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Dubai Maritime City Information

The UAE’s maritime industry is the focus of Dubai Maritime City (DMC), a multipurpose area. The project is anticipated to be finished in 2021 based on His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision. The Industrial Precinct, Maritime Center, Academic Quarter, Marina District, Harbour Offices, and Harbour Residences are some of the zones that make up the 249-hectare development. The first international center dedicated to the growth of the maritime, commerce, and trade industries in the region, Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA), is strategically located between Port Rashid and Dubai Drydocks World.

Community Overview

The Arabian Gulf surrounds Dubai Maritime City Free Zone, providing easy access to the airport, the sea, and many public transportation choices. As its name suggests, Dubai Maritime City’s focal point is the Maritime Center. It was built as an urban corporate park and has three inner and eight beachfront lots centered on a boulevard. At the entrance, there is a cluster called the Creek Towers that consists of five high-rise towers, a plaza, and a Landmark Tower.

In addition, seven of these plots have been set aside for future developers to build skyscrapers on. In Dubai Maritime City and Maritime Center, there will also be 5-star business hotels and VIP-serviced residences. The city has made provisions for ships to support the marine sector.

Real estate in Dubai Marina

The commercial phase of Dubai Maritime City will include residential buildings, office buildings, retail establishments, and a promenade. Marine services, such as ship repair plots, ship lifts, workshops, showrooms, retail areas, and warehouses, will be the focus of the industrial area. Strategically placed next to ship lift facilities, open sea access, and marina berths are ship repair plots.

There are several covered areas on properties in DMC. The workshops typically range in size from 2,800 square feet to 9,515 square feet. Yacht construction and repair are made possible by 1,433,771 square feet of production space. Additionally, 5,490 square foot warehouses will be used to store marine supplies for commerce and business, including spare parts. DMC’s showrooms will be about 900 square feet in size and have client-specific parking. Retail spaces will be about 694 square feet in size.

Maritime City Zone

The Marine Corps Center

As its name suggests, the Maritime Center is an important part of the DMC. It includes all of the major initiatives, including three waterfront and three interior plots that will serve as a global center for maritime trade and commerce. Along with hotels and skyscrapers, the center will also house Senali Aquamarine Apartments and the Creek Towers, an office building.

Area of Industrial Protection

There are more than 100 workshops and warehouses in the neighborhood. It is a center for manufacturing and ship and yacht repair services. To accommodate boats, there is a 1,270-meter stretch of wet berths and 42 dry berths. There are also about 19 ship repair plots and two ship lifts with a combined lifting capability of 3,000 and 6,000 metric tonnes available here.

Harbor Residences and the Marina District

14 sites in the Marina District are designated for high-rise housing structures. Additionally, there will be various shops, dining options, and entertainment venues there.

Maritime City Campus

At the heart of DMC lies an institution called Dubai Maritime City Campus. It offers classes in nautical science, transportation, and marine engineering. 1,300 students can be accommodated at the institution.

Branch Offices

19 plots designated for the construction of office towers serve as the DMC’s entryway. The area that looks out over the harbor will connect DMC to the mainland.

Hotels in Dubai Marine City

In Dubai Maritime City, the Maritime Center will provide a curated selection of hotels. A 5-star business hotel will be located in the 751-foot Landmark Tower. Swiftship Towers, a 656-foot-tall Iris Mist Hotel, the Kensington Krystal Hotel, and an unnamed 6-star hotel will also be included.

Transportation and parking areas in Dubai Marine City

There will be parking spaces for workers near the workshops and retail areas. Private transportation is provided for residents and employees, and water transit will be made available to support trade and maritime activities. Additionally, there will be parking spots just for visitors to the showrooms and workshops next to the development.

Amenities, Schools, and Supermarkets for Healthcare Near Dubai Marine City

On the route that runs through Dubai, connecting DMC to Al Raffa, one can see a few supermarkets. Malabar Supermarket and Citi Mart are the two options that are nearby.

Temples, churches, and mosques in Washington, D.C.

The Maritime Center offers public amenities like shops and a promenade. Additionally, there will be mosques and prayer spaces available for residents who own yachts as well as residents who work there.

Schools close to the port city

Near Bur Dubai, some schools are close to Dubai Maritime City. New Academy School and Ambassador School are easily accessible by automobile in around nine to ten minutes. The CISCE curriculum is offered at the Mankhool Campus of the Ambassador School Dubai, which has a very good rating from KHDA.

Restaurants, malls, and nightlife near Dubai Marine City

Burjuman Centre, a well-liked shopping district, is located 14 minutes drive from Dubai Maritime City. It has several brand stores, including those for MAC, Mont Blanc, the Beverly Hills Polo Club, and others. In addition to shopping, Burjuman Center offers a wide range of activities. A hypermarket, VOX Theaters, numerous eateries, and Magic Planet are among its amenities.

Beaches near Marita City

One may access the public beach by car in a short amount of time by driving onto Jumeirah Beach Road. The beach also has a skate park and a running and cycling track. Additionally, one can enjoy the sunset while sipping on a cocktail at a beachside cafe, restaurant, or bar. The public beach has free admission.

Leisure Activities and Notable Landmarks

The Coin Museum, Dubai Museum, and Coffee Museum are excellent places to go if you want to learn about UAE history and cultural artifacts. The Al Fahidi Historical District is also home to the Textile Market (also known as the Textile Souk). Here, one can discover authentic Arabic textiles and clothes.

The Etihad Museum is another notable location close to Dubai Maritime City. It displays a timeline of significant events that happened between 1968 and 1974. One of the greatest locations to find out more about the UAE’s founding fathers, its constitution, and other topics is here.

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