288.75 for a new visa
  4. 100 AED in management fees 3714.75 AED total

How To Apply For A 5-Year Investment Golden Visa:

The customer visits Dubai Land Department’s Cube Center in the first step.

Step 2: The client provides the specifications and pays the fees.

Step 3: The Center conducts the medical examination.

Step 4: Print the passport’s visa page.

Time window predicted: 7 to 10 business days

The process for obtaining a UAE Golden Visa (10 Years)

How To Apply For A 10 Years Investor Golden Visa:

You may resubmit an online application for a 10-year golden visa using either the ICA website or app or through one of the AMER centers. If you do not have a visa at this time, you may apply for an entry permit that is valid for six months.

By way of ICA:

  1. Install the UAEICP app or apply online at the ICA website.
  2. Select “Start Service.”
  3. Complete the form completely and attach the necessary papers.
  4. Cover the service charge

Your request is processed, and more supporting material may be requested from you at that time. You must always have your most up-to-date Emirates ID, certifications, photo, and proof of health insurance on hand.

American Practice:

  1. Visit one of the Amer Centers’ service locations.
  2. At the front desk, choose the necessary service.
  3. Please provide the required documentation for a golden visa to the customer care person.
  4. Document inspection
  5. Cover the service charges
  6. Fill out an application
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