Apartments to rent in Silicon Oasis in Dubai

There is no doubt that more people are now searching to rent a home in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO). Potential tenants are drawn to the neighborhood because of its close vicinity to Academic City, a well-known educational hub, its easy access to prominent schools, and its prime location close to important commercial areas. Here are some of the famous neighborhoods in Silicon Oasis Dubai with villas and apartments for rent if you are thinking about relocating to this lovely residential location.

The benefits of renting a home in Dubai Silicon Oasis

For a variety of reasons, renters could be interested in a home in Dubai Silicon Oasis. The neighborhood has a nice assortment of reasonably priced apartments that are ideal for single professionals, couples, and families. Due to the abundance of fitness facilities and gyms in Dubai Silicon Oasis, DSO is also a great option for people who want to live an active lifestyle. Additionally, DSO has a large number of supermarkets and grocery stores, enabling inhabitants to quickly meet their daily needs. The eateries in DSO are sure to please foodies.

The neighborhood’s attraction is further enhanced by the fact that homeowners can anticipate fun weekends with friends and family thanks to Dubai Silicon Oasis’s abundance of activities. In addition, Dubai Silicon Oasis is home to a number of prestigious schools, as was already mentioned.

Dubai’s Apartment Rent Trends Silicon Oasis

People looking to rent real estate in the region will be pleased to learn that the asking rents for apartments in Silicon Oasis, Dubai, are reasonable and start at just AED 23k for studio apartments.

Let’s take a closer look at the top five residential structures in the neighborhood where you may rent apartments to get a better understanding of the possibilities available in Great Dubai.

Silicon Gates

On our list of the best apartment complexes in Dubai Silicon Oasis to rent from, the four-tower Silicon Gates complex comes in first. It gives renters a great selection of roomy apartments, from studios to two-bedroom homes.

The Silicon Gate Apartment complex offers modern amenities like swimming pools, a fully equipped health center and gym, and squash courts in addition to excellent lodging. The Dubai Silicon Oasis public park is conveniently located close to this building, making it an excellent choice for parents with young children.

An average studio apartment in Silicon Gates costs AED 23,000. Similar to this, the asking rent increases to AED 33k for a 1-bedroom apartment and AED 56k for a 2-bedroom flat.

Through Great Dubai Searching for a rental home in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

La Vista Residence

La Vista Residence, a project by Al Manal Development, is another excellent choice for prospective tenants thinking about renting in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Due to the variety of bed types, the residential structures here are suited for everyone from single professionals to couples and small families. At La Vista Residence, tenants have access to a number of amenities in addition to high-quality lodging. These include a party room, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, covered parking, and separate swimming pools for adults and children.

Tenants have a wide selection of units to choose from at La Vista Residence. The average rent for a one-bedroom unit is AED 33,000. For those seeking larger apartments, La Vista Residence’s 2-bed rentals, which cost on average AED 53k, are a good option.

In Dubai Silicon Oasis, La Vista Residence offers numerous budget-friendly apartments for rent.

Palace Towers

There are numerous studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments available in The Palace Towers. Additionally, amenities such a security system, fire safety system, swimming pool, fitness centre, and kids’ play area are available to residents. Not to mention, the building is close to some excellent restaurants.

Families, young professionals, and singletons can all live comfortably in Palace Towers. Currently, the average annual rent for studios at Palace Towers is AED 24,000. While the average financial outlay for a 2-bed flat would be AED 50k.

If you’re searching to rent a home in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Palace Towers stands out.

University View

The University View complex, with its three towers, has 432 apartments with studio and one-bedroom layouts. The building’s residents have access to a health club level that includes a heated pool, Jacuzzi, gym, spa, sauna, and children’s play area. The fact that their fluffy balls are accepted will please pet parents. Currently, University View studio apartments for rent cost AED 23,000. A larger 1-bed flat will cost, on average, AED 33k for those who choose it.

Apartments for rent in Dubai Silicon Oasis are available for affordable prices.

Spring Oasis

The 27-story Spring Oasis is an option for renters looking for apartments in Dubai Silicon Oasis. One of DSO’s most well-liked constructions, the residence is renowned for its distinctive design. A fully-stocked gym, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, squash court, and children’s play area are all available to residents.

The GEMS Wellington Academy DSO, which provides grades from the Foundation stage to Year 13 based on the British curriculum, is near Spring Oasis Tower, as with other entries on the list.

In Spring Oasis, the average cost per year to rent a studio apartment is AED 29k. The price increases to AED 40k for a studio unit. The current average rent in Spring Oasis for a 2-bedroom apartment is AED 58k.

 Through Great Dubai, you may rent a house in Dubai Silicon Oasis at a fair price.

Property Value Trend in Dubai Silicon Oasis for Villas

Although there are fewer villas available for rent in Dubai Silicon Oasis than there are flats, there is still a high demand from potential tenants.

Villas Cadre

In Dubai Silicon Oasis, Cadre Villas is where people go to rent villas the most frequently. A selection of residences with three to four bedrooms is available to potential tenants. Additionally, the neighborhood offers a wide range of kid-friendly recreational amenities, such as a local park, a community pool, a jogging trail, tennis courts, and basketball courts.

In Cadre Villas, a 3-bed property can be rented for an average of AED 140,000. In Cadre Villas, a 5-bed property costs up to AED 180k.

Semmer Villas

Another gated neighborhood where you can discover inexpensive villas for rent in Dubai Silicon Oasis is Semmer Villas. Tenants benefit from easy access to different parts of the city because to the vicinity of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. The villas in this location also come with contemporary amenities including a fitness club and children’s play spaces.

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