How to Travel Without a Hotel Quarantine from the UAE to the UK

How to Travel Without a Hotel Quarantine from the UAE to the UK

Travelers from throughout the world continue to select the UK as a tourist and business destination. The United Kingdom is an island nation that attracts a lot of Emirati tourists because of its lovely chapels, sweeping green landscapes, and dreamy beaches. It makes sense that the pandemic has altered the dynamics of travel between the two nations. Here, we outline the regulations that you must follow when traveling between the UAE and the UK.

Flights from Dubai to the UK

Time on Emirates Flight

Emirates provides direct flights from Dubai to 5 locations in the UK. Direct flights take roughly 8 hours to complete.

Flight times and ticket costs

  • Two direct flights every week connect Dubai to Birmingham. Starting from AED 9223 for tickets.
  • There is one direct flight each day of the week from Dubai to Glasgow. Starting at AED 13417 for tickets.
  • There are two daily direct flights from Dubai to London Gatwick. Starting at AED 4989 for tickets.
  • There are six daily direct flights from Dubai to London Heathrow. Starting at AED 5140 for tickets.
  • There are two daily direct flights from Dubai to Manchester. Beginning at AED 5100 for tickets.

Flight to the UK from Abu Dhabi

Duration of an Etihad flight

From Abu Dhabi, Etihad operates a number of flights to the UK. But many of these are connecting flights run by other airlines, so be aware of the tiresomely extended layovers. While connecting flights can even take longer than a day, direct flights can take up to 7 hours and 40 minutes.

Due to the recently implemented cap on the number of leaving passengers, Etihad Airways has temporarily rescheduled several of its flights between Abu Dhabi and London’s Heathrow Airport from July to September.

 Flight times and ticket costs

  • From London Heathrow to Abu Dhabi: Every day of the week, there are up to 5 direct flights and numerous connecting flights. Starting at AED 4135 for tickets.
  • Only numerous connecting flights are offered seven days a week from Abu Dhabi to Glasgow. Starting at AED 6837 for tickets.
  • Only numerous connecting flights are offered seven days a week from Abu Dhabi to Birmingham. Starting at AED 6237 for tickets.
  • There are numerous connecting flights as well as at least one direct flight every day of the week from Abu Dhabi to Manchester. Starting at AED 4105 for tickets.

Travel to the UK from the UAE

All travel restrictions have been loosened in the UK as a significant return to normalcy. As travel restrictions are being loosened, all travelers headed for the UK will be allowed to do without the pre- and post-arrival COVID testing, quarantine, and face mask regulation.

To visit the UK?

You can, indeed. There are no travel limitations to England at the moment due to the red list. Any traveler from the UAE possessing a tourist visa or equivalent travel authorization may visit the UK.

Required Paperwork

Before departing, there is no requirement that you fill out a UK passenger locator form. You’ll need to present an identifying document at the airport, such as a passport, visa, or national identification card. You have to

Have your identity document at the ready; take it out of a wallet or holder if you use one; take off any face coverings or sunglasses you may be wearing; and, if traveling with family, proceed through passport control as a group.

Visa necessary

Travelers from the UAE to the UK must have a valid visa document for entry to the UK because the UAE does not come under nations eligible for visa-free services upon arrival in the UK. Depending on why you are entering, a different sort of visa may be required.

Check the paperwork and visas you’ll need for your trip to the UK, depending on why you want to go there.

The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) program in the UK

The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) program, which the UK government just unveiled, will be implemented beginning in January 2023 for all GCC countries, including the UAE. From 2023 on, UAE nationals won’t need a visa to visit the UK as long as they apply for an ETA online prior to their intended departure date.

To make travel to the United Kingdom simple and straightforward, the ETA scheme has been made available to all eligible nations. Travelers from the UAE may continue to use the Electronic Visa Waivers (EVW), which can be finished online prior to their departure from the UK, until the introduction of ETAs in 2023.

 Criteria for testing and quarantine

  • All testing and quarantine procedures do not apply to travelers, vaccinated or not. When visiting England, you:
  • You do not need to fill out a UK passenger locator form prior to your trip.
  • No COVID-19 tests must be taken prior to departure or upon arrival.
  • You won’t have to quarantine when you get there.


Find all the information you need, personalized just for you, on testing, transit, and quarantine before flying from the UK or the UAE. Get a fast trip checklist by using our Great Dubai guide. Our policies regarding masks on board have been loosened. Only if you’re traveling to China, India, or other certain locations will you need to wear a mask.

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