A neighborhoods guide to emirates hills school

Emirates Hills is without a doubt the ideal neighborhood for families. The community is home to lush parks, high-end amenities, and exceptional schools, as well as some of Dubai’s most luxurious properties.

Now, if you’re a family considering relocating here, we’re sure you’ve done your homework on the area. This one is for those of you with children who are looking for a guide to the Emirates Hills school options in the area.

Dubai British School

Dubai British School, founded in 2005, is one of the leading educational institutions in the UAE, providing premium primary, secondary, and sixth-form education to residents.

The best thing about Dubai British School is its cutting-edge campus! Aside from classrooms, the school has a foyer, a well-equipped science lab, a steam garden, an art room, a music room, a grand auditorium, a sports hall, a swimming pool, and AstroTurf! For the little ones, there is also a separate primary library and foundation outdoor play area.

Dubai International School

Dubai International Academy, founded in 2004, is parent-centered and serves over 7,750 students from over 100 countries. That is what I mean by an international community!

Dubai International Academy is only a six-minute drive from Meadows and offers an IB curriculum that assists schools and teachers in providing rigorous, quality education as well as professional development that improves pedagogy and leadership. It is also one of 12 educational institutions involved in the Eco-Schools program, which educates children and youth about important issues such as the environment, sustainability, global citizenship, and the importance of a low-carbon future.

The school is very active in developing new ways for students to learn so that they are not always forced to use the same old textbook. There are numerous online conferences and courses available that cover a wide range of global and economic topics. With a dedicated parent portal and weekly newsletters with timely updates, parents are always kept up to date.

Meadows Emirates International School

Emirates International School, located in the heart of Meadows and just an 11-minute drive from Emirates Hills, opened its doors in 2005 and now serves over 1,665 students from FS1 to A-levels (3 to 18-year-olds).

The school prides itself on being truly international, with over 81 different nationalities represented. During COVID-19, it was also one of the few institutes in the UAE with a dedicated “distance learning” program for “at-home” education. The school has trained its staff and students to adapt to online learning in both primary and secondary education by utilizing a variety of high-tech platforms, software, CRMs, and apps.

For those who prefer onsite learning, the school is nothing short of a posh campus complete with two AstroTurf fields, a swimming pool, an indoor basketball stadium and gymnasium, a weight room, a senior student lounge, and many other amenities.

Regent International School

Regent International School is situated in the heart of Emaar’s Greens community in Dubai. It follows the National Curriculum of England and provides an excellent education culminating in GCSEs and A-Levels. Regent International School, which has been in operation for over 27 years, is one of the region’s leading and most innovative schools, as well as a global leader in the field of positive education. In this context, a strong values-based education fosters academic and personal achievement as well as well-being and character development, ensuring life success and happiness.

In addition to standard, math, and science classes, the school provides some cool programs for its students, including the Positive Education Ethos, STEM and project-based learning, the Creative and Performing Arts Concentration, Forest School, and our personal favorite, their “Think & Thrive” series in collaboration with global businesses.

The school also has an online sports center where you can get the most up-to-date information on football, basketball, and other games against other schools. The school also emphasizes extracurricular activities and maintains a social media presence.

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