Best Apartments For Rent In Dubai Hills Estate

Collective 2.0:

Collective 2.0, which has a view of the busy Dubai Hills Boulevard, offers millennials in Dubai a collaborative and sociable environment as well as exceptional facilities and areas where they can work, study, or simply hang out. The lifestyle at Collective 2.0, which is located in DUBAI HILLS ESTATE, is further supplemented by the opulent Dubai Hills Park, Dubai Hills Mall, and a Boulevard that cater to your every need and want.

Collective 2.0 is tucked away next to Rove Hotel and Business Park, making it the ideal place for a stylish urban lifestyle. Downtown Dubai has easily reached thanks to Al Khalil Road and the local metro station. For people who appreciate meeting friends and leading an active lifestyle, Collective 2.0 is the perfect setting. You may hang out, recline, read, meditate, work, socialize, and make new friends anywhere in the foyer, informal library, or lively open-plan space. The Dubai Hills Boulevard connects important locations such the shopping, parks, hospitals, schools, and residential areas throughout the length of DUBAI HILLS ESTATE. The boulevard is vividly decorated with art installations, pop-up stores, and lush flowering trees creating a cozy shaded setting. It strikes the ideal blend between classic and contemporary design.


In this tranquil neighborhood, where the sidewalks are lined with tempting restaurants and stores that mix in with the magnificent parkland surroundings, you will experience countless amazing moments.

You may choose from apartments with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms, all of which have views of the expansive Dubai Hills Park’s lush greenery and all of its facilities. Acacia a luxury apartment places you close to what matters most because of its ideal position in the center of Dubai. You can travel without issue to your favorite locations in Dubai and the other emirates from Acacia, which is bordered on each side by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and Al Khalil Road. Your children may play freely in Acacia’s broad, lush surroundings since they are safe and secure. Acacia is home to a vast network of breathtaking paths that you may explore. You can fly kites in the sunshine, enjoy a picnic in the park, go for a vigorous morning jog, or just take a leisurely evening stroll while being in the present. At Acacia’s Health Club or Dubai Hills Park, spend time interacting with your neighbors and spending quality time with your kids.

Green square:

Thanks to Green Square in the Dubai Hills estate, you can achieve whatever goal you set out for in life. You may live close to first-rate amenities that will inspire your inner entrepreneur, family guy, social butterfly, and health fanatic.

In Dubai’s ideal family environment, choose from 1, 2, or 3-bedroom apartments to strike the optimum balance between business and family life. Green Square is situated right next to Dubai Hills Park. With all of the city’s financial and recreational attractions—including Hills Corporate Park and Downtown Dubai—within 15-20 minutes, it serves as both a getaway and a well-connected business hub. Imagine a world without miserable morning commutes. No hurried morning rituals with the family anymore. No more tension. From the convenience of a tranquil, eye-catching home office that provides you with all you need to thrive at any time of day, launch your profitable business with 100% ownership.  This is made as a luxury apartment in Dubai. Green Square provides you and your family with a strong and secure future in Dubai in partnership with DMCC. You may get a free 3-year renewable company license and a free 3-year renewable family residency visa by paying only 15% of the cost of your flat. Stop the anxiety that comes with being late. There is no need to stress about long commutes when you are surrounded by immense nature, world-class stores, and work-friendly locations and are only a short drive from the most well-liked urban areas.

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