How to Get a Moving Permit in Dubai?

How to Get a Moving Permit in Dubai?


In Dubai, are you searching for a new house? Before moving, you must take into account several considerations, including obtaining the required move-in permission in Dubai. Whether you’re leaving your present house or moving into a new one, permission is required in many walled compounds and by top real estate developers. Along with basic advice for obtaining a move-in permit in Dubai, this page also includes information specifically for developers as well as communities.

Why is a Move-In Permit Required in Dubai?

Moving to or from the community is now required to get move permission from several well-known developers in Dubai. Both homeowners and renters are subject to these permissions. Here are a few explanations for why developers have made these permissions necessary.

  • It facilitates people’s relocation to a new neighborhood or development.
  • Allows the supervisors to get current and accurate resident contact information.
  • Assists the neighborhood managers in gathering data on persons with disabilities and special needs in case of emergency.
  • It minimizes any harm brought on by shifting in or out and facilitates site management.
  • Make sure all service costs and other bills are paid before leaving.

Communities in Dubai Requiring Mandatory Move Permits:

For a long time, obtaining a Dubai move permission wasn’t required, but in November 2013, Emaar Investments took the initiative and made it so for all of its communities. The method has been copied by several well-known developers, including Dubai Properties as well as Nakheel Properties.

Popular Emaar neighborhoods that require a relocation permit include:

  • Arabian Ranches
  • Arabian Ranches II
  • Reem
  • Dubai Hills Estate
  • Dubai Creek Harbour
  • Emirates Living
  • Emaar Beachfront
  • Dubai Marina
  • Downtown Dubai
  • The Hills

It is anticipated that this will progressively become required for all homes in Dubai, as the majority of newer neighborhoods and developers do.

Dubai Move Permit Application Procedure:

Here is a summary of the procedure for obtaining a relocation permit for Dubai properties.

Move Permit Guide from Emaar:

Visit the neighborhood website before moving out permit Emaar to learn more about Emaar Properties. When you click “apply for a move permission,” the Sakani portal will be opened, allowing you to choose the master neighborhood, community, street, and villa number. The iOS and Android move-in permit Emaar One apps also let you apply.

You will be led to the renter details area to enter your information after entering these inputs. You’ll need your passport and Emirates ID for this, in addition to the beginning and ending dates of your lease agreement. You may upload information for any residents with special needs using the site.

The Emirates ID, Ejari, passport, and a valid visa for the United Arab Emirates are the supporting papers that you may then attach (for ex-pats). Your request will be recorded as well as processed when you click submit. Your move-in permit may be obtained in one working day. But it’s ideal to finish the procedure a day or more beforehand.

Keep in mind that not all neighborhoods or properties are included in the Sakani site. To get relocation permission in this situation, you may consult the websites of the developers.

You may read our article on the Dubai properties’ move-out permit for more information.

Dubai Properties Move Guide for Permits:

You may get your Dubai Property move-in permit through their Emaar move-in permit online system or app, Real Connect if you are relocating into a property that Dubai Properties constructed and manages.

You must provide personal information for the DP move-in permission, including your name, phone number, and nationality. Ejari, an Emirates ID (front as well as back), a passport copy, and a visa page are among the documents that must be submitted.

You must submit moving-related information, including the anticipated date of the move, the moving company, the total number of relatives (adults and children), and vehicle information, after entering personal information and uploading the required papers. Send in a thorough application for move-in permission. The permission will be sent to you in two business days.

See this guide to Dubai Properties moving in/out permission for additional details on the procedure.

Guide For Nakheel Properties Move Permits:

Before you begin packing, you may be required to file a move-in/out permission if you’re leaving or relocating to a Nakheel Properties-developed property.

Popular neighborhoods where a move-in permit is necessary to include:

  • Jumeirah Village Circle
  • Jumeirah Village Triangle
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • International City
  • Al Furjan
  • Discovery Gardens
  • The Gardens

You may use the e-services website just on the Nakheel website for this reason and fill out the necessary information. The name of the neighborhood, building number, contact information for the moving firm, etc. are a few of them. A recent invoice for the property’s DEWA connection as well as an Emirates ID must also be included. The instructions for paying your DEWA bill that will serve as the invoice are provided below.

How Can I Learn If Getting a Move Permit is required in My Community?

On the Sakani site, you may see a list of the regions in Dubai that need move-in permission if you’re relocating to an Emaar neighborhood. You may visit the developer’s website to see if any places need relocation permission if they aren’t mentioned there.

Can I Leave My Property without Paying Service Fees or Dues?

No, customers must pay the service fees and dues associated with your property before relocating.

That concludes our discussion on obtaining a move-in permit in Dubai.

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