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The high standards that are associated with Dubai are upheld by the high-end luxury flats that are for sale. Infinity pools, breathtaking views of the Dubai skyline, private gardens recreational facilities are just a few of the incredible amenities offered by these apartments.

The majority of the upscale apartments offer some of the best amenities such as a gym and pool among others. Concierge and valet parking options are also available in the more upscale housing complexes.

Creekside Residence, Deira

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Dubai is Deira which includes the sub-community of Port Saeed. It is near the Dubai-Sharjah highway and borders Dubai Creek. There are numerous office and apartment buildings there one of which is the Creekside Residence.

A 13-story contemporary low-rise residential complex, Creekside Residence is located in Deira. It offers a beautiful tower with studio one, two three bedroom apartments as well as four bedroom and three bedroom duplex apartments. There are four store units on the ground floor.


The building features many top-notch amenities including a lavish gym, a sizable pool, a sauna, and a Jacuzzi. The stunning structure location makes it convenient to commute to vital locations and close to all facilities. Creekside Residence is located 7 minutes from Dubai International Airport. Public transit is very simple to find close to the building.


  • Features studio, 1, 2 3-bedroom apartments on 13 stories.
  • Furthermore offers 4- and 3-bedroom apartments
  • Excellent amenities like a gym, and swimming pool squash court are located on the ground level and include four shop spaces.
  • 24/7 security personnel and CCTV surveillance
  • Simple access to key sites
  • The distance to Dubai International Airport is 7 minutes.
  • Creekside Residence amenities


One of the major problems for residents of Dubai is finding a parking space, yet there is no parking problem at Creekside Residence in Port Saeed. Each unit has its own designated parking place in the basement first-floor ground level of the covered parking lot. Parking spaces at Creekside Apartments


In Creekside Residence in Dubai, there are 4 elevators making it simple to move between the 13 stories. The high-end lobby also has a service elevator for lifting big objects and furnishings.

Residents at Creekside Residence in Dubai are safe and secure inside the building thanks to the 24-hour security services and CCTV cameras that are put at each corner of the tower.

Security, central air-conditioning maintenance services

The apartments have a reliable central air conditioning system the building’s maintenance staff is skilled at installation and repair. The residence is provided with water and electrical services by DEWA.

Fitness and Gym facilities

Fitness enthusiasts do not need to leave the building because Creekside Residence has first-rate fitness facilities including a state-of-the-art luxury gym. A common swimming pool sauna Jacuzzi is also available.

Lifestyle comfort

A squash court and a safe play area for kids are just two of the high-quality lifestyle features available to residents.

Additionally, the structure is close to a variety of famous sites, restaurants supermarkets.

Services for concierge and guests

Concierge and security services are offered to all residents and guests. Until they are greeted by their hosts, the visitors may be seated in the lobby.


The fact that pets are permitted in Creekside the Residences is a relief for pet owners.

Al Qusais

Near Port Saeed and the Dubai Airport, Free Zone is the suburban community of Al Qusais (DAFZA). Al Qusais has various advantages for residents. It is one of Dubai’s oldest and most culturally diverse neighborhoods. In the north, it borders Muhaisnah 4, Al Nahda Al Qusais Industrial Area. Hor Al Anz is located in the east of the area Al Twar is to the south.


The glitzy aspect of contemporary Dubai is very different from Al Qusais. It lacks the gleaming richness of Downtown Dubai and does not have any tall towers. In this charming residential area, families can live in harmony and comfort in low-rise affordable apartments.

In Al Qusais you can also maintain a respectable level of living on a smaller budget. When compared to other locations of the emirate, these places’ rental trends are substantially lower. Al Qusais restaurants provide inexpensive prices for their menu items the same is true of their other services. The fact that there are so many excellent schools and daycare centers nearby may be the finest thing for families.

Al Qusais: pros and cons of living there

The decision to live in Al Qusais has many advantages. However, depending on the situation, there might be some challenges to living in Al Qusais. This blog discusses both the pros and cons so if you are thinking of moving to Al Qusais read on to make an informed choice.


Pros of living in Al Qusais

Al Qusais is one of Dubai’s most sought-after residential areas. It boasts a praiseworthy list of schools, parks, retail stores, supermarkets, and fitness facilities. Life in Al Qusais Dubai is comfortable.

Most commuters drive to and from Sharjah the nearby emirate that is only 15 minutes away there is moderate to heavy traffic there. Residents of Al Qusais also benefit from simple access to the metro and bus systems. We shall start by examining the advantages of residing in Al Qusais.

A Residential Neighborhood

Small families and couples can afford to rent apartments in Al Qusais. You can rent studios or apartments with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms depending on your needs and family situation. Villas for rent in the region are scarce, nevertheless. Everything relies on your financial capacity and whether or not your family will live with you.

Parking areas and transportation services

The abundance of parking places in this area is a pleasant surprise. In Al Qusais especially in the older buildings, it’s possible that you would not obtain a parking place as part of the rental agreement. There are lots of RTA parking spaces available in the vicinity to accommodate such circumstances. Visitors can simply park on the street and most new rental buildings in Al Qusais have parking.

Public transportation is accessible to residents. The green line provides service to five metro stations in the area. Stadium, Al Nahda, DAFZA, Al Qusais Etisalat Metro Station are among them.

The neighborhood is also served by a vast bus network. Al Qusais Bus Station is served by the following buses: 13A, 13B, 13D, 17, 33, 13, 32C, 63E, 37 97. One of the main advantages of residing in Al Qusais is this.

However, taxis are frequently booked so you might have to wait for more than 15 minutes to obtain one. The best way to find a cab or reserve one in advance is to stroll toward the closest metro station.

Al Nahda Dubai

One of Dubai’s most well-liked neighborhoods Al Nahda is derived from an Arabic word that means renaissance or waking in its literal sense. Living in Al Nahda Dubai is a unique experience because there are so many conveniences around. The neighborhood was initially a part of Al Qusaiss industrial zones. But as a result of recent construction, it has changed into a distinctive residential neighborhood. My Bayut will give you an update on life in Al Nahda, Dubai including both the good and the ugly.



Economical rent rates

People who like city living and work in Dubai frequently lament their inability to save money due to the high cost of living in various places. Apartment rentals at Al Nahda Dubai can be found for some of the lowest prices. In Al Nahda the median annual rent for studio flats is AED 33k which is a 5.7% decrease from the third quarter of 2018. The annual rent for 1-bedroom flats in Al Nahda decreased by 2.4% from the previous quarter to AED 41k in Q1 of 2019 which is good news for anyone looking for a room to rent in Al Nahda, Dubai.

A friendly community for family

One of the major advantages of Al Nahda Dubai is that it is a convenient place to live due to the nearby parks paid parking places, pharmacies, hospitals, sports facilities, hotels, schools, retail outlets, and bank money exchange areas. A number of markets including Lulu, Carrefour Express, and Spinneys Al Maya Lals Supermarket can be found in the area commercial space. Al Nahda is also where Dubai Women’s College is situated. Al Nahda Dubai is home to a few excellent eateries as well.


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