Best tips to prepare your home for selling

Do you intend to sell your home anytime soon? Your villa or apartment isn’t the only one available to buyers in the market. In fact, hundreds of similar properties must have piqued the buyer’s interest. You must make your house stand out and highlight its key features in order to attract the attention of potential homeowners. Here are some helpful hints for staging your home for sale in Dubai.

How to Present Your House for Sale

Build a Balanced Space

Make a detailed floor plan with room dimensions and make it available to buyers so they know exactly what they’re getting. This is possibly the most important aspect of home staging. Buyers like to visualize their furniture in different rooms. Ensure that all cabinets in bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens are free of clutter. Storage helps to sell houses! Demonstrate to your buyers that they will have enough space for their belongings. This is the most effective way to prepare your home for sale!

The bedrooms should be inviting and comfortable. As a result, you can create a soothing environment with luxurious linens in soft colours that will entice potential homebuyers to sit back and relax. Again, if you don’t have the funds to purchase a new bed with a mattress go to Deira markets and purchase a bed frame with an inexpensive air mattress. You can finish it off with neutral-patterned bedding.

Include Eco-Friendly Materials

Dubai is all about living a green lifestyle, so using eco-friendly materials for home staging could be a great idea. Homebuyers all over the world are willing to pay more for a green home. Cork flooring is highly recommended because it is extremely durable and costs roughly half the price of hardwood flooring.

Plastering walls is another eco-friendly option that is popular among Dubai home stagers. It is made of natural materials that are resistant to dust and fingerprints. Because it absorbs moisture, it is ideal for damp environments such as bathrooms. Consider these eco-friendly shops in Dubai if you want to invest in more sustainable materials.

Affect Awkward Places with a Function

Why should you make awkward spaces useful? An attic bedroom can be transformed into a private office by installing wall-to-wall shelves and a desk. This use of a small space adds value to the home and may become a feature that potential buyers remember.

Redirect Your Resources

If you are not careful when shopping for home staging, it can be very expensive. To save money, we recommend salvaging old materials. Remember, the goal is to recycle old junk. You can make an excellent fence out of strips of hardwood flooring. Make shelves out of old laminate countertops and headboards out of old doors. It all takes a little imagination, and you can stage your home with items that most people throw away.

Perform Repairs

Making repairs is another important aspect of preparing your home for property viewings. Without a doubt, one of the major turn-offs for a buyer is a lack of maintenance. The best way to do this is to go through each room, analyze it from a buyer’s perspective, and make a list of things that need to be fixed. Once you’ve made a list, contact Dubai handymen to repair:

  • Roof leaks and/or deterioration of roofing materials
  • worn-out carpeting/flooring
  • Paint that is peeling
  • Ceiling or wall water stains
  • Pavement cracking
  • Drawer pulls that have broken
  • Cabinet hardware that is loose
  • ruined tiles

It is critical that your home leaves a lasting impression on your prospective buyers. The best way to ensure this is to clear out all of your home’s nooks and crannies.

Consider adding colour to your humble abode in addition to cleaning it. Remove the old apartment-style window blinds. Replace them with new window treatments to completely transform a room. Forget about those wall-to-wall mirrors. They do not make rooms appear larger; rather, they make them appear outdated.

Do Not Crowd Rooms.

After you’ve finished painting, you’ll need to add furniture to highlight the function of each room. Overcrowding the room with furniture that is too large for the space will make it appear cramped and small.

Shelves can add depth to a room and make it feel larger in narrow spaces. Painting the shelves the same colour as the walls can give the impression of depth. We recommend using large-patterned window treatments in large rooms with large windows because small patterns tend to disappear in a large room.


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