Luxurious Nights Under The Stars – UAE’s Top Places For Glamping

Luxurious Nights Under The Stars – UAE’s Top Places For Glamping

Imagine spending time in opulent isolation in tents equipped with top-notch facilities that are erected among historic sand dunes, uncharted bays, or even the depths of untamed gorges. There is no need to be concerned about losing out on gastronomic treats however, since the majority of glam sites are capable of creating exquisite dishes appropriate for the setting. You only need to sit down to eat with your toes in the sand of the desert, in the soft light of the burning torches, and amidst the stunning scenery.

Here are some of the places to spend a night under the stars in Dubai:

Hatta sedr trailers:

Make a reservation at the Hatta Sedr Trailers for an off-the-beaten-path yet stylish desert getaway. The first hotel trailers in the area are available in the town of Hatta, allowing guests to set up camp in opulent vintage trailers along the banks of the Hatta Dam. Flat-screen televisions, comfy mattresses, contemporary bathrooms, and Wi-Fi are all features of Hatta Sedr trailers. You may also take pleasure in relaxing on your private patio while taking in the view of the mountains and the calm air. Additionally, Hatta Wadi Hub, where you can engage in recreational activities like mountain biking and hiking, is only a short distance away.

Hatta damani lodge resorts:

The Damani Lodges Resort is waiting for you as you make your way down the Hatta Mountains. The lodges’ interiors exceed Dubai’s high standards places for comfort and are roomy enough to accommodate up to two people and two children. Although none of the lodges have a kitchen, the campfire grill serves as a suitable replacement. You may either order meals to be served to you from the restaurant or purchase supplies from the neighboring Hatta Wadi Hub’s food trucks.

Mysk al faya retreat:

Traveling to the area of Mleiha in Sharjah is like travelling to a never-ending desert where time stands still. The Al Faya Retreat would be the ideal location for your investigation of this World Heritage Site candidate, with its Bronze Age tombs, ancient caverns, and pre-Islamic forts. This glam site, which emerges from the dunes, gives visitors a look into the real Bedouin way of life. Guests may access a desert track they frequently use, have barbecues beneath the stars, and spend late nights around bonfires listening to the Bedouins’ ageless tales.

Magic camps Abu Dhabi:

Customers of Magic Arabia Private Camps receive a customized desert glamping experience in the location of their choice. The enchantment unfolds anywhere you want it, whether it’s on the outskirts of the deserts in Ras Al Khaima, Abu Dhabi, Liwa, or even the Hatta Mountains in Dubai. The luxurious lodgings are styled like traditional Bedouin tents and furnished with magnificent Arab furniture and materials to create a real Bedouin ambiance. The roomy tents provide big mattresses with plush bedding, including duvets and pillows, as well as private bathrooms with toilets and showers. The atmosphere is further enhanced with lavender-scented candles and hot mint tea while the red and gold sand dunes shimmer in the distance.

Starlight camp Dubai:

Couples seeking an experience as close to nature as possible love our temporary camp under the stars. The Starlight Camp is a must-do activity if you like the concept of drifting off to sleep while listening to the glittering stars and waking up to the soft daybreak. The heavenly camp is located right next to a naturally formed amphitheater in the Arabian Desert, not far from the glitzy Dubai. A large, transparent tent with a crystal canopy serves as the camp’s main structure. There is also a stylish lounge where couples can cuddle up next to the fire, a comfortable eating area with a BBQ pit, as well as other facilities like an outdoor bathroom and shower.

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