Most Searched I-Phones In Dubai

Most Searched I-Phones In Dubai

Are you more of a Samsung devotee or an Apple lover when it comes to phones? If the latter, you might be interested to hear that a third of UAE phone buyers agree with you.

Yes, 33.3% of the devices registered on UAE networks during the second quarter of 2016 were made by Samsung, based on the Telecommunications Regulatory Authorities’ (TRA) most recent data on mobile phone market in UAE. Nokia ended in second place with a 27% market share, trailing Apple by 13.6%. Now, this does not necessarily imply that the Galaxy S7, the flagship phone from Samsung, is the most widely used gadget in the UAE. It’s no wonder that Samsung succeeds at every price point it enters given that it has established a successful business out of making products for every price range (the exploding Galaxy Note 7 excluded).

The small-screen iPhone SE, which starts at slightly less than AED 1,650, is Apple’s most affordable smartphone. In contrast, the company caters nearly solely to the upper end of the market. Despite this, the iPhone 6 is the most widely used gadget in the UAE, making up 4.17% of all registered devices in the nation. Apple’s iPhone 6S and iPhone 5S were both in the top list, with respective market shares of 2.32% and 2.29%.

The Samsung Galaxy J1 has a market share of 2.45%, making it Samsung’s most popular product. The fact that no other Samsung phone is more well-liked than that only illustrates how diverse the company’s product line is. You might also be shocked to see Nokia on this list at all, but keep in mind that there is a sizable market for low-cost phones in the United Arab Emirates. According to TRA statistics, the Nokia 108, which received a 2.99% share, is the second most popular device. With a 2.06% market share, the Nokia 105 ranked sixth in terms of popularity in the UAE. What can we infer from these statistics, then? It seems that the UAE truly enjoys its iPhones, favoring them far more than like priced Samsung cellphones. However, it’s even clearer that the UAE is still a low-cost market given that the majority of connected devices in the nation are inexpensive. Do you want to possess your ideal gadget? You may compare the top credit cards available in the UAE on to receive special savings on purchases of electronics and telecom services. To begin, click the button below.

The brand-new iPhone 14, which will revolutionize the smartphone market in 2022, is by far the most powerful iPhone yet thanks to its cutting-edge technology, fashionable design, and innovative features. The updated iPhone 14 has an A-15 Bionic processor, a 6-core CPU with 2 performance and 4 efficiency cores, and a 5-core GPU, making it the fastest smartphone currently being produced. On the iPhone 14, Apple debuted a new set of safety measures. The iPhone 14 may now identify accidents and send out an Emergency SOS, alerting the appropriate authorities and your emergency contacts. Additionally, we are all aware of how well the new iPhone 14 performs in terms of its camera! The most modern dual camera and ultra-wide camera are included with the iPhone 14. The greatest store in Dubai to purchase the iPhone 14 and other Apple goods is iSTYLE. We are committed to delivering you the most recent iPhone at the best price in Dubai while providing a variety of flexible payment options to pick from. We are Apple’s premier reseller. Therefore, if you’re searching for your new iPhone, we’ve got you covered. The most cutting-edge iPhone will be delivered to your home if you place a preorder with us now.

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