Nature Reserves and Wildlife Sanctuaries In The UAE Worth Visiting

Nature Reserves and Wildlife Sanctuaries In The UAE Worth Visiting

Visits to nature reserves are interesting and worthwhile. Even while these locations are stunning and well worth seeing, they also perform a crucial function in every community. The biodiversity of an area is protected through nature reserves, which aids in maintaining the ecosystem’s equilibrium. It’s safe to say that the united Arab emirates (UAE) are home to several significant natural reserves. These must-see nature reserves in the UAE are dispersed among the many emirates, which aids in maintaining the equilibrium of the nation’s environment.

The preservation of all wildlife’s natural feeding chains depends on healthy biodiversity. The ecology will become unbalanced if this sequence is interrupted in any way. The stability of the climate is also significantly influenced by natural reserves. They also make it possible for experts to research the current flora and fauna. They can enhance and protect the local fauna using the knowledge they collect.

Al Wathba reserve land:

Al Wathba wetland reserve, one of the most amazing natural attractions in the UAE, is situated on the outskirts of bani yas in Abu Dhabi. With several natural and man-made lakes, al wathba wetland reserve provides the ideal balance of fresh and salt waters. Additionally, it contains a sizable desert, making it an incredibly diversified region that is perfect for the habitation of many animals. The major draw of the wetland reserve is flamingos. Each year, hundreds roost and breed there, adding to their population. The area is sometimes referred to as flamingo city as a result. But you won’t simply find flamingos here as flying creatures. Around 250 different bird species may be found in the reserve, including several duck species, black-winged stilts, grey-headed swamp hens, and western marsh harriers. The reserve is also home to a variety of tiny animals and reptiles, such as rabbits and hedgehogs.

Marawah marine biosphere reserve:

Abu Dhabi is also home to the marawah marine biosphere reserve, the first biosphere reserve in the united arab emirates. Various ecosystem types, such as mangroves, seagrass beds, coral reefs, seashores, and rocky ridges, may be found inside the reserve. The marawah marine biosphere reserve’s diversified environment plays a crucial role in providing the fragile dugongs with a safe haven and a source of food. Around 70 different fish species use the maritime environment as modification and breeding habitats. Green and hawksbill sea turtles, as well as a number of migrating birds, use it as a feeding area and a place to lay their eggs.  People who wish to learn more about the land, sea, and air species in the UAE should visit this location.

Wasit nature reserve:

The region, which is in Sharjah, was formerly a waste-water landfill. Since its rehabilitation in 2005, it has become one of the UAE’s most significant and must-see wildlife reserves. In the wetland known as the waist nature reserve, there are dunes, lagoons, and a lake. The subterranean canals from hatta mountain and the al falaj region feed the water bodies. More than 200 species of native and migratory birds and wetland animals may be found in the reserve. This amount changes throughout the year based on the bird species’ migration habits. There are many intriguing species to see in this area, including flamingos, grey herons, swamp hens, and marbled ducks. Birdwatchers and anyone who likes the outdoors should visit the waist nature reserve.

Al Zorah nature reserve:

Al Zorah nature reserve, located near Ajman, is one of the UAE’s most stunning nature preserves. Beautiful beaches, magnificent lagoons, and eye-catching mangroves may all be found in this reserve. A unique mixture of avian and marine life calls these natural features home. The reserve is home to over 60 different bird species. Egrets, herons, and pink flamingos are a few of these. The beaches, on the other hand, are home to several unique aquatic species, including mollusks, corals, and other must-see marine life. Kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and other water sports and activities are all great in the al-Zorah nature reserve.

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