Living in the Jumeirah Islands: A Luxury Lifestyle or Too Quiet? Overview

Living in the Jumeirah Islands: A Luxury Lifestyle or Too Quiet? Overview

Nakheel Properties built the Jumeirah Islands, which are made of luxury homes on man-made islands called Jumeirah Islands Nakheel.The Jumeirah Islands are made up of 46 groups of island clusters. Each Jumeirah island cluster has 16 villas, and each one has a different style. These villas are surrounded by lakes that were made by humans. These lakes are an important part of the Jumeirah Islands because they help the community have the best land-to-water ratio in the world, which is about 2:1.

In the development, there are more than 700 high-end homes with either four or five bedrooms. The homes have many features, such as swimming pools, garden space, and a room for the maid. The houses are between 5,101 and 7,200 square feet in size.

It is situated among Jumeirah Lake Towers and Dubai Marina, which makes it a great place for families who want to be near the city but also want a quiet place to live. Jumeirah Islands is recognized as one of the most exclusive housing projects in Dubai because of its high-end lifestyle, lavish properties, and beautiful location. It has lovely scenery, including the Marina skyline and salt-water lakes.

What’s good about residing on the Jumeirah Islands?

Beautiful Landscape

One of the benefits of living on the Jumeirah Islands is its brilliant scenery. This unique neighborhood is great for people who want to get away to a quiet island with a view of the lake. People who live in this area can enjoy the lively water currents as well as the beautiful waterfalls that are all around them.

Several amenities

Attractions in the neighborhood include a clubhouse with a gym, a restaurant, and other places to have fun. The Jumeirah Islands are a great place to live if you want to relax in a stylish, unique setting.

This neighborhood has places to run and ride bikes, gyms, and squash, tennis, and basketball courts. On site, there is also a swimming pool and a play area for kids. There are a few department stores and several restaurants and cafes in the neighborhood. From the Jumeirah Islands, it’s also easy to get to the main sights in the busy city of Dubai.

How close it is to malls

Ibn Battuta Mall, as well as Dubai Marina Mall, is two malls close by. One of the best aspects of living on the Jumeirah Islands is the proximity of shopping malls. Downtown Dubai is only 27 minutes away, and the Mall of Emirates is only a 15-minute drive.

Because Jumeirah Islands is between Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lakes Towers, people who live there have a lot of ways to have fun.

Features and amenities of Jumeirah Islands include: schools close by; a gated community with security guards on duty 24 hours a day; jogging and cycling paths; tennis courts; a gym; and a clubhouse. Pavilion Jumeirah Islands is a very nice place to live. With views of the lake and a lot of amenities in the community and nearby, residents are always happy. The Plaza on Jumeirah Islands does have 14 stores, restaurants, and cafes, such as Nandos and Oregano. This makes it a popular place for people who live there. If you can’t locate what you need in the community, Jumeirah Islands is among Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lake Towers, so you’re never too far from what you need.

Schools and daycares are also near the neighborhood, making it easy to get to work in the morning. Check out our guide to hatcheries and school systems in Dubai to choose the best one for your child as well as your lifestyle.

How are things in the Jumeirah Islands?

Families are welcome, the neighborhood is quiet and peaceful, it’s in a great spot, and there isn’t much public transportation.

Residents of Jumeirah Island live in luxury right in the middle of Dubai. All of the community’s basic needs can be met close by, and those that can’t be met inside the doors are just a short distance away thanks to its great location. Because of how close the school and nursery are, Jumeirah Island is a great place for families. Even though it’s a group, the way it’s set up gives you the same peace as if you lived in a solitary villa.

By day, the Jumeirah Islands

During the day, when children are at school and adults are at work, the neighborhood is quieter. People who stay at home often take advantage of the pools, parks, and jogging tracks that their community has to offer. Friends will meet at the pavilion for lunch and enjoy the lush greenery all around the community.

At night, the Jumeirah Islands

Jumeirah Island awakens at night. After weeks away, families relax and explore the area. Locals run, stroll around the lake, and enjoy parks and open areas. Locals frequent The Venue and its eateries.

Who lives on the islands of Jumeirah?

Most people who live on the Jumeirah Islands are families and high-income professionals who want to live in a quiet area close to the city.

How do homes in the Jumeirah Islands look?

There are a lot of different houses to choose from here, with 4 to 5 bedrooms. The villas are built around five main ideas.

With big, colorful plants in the gardens, the European Cluster has been made to be a peaceful place to live for its residents.

The Oasis Cluster has been built with people who love nature in mind. Since there are so many different kinds of villas, you’re sure to find one that meets all your necessities.

Going to Jumeirah Islands to park

Residents usually have one or more parking spots that belong to them. There are parking spots all over the neighborhood that family and friends can use when they come to visit Jumeirah Islands.

Even though Jumeirah Islands is close to the city, it is known as a peaceful and quiet place to live. It’s great for families who desire a peaceful place to come home to at the end of a long day.


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