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  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
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About me

Disciplining of associates when needed, write -ups, coaching and counseling (following unionized guidelines).
Knowledgeable in preparing for health department visits/BSA/IZRA Financial audits/brand visits-expectations.
Food safety certified/ extensive knowledge of UAE Municipality regulations and laws concerning food safety and sanitation.
Implementing the sales and marketing promotions, events and social media campaigns.
Responsible for food and beverage related issues within multiple outlets.
Managing the employees and focus on improving behaviors and increasing productivity.
Creating the employee schedules, documenting corrective actions/performance records for employees under my supervision. Education and Qualification
Communicated with several vendors, in regard to negotiating the pricing, placing orders, scheduling training, and communicating any disorders.
Implemented several control forms to help supervisors labor, sales such as a daily labor detail, guest count, table turn time.
Oversaw all transactions, including setting and managing FB budget, handling PL, and attending to expenses relating to labor, controllable, and costs of goods.
Successfully planning and organizing numerous banquet events and requisition lists.