Public libraries in Abu Dhabi

Public libraries in Abu Dhabi

Are you the kind of person who is unremittingly travelling different data and books to study and enlarge your knowledge. The capital of the UAE Abu Dhabi proposals a variety of public libraries to their residents. Do you care about the historical cultural knowledge and theoretical learning. Do you seek a excellence of information to assistance you in your daily life. If the answer is yes then this blog was written for you to make your experience at ease. Due to the standards that the UAE holds concerning education and wisdom libraries have countless standing. Abu Dhabi’s government never unsuccessful to highlight the importance of information. So they providing the public with a variety of libraries concentrating on education history children’s development and worldwide and nationwide data.

Qasr Al Watan Library

Ever required to knowledge a traditional library’s atmosphere but with a touch of high-level vibe. Have you desired to seek knowledge but in a royals setting. Between the libraries in Abu Dhabi that can’t be wasted is Qasr Al Watan translated as the nation’s palace allows scholars to enjoy traveling and excavating their considerate in a admired place. Ever since 2019 Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed the UAE president and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed crown prince of Abu Dhabi decided that the palace must be a place where national treasures books be allowable to the public.

The atmosphere of the public library 

As you walk historical the main doors of the library the huge tall walls fastening your sight. The giant chandelier from the top of the roof is released all the way down making the arrival look very attractive. Separated into rooms the ground floor has groups of regional and cultural books showcasing the UAE and the Arab world stress Arab scientist’s attainments and bequests. You can smell the atmosphere of information with the enjoyable overwhelming smell of old books. The ground floor comprises rooms full with Arabic novels for people who want to disruption away from realism and basin in another world. Also for people who alike to study math or mathematics fans there are numerous collections of finances and statistics books. Entering the silo and going up to the first floor you will directly notice the full French architectural notion. The rooms are unified giving you the enthusiasm of a kid attractively lost in an educational maze


Abu Dhabi Khalifa Park Library 

If you’re a working parental looking to devote time with your kids and get approximately work done check out Khalifa Public Library. Khalifa park library is nonentity like any local library with vast interplanetary and lush greens giving it that peaceful and refreshing vibe. In both terms of books and space the most well-known and one of the biggest public libraries was constructed in Abu Dhabi Khalifa Park Library. Ever since then the Khalifa Park Library has full-grown with more than 50,000 titles in both highest languages in this country Arabic and English. The library is large and wide adequate for many people to visit. It is a apartment of peace and intellect. The tables are neatly placed beside enormous clear windows that give the place a superb relaxing look.

The public library in depth

Successful deeper into the library the library provides a children’s library in a separate building with its own adjacent entrance. There are short, vibrant colored tables placed in the middle of the room with shelves filled with books that enhance the children’s mind and generate imagination. The sound of soft murmurs and curious eyes radiating from the room, soft educational words in the air going to the little one’s ears. A woman reading out a story to her small audience. According to flyers hanging on the wall the library holds events such as storytelling, book signings art displays national day events and back to school events.

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