La Mar Beach Complete Tour and History

La Mar Beach Complete Tour and History

La Mer Beach is one of the greatest choices if you want to visit a good beach in the city. Although La Mar, developed by Meraas, is a sizable beachside venue with a variety of entertainment options, shopping establishments, and restaurants, the beach continues to be one of the region’s most well-liked attractions. The La Mer beach is one of the most Instagrammable beaches in Dubai because it provides the ideal backdrops for photos. While there are many fascinating activities around, let’s take a closer look at La Mer beach’s amenities to see why locals enjoy it so much.

One of the city’s most well-liked beach areas is the La Mer beachfront, which has a beautiful tropical ambiance. The beach offers unique waterfront features, creative landscaping, and a variety of tall palm palms. Numerous items close to the beach also feature the distinctive fish designs of the La Mer development.                 

La Mer beach is located between Pearl Jumeirah and Jumeirah Bay and has 1.24 million square meters of both existing and reclaimed land.

A Wharf with aged steelworks, barrels, and a strong industrial aesthetic is part of the development. The minimalist design features combined with contemporary art in La Mer will catch the attention of the creative crowd.

La Mer beach timing


Even though La Mer Beach is accessible from Sunday through Wednesday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm and from Thursday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 12:00 am, swimming is only permitted up until sundown. The other retail establishments, spas, and La Mer cafes and restaurants will be open after this, however, swimming in the ocean or lounging on the beach will not be permitted. By 6:30 pm, most visitors have finished their activities at La Mer Beach.

The majority of La Mer Dubai’s retail establishments and entertainment options are located on The Wharf, which is divided into La Mer beach, La Mer North, La Mer South, and La Mer South.

Renting cabanas at la mer beach

Four luxury day rooms with full air conditioning are available till dusk. This six-person maximum completely furnished rooms are priced at AED 600 for a group of four people and AED 100 for each additional person. Children under 12 are welcome to stay for free with a $1,000 cash deposit that is refundable.

Water sports


La Mer beach has water sports provided by First Yacht, making it ideal for thrill seekers. Splashing around in the water can be enjoyable in a secure setting. Select between stand-up paddle boarding, flyboarding, surfing, paddle boating, water biking, kayaking, or donut riding. These water activities are available to people of all ages at La Mer beach, from young children to the elderly. To have a special time, you can also reserve this location for private parties like business meetings or birthdays.

La Mer offers two district beaches with a variety of possibilities for enjoying water splashes, making it one of the best locations to experience wonderful water sports activities. La Mer’s North Beach is the ideal location for motorized sports fans to try out flyboarding, jetting skiing, wakeboarding, and waking surfing.

But if you’d rather participate in non-motorized activities, you should probably head to South Beach, where you may go standup paddling, riding a water bike, pedaling, or kayaking. All of these sports are rental pursuits that one may partake into their heart’s content. So pack your bags and indulge your thirst for a variety of water sports at La Mer, Dubai.

Splash at Laguna water park


Exploring the exciting and enjoyable Laguna Water Park is one of the top water activities to do in La Mer Dubai. This location provides a whole day of enjoyable rides that the whole family can enjoy. Ride “Wave 180 Flow Rider,” known as their signature ride and a favorite of surfers around.

However, if you’re searching for kid-friendly rides, check out the park’s kiddie’s area, where your little ones can enjoy splashing around in various activities. The opulent cabanas located on the waterfronts, however, are ideal if you prefer something calmer and are not a fan of thrilling rides. In the stunning limitless pool, you can relax or swim while savoring delectable meals and drinks.

Take a stroll along the boardwalk


Consider taking an artsy stroll along the boardwalk when seeking things to do on La Mer Dubai tour. As you stroll along the paved boardwalk, you’ll come across a lovely seashore that offers serene and windy sunsets. On one side of the paved area, there is a bustling market with pop-up stores selling regional mementos and delectable street fare.

As you take a stroll along the boardwalk, you can see some imaginative graffiti and murals that have been painted on La Mer’s walls, which are thought of as an open canvas. If you drop a dime into a famous water pond along the journey, your desires will come true. Your kids can have fun on several rides in the sandy playground that surrounds this wishing pond.

Relax at the beach

La Mer Dubai is a coastal city, therefore lounging on the sand is one of the nicest things to do there. Spend some time together as a family relaxing while you read your favorite book under the swaying palm palms while your children play in the warm sand and construct sand castles. Spend time in the sun or cool off by surfing or paddle boarding over the clear sea.

Immersing yourself in the stunning aura and charm of the location is the greatest way to unwind here, especially in the evening when you can take in the breathtaking sunset sky. If you are interested in art, you can also appreciate the murals painted along the coastline. Going alone or with friends, La Mer’s beach ensures a soothing experience.

Bounce at Hawa Hawa

Explore Hawa Hawa, an inflatable outdoor trampoline park that is solely intended for enjoyment, as part of your list of things to do in La Mer Dubai. This cool park in Dubai is suitable for both children and adults with a child’s heart. Kids, teenagers, and all adults are welcome at this park in the shape of a sand dune.

Two sand dunes, one tiny and the other large were constructed with premium Japanese materials. This facility’s motto, “leap to pleasure,” which was inspired by Japanese open gardens, encourages individuals to have fun while working out. The area encourages leading a healthy lifestyle and provides a wonderful weekend escape for your family and friends. This park is unique outside of Asia, offering low-impact, high-intensity trampolines constructed with directly imported double-skin tensile membranes from Japan.

Dine at al shorfa restaurant and café

Trying the mouthwatering local cuisine is the finest thing to do at La Mer Dubai. Discover classic Fallopian delicacies at Al Shorfa, a cafe, and restaurant serving up high-quality, fresh food. The restaurant creates the foundation of its original cuisine by fusing elements of several civilizations, including Persian, Turkish, and French.

All of their dishes are tasty and made with fresh ingredients, giving customers—particularly Aleppo families—the choice to personalize them. Dining with family and friends here is ideal because of the ambiance, which is warm and inviting. As you eat in their magnificent lounge and savor the well-cooked Eastern specialties, take in the view of the beach.

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