In Dubai, Sample These 5 Delectable Street Food Dishes

In Dubai, Sample These 5 Delectable Street Food Dishes

For foodies, the United Arab Emirates is a culinary heaven. It is simple to overlook the legacy of the UAE when various cuisines are offered at some of the best restaurants. When it comes to the traditional Emirati cuisine and the cuisines of other cultures that have shaken the Emirati culinary landscape, UAE cuisine is straightforward and finger-licking good.

One thing you must do while visiting the UAE is to sample the local cuisine, which reflects the geography, culture, and climate of the area. Here is a list of some of Dubai’s most well-known foods along with information on where to find them. Great Dubai provides a list of mouthwatering Street Food Dishes.


No matter how well your local Middle Eastern eatery prepares your shawarma, it simply cannot compare to the real thing found on the streets of the United Arab Emirates. It is a non-vegetarian dish that is served wrapped in a soft flatbread and contains thinly sliced chicken, lamb, or beef, depending on what you request. Fresh veggies, onions, and a variety of sauces are added to it, elevating the shawarmas above the mundane.

Shish Tawouk Sandwich

One of the UAE’s hidden treasures that few tourists have discovered. It is readily available in every Middle Eastern eatery and is incredibly well-liked by the people. Once more, the dish is not vegetarian and has flatbreads packed with thinly sliced chicken. The sandwich is the ideal fusion of spicy and savory because it is packed with a variety of spices, herbs, veggies, and pickles.


Favored by residents. This Lebanese snack is highly well-liked. It is a flatbread that has cheese inside of it that is baked in a big oven. Plenty of cheese any vegetable, meat, oil, and spice can be topped with.


Al Harees

Al Harees, one of the most popular regional meals in the UAE, is frequently served at religious celebrations like weddings and Ramadan. This porridge-like dish requires a few hours to create and is made with basic ingredients. Al Harees is often prepared by combining meat and wheat in a pot with water and salt, then simmering for a lengthy period of time. Another way to prepare it is to first simmer the wheat in water that has been lightly salted for a few hours, then add the meat and continue cooking it for around four hours more. Although preparation takes a little longer, the outcome is well worth the extra time.

Al Machboos

The Machboos is another non-vegetarian dish from the UAE. Al Machboos’ major ingredients are red meat, fish or shrimp, and rice. This meal, which is seasoned with spices and one unique ingredient, Loomy (dried lemon), is quite popular in the UAE. There are only a few simple steps in the cooking procedure. After being cooked until it is soft, the meat is then taken out of the saucepan. Once the rice has finished cooking, the dish is finished by adding the meat, onions, spices, and other seasonings. For a delectable supper, we advise you to try it with some raita and salad.


Fattoush is the solution if you’re seeking some healthier options to try. It is served on Levantine bread and contains fresh lettuce, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, mint leaves, onions, garlic, lemon, and olive oil. You’ll be astonished to learn how many flavors are packed into this straightforward salad.


Thereed, a popular dish in the UAE, is a slow-cooked stew made with chicken, lamb, or goat as well as roasted vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, marrow, and pumpkin. Rigag, a traditional thin Emirati bread, is placed on top of the stew. By excluding the use of chicken in the preparations, thereed can be made entirely vegetarian. For foodies, the flavorful stew that is served with rigag is heaven.

Mahshi Kousa

A traditional dish in the United Arab Emirates, zucchini or corvettes are filled with rice. Yogurt is frequently sprinkled on top to give it a unique flavor and turn it into a mouthwatering treat for all foodies. Additionally, it goes well with rice, garlic, and mint. Customers frequently advise pairing this with some Lebanese wine to fully experience everything the dish has to offer.

Shirin Polo

The mouthwatering Persian sweet rice dish is a specialty of the United Arab Emirates. The meal, which is prepared with rice, candied citrus zest, thin strips of carrot, and slivered almonds, is frequently served as the main course at weddings and other formal events like Nowruz. There are regional differences in the sweetness of the rice.


Balaleet is a concoction of salty and sweet flavors. It is served with a thin egg omelet on top and is made with vermicelli and sweetened with rose water, cinnamon, and saffron. The meal can be topped with some pistachios before serving and is a typical Emirati morning item.


Along with Al Machboos, this meal—also spelled Ghuzi—is recognized as the national dish of the United Arab Emirates. With some veggies and nuts on top of the rice, this hearty and substantial dish is made with roasted lamb or mutton.


Fatteh is a three-layer dish with a rich flavor that is ideal for dinner in the early evening. Bread soaked in stock makes up the bottom layer, followed by chickpeas and filled aborigines in the middle, and yogurt and tahini sauce on top. To give the dish even more flavor, you may also add some paprika, parsley, and pine nuts.

Tolo Kebab

One of the best foods in the UAE is chelo kebab. It is a straightforward but flavorful dish that is served on skewers over a bed of rice flavored with saffron. It is advised to prepare this dish on a charcoal grill as opposed to a gas grill for the greatest flavor.


Luqaimat, a traditional delicacy among Emiratis, is a crunchy sweet dumpling with a soft interior. They contain cardamom, saffron, yeast, sugar, milk, butter, and flour. To create a smooth batter, the ingredients are whisked together. To achieve the lovely golden color, the batter is then deep-fried. During the month of Ramadan, they enjoy enormous popularity.

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