An Expert’s Guide on Getting Ready For Move-In Day

After you’ve finalized the lease, notified your landlords of your start moving date, and taken care of all other formalities, it’s time to start feeling excited about your new home. However, make sure everything is prepared for a simple move-in process to avoid any errors or stress.

Moving between townhouses or flats in Dubai could be intimidating. It sounds like a lot to deal with dealing with moving companies, registering for utility services, and getting the proper documentation in the right location at the right time.

Not to worry, though; this guide will take you through everything you need to know to organize a tension-free move-in day in Dubai.

You’re Move-In Day Checklist for Dubai:

There’s no need to complicate moving homes, which is already a challenging task for preparing for your Move-In Day. Remember that lack of a solid plan directly correlates with failure.

Before your move-in day, the advice in the accompanying guide will assist you with the proper planning and a checklist:

A Moving Company’s Organization:

When moving to a nearby house, some people could choose to save cash by forgoing the services of a moving company. On the opposite hand, any transfer requiring a drive or heavy furniture moving will be worth the investment.

In addition to packing and relocating your belongings to your new house, several moving firms in Dubai could also offer upkeep, cleaning, and painting services. Additionally, they will unpack and arrange your belongings following your instructions. As a result, hiring local removalists can greatly aid in completing the move-in process without incident.

Transferring Utility Services and Registering a Contract with Ejari:

Online completion of an Ejari contract costs about AED385 + 5% VAT. To apply for an Ejari online, the following documents must be scanned and submitted:

  • Owner’s passport
  • Emirates ID, a visa
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Title deeds for rental properties
  • Latest DEWA invoice or connection receipt
  • The ID card of your owner.

To switch utilities, get in touch with DEWA a week before your move-in date and let them know you want to relocate your account and any deposits there. To legally transfer your DEWA account, you should settle any unpaid balances and submit the Ejari agreement for your new home.

Transfer of TV and Internet services:

Before moving in, go to an Etisalat and Du store and let them know you need to shift your internet and television services. Bring your new tenancy agreement, a photocopy of your passport, and your Emirates ID with you. A minor fee will be charged to you and applied to your subsequent statement. You can make a reservation with Etisalat or Du if you give yourself enough time because a technician’s visit often takes 2-4 days.

Move-in Permit:

To access and exit several communities and buildings in Dubai, tenants must get permission. Therefore, before moving, be sure to determine what you’ll need on both sides. If you’re going into a villa, this might not be necessary, but it’s worth asking the landlord or property manager to be sure to avoid any issues.

Cleaning up the Property:

In Dubai, especially if you have resided in the same spot for a while, villas and flats are subject to wear and tear. Keeping a list of anything that needs to be fixed, painted, or cleaned around the house is preferable.

Returning your Deposit:

After successfully moving all of your belongings to your new house, organizing all of the required paperwork and hookups, and leaving your previous property in pristine condition, there is just one thing left to do: receive your deposit returned.

Wrap up:

There will always be tension and inconveniences associated with moving, but this is not the case. If you have everything planned and organized correctly, you might even enjoy yourself while doing it. Before all of this relocation, a checklist would be helpful.


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