Areas to Buy Studio Apartments in Dubai under AED 500k

Due to their affordable prices, studio flats for sale in Dubai are a wonderful choice for investors and purchasers on a tight budget. In Dubai, there is a growing inventory of properties where buyers can discover studio apartments for less than AED 500k. Follow us as we look just at the five most sought-after neighborhoods in Dubai in which you can purchase studio flats, whether you’re wanting to profit from strong rental returns or want to acquire a cozy apartment for private use.

Prices under AED 500k for Top Areas for Studio Apartments to Sell In Dubai:

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is among the most sought-after neighborhood for investors and purchasers looking for apartments under AED 500k, according to Bayut’s research. The neighborhood of International City, which welcomes foreigners, is next. Dubai Sports City, Dubai Production City, and Dubai Silicon Oasis are additional locations where buyers can benefit from extremely appealing prices.

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC):

The relative’s Jumeirah Village Ring is the most sought-after location for buyers looking for a studio for sale in Dubai, per Bayut search statistics. The neighborhood is excellent for someone wishing to make a long-term investment, according to the general trends. A tranquil setting, lush gardens, and waterways add to JVC’s attractiveness as a calm refuge for locals.

  • Jumeirah Village Circle studio apartments typically cost AED 450k to purchase.

People who are interested in buying apartments in this category can look through the Jumeirah Village Circle floor plan plans to learn more about their alternatives.

International City:

It’s understandable why International City has traditionally been a hotspot for investors on a tight budget. Due to their low costs, enhanced by the presence of Ras Al Khor Road, and close access to popular shopping areas like Dragon Mart, studio flats in International City was likely to continue in high demand.

Along with other useful amenities, the region offers clinics, dining establishments, laundry facilities, and more. The public bus system in Dubai has excellent connections to the neighborhood.

The International City studio flats for sale are close to grocery stores, gyms, and mosques.

To choose the architectural drawings for International City that best meet your needs, you can browse them.

Dubai Sports City:

For potential purchasers wishing to make profitable investments in real estate in the city, studio pricing in Dubai is a crucial consideration in addition to amenities and location. Investor interest in the region has risen steadily over time.

Homeowners of Dubai Sports City can take advantage of first-rate amenities that are located within and close to the community. The community is nestled amid other residential areas such as Industrial City, Motor City, and Jumeirah Village Circle. The region has established a reputation as the ideal vacation spot for people who lead active lives thanks to its abundance of sporting venues, grounds, and the spectacular Dubai World Cricket Stadium.

In Dubai Sports City, there are lots of studio apartments for sale. Both classic and contemporary architecture can be found in the structures in this neighborhood, which also include amenities like swimming pools and gyms. Additionally, some studio residences in Dubai Sports City offer expansive views of a golf course.

  • The average cost of a studio flat in Dubai Sports City is AED 332k.

Examine the floor plans for Dubai Sports City to determine how the various flats are laid out.

Dubai Production City (IMPZ):

Those looking for a decent studio apartment for sale in Dubai could also take Dubai Production House into account. Residents of the apartments for sale in Dubai Production City have easy access to recreational and convenience features. Comprising pharmacies, retail stores, clinics, and supermarkets. City Centre Me’aisem, a bustling center for shopping and leisure, is located there. The area, formerly known as The International Media Production Zone (IMPZ), is home to numerous businesses that specialize in media production.

  • According to our data specialists, the neighborhood’s studio apartments typically cost AED 289k.

Look out for Dubai Production City architectural drawings if you’re interested in learning more about the studio configurations there.

Dubai Silicon Oasis:

Our list of the best neighborhoods in Dubai to purchase studio flats is completed with Dubai Silicon Oasis. Numerous amenities and activities, including amusement parks, shopping centers, and more, can be found in the region.

The apartments for sale in Dubai Silicon Oasis may include amenities like gyms, children’s play spaces, swimming pools, grilling areas, and more depending on the apartment building that is selected. It is a popular location for real estate investors due to the availability of furnished apartments.

  • An average DSO studio apartment costs AED 345k, according to buyers.

View the DSO floor plan plans to identify the apartment that best meets your requirements.

What Are the Best Areas in Dubai to Rent Studios at Reasonable Rates?

Searching for a studio to rent? The best areas in Dubai to get inexpensive studio apartments are listed below.

The greatest areas to purchase a studio apartment for sale around AED 500k have been covered in detail by Great Dubai. Looking for cozy accommodations instead? Searches for furnished rental apartments in Dubai may perhaps concentrate on the most populated neighborhoods. Budget-friendly studio rentals are also available in Dubai for less than AED 4,000.

For the most recent news from the UAE property market and elsewhere, keep checking Great Dubai!

Due to their low costs, enhanced by the presence of Ras Al Khor Road, and close access to popular shopping areas like Dragon Mart, studio flats in International City was likely to continue in high demand.

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