3 Bedroom Apartment for Sale in Al Barsha

Your iconic background will be the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai skyline as you awaken to lushly planted greens and pristine fairways. Live in a luxury environment that encourages brilliance daily. Visit the Arabian ranches, your new home.

Some of the Al Barsha apartments are:

Golf place terrace:

The overwhelming success of Phase I paved the way for Golf Place Terraces, a distinguished new home development located in an extremely stunning environment. You may raise your level of living by locating yourself among the lush fairways with a view of the expansive golf course. The Golf Place Terraces are not far from the 18-acre Dubai Hills Park, a well-liked tourist destination and protected green space. The Dubai Hills Mall, a local shopping and entertainment complex with over 750 shops and a selection of “fast fashion” retail stores, restaurants, and cafés, as well as the Golf Club House, which offers a choice of eating options and recreational amenities, are also easily accessible from there. Golf Place Terraces is unique due to its views of the immaculate golf course, lush fairways, meandering paths, beautifully managed parks, and gardens, ns, and huge open spaces that would enhance the life of every inhabitant. At Golf Place Terraces, there are luxurious homes with 4, 5, and 6 bedrooms available in a range of architectural styles to suit different tastes. Each home will have a variety of spaces with floor-to-ceiling windows that will fill them with natural light. Al Barsha’s most opulent apartment is this one.

Collective 2.0:

The vibrant Dubai Hills Boulevard can be seen from Collective 2.0, which provides millennials with a collaborative and social atmosphere as well as first-rate workspaces, study spaces, and common areas. The sumptuous Dubai Hills Park, Dubai Hills Mall, and a Boulevard that cater to your every need and want further enhance the lifestyle of Collective 2.0, which is located in Arabian ranches. Collective 2.0 is the ideal location for a chic urban lifestyle because it is nestled away adjacent to Rove Hotel and Business Park. Browse more than 650 shops and restaurants in the Dubai Hills Mall, interact with friends in the bustling Dubai Hills Park, or take in the elegant boutiques on Dubai Hills Boulevard. The neighborhood metro station and Al Khalil Road make it simple to go to Downtown Dubai. Collective 2.0 is the ideal venue for those who value making friends and having active lives. You may hang out anywhere in the foyer, cozy library, or bustling open-plan area. You can also relax, read, meditate, work, mingle, and meet new friends. The Dubai Hills Boulevard connects key parts of DUBAI HILLS ESTATE, including retail, parks, hospitals, schools, and residential neighborhoods. The street is colorfully decked with pop-up shops, flowering trees, and art pieces, providing a comfortable shaded environment. It achieves the optimal balance between traditional and modern design.


You will have several incredible experiences in this peaceful area, where the walkways are lined with alluring restaurants and shops that blend in with the lovely park’s surroundings.

There are apartments available with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms, all of which enjoy views of the extensive lush greenery of Dubai Hills Park and all of its amenities. Located in the heart of Dubai, the luxury apartment Acacia puts you close to what matters most. From Acacia, which is flanked on both sides by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and Al Khalil Road, you can easily go to your favorite spots in Dubai and the neighboring emirates. Your kids are safe and secure, so they may run about and play freely in Acacia’s expansive, natural surroundings. You are welcome to explore the extensive network of lovely routes in Acacia. Being in the moment allows you to do things like fly kites in the sunshine, have a picnic in the park, jog briskly in the morning, or just take a stroll in the evening. Spend time with your kids and interact with your neighbors at Dubai Hills Park or Acacia’s Health Club.

More about these 3 bedroom apartments consist of the following facilities also:

2 bedroom apartments facilities:

It can be difficult to decide what to do with an additional bedroom, whether you’ve recently moved into a new apartment or townhouse or have lived there for a time. Try to consider it a luxury in every case, though. You are free to design a little space according to your preferences and requirements. Here are a few suggestions for what you could do with your vacant space; the list is unlimited.

Guest room:

Probably the most apparent option, but turning the spare room into a guest bedroom could be the best one for you. This extra space might be convenient and comfortable if you frequently get visitors and do not want to continually place them on the pullout sofa in the living room.

Home office:

This approach might be quite beneficial for you if you usually work from home or like to work on the weekends. It enables you to change where you are in your residence and have a focused space. If you don’t enjoy working in your living room or bedroom, it might provide a change of scenery.

Yoga and meditation:

Need a serene setting where your thoughts can relax? You may want to utilize a yoga or meditation room. You might be able to escape from the pressures of work and life for a short while if you have a calm space with straightforward decor where you can unwind totally.

Reading room and library:

A library or reading room can be the space you need if you find yourself starting to accumulate books. You might be able to install a bookshelf to keep your books organized and fit the ideal reading chair in a small reading nook.



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