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Za’abeel, a sizable neighborhood at the heart of both old and new Dubai, is part of the vast Bur Dubai area. Al Kifaf, Za’abeel 1, and Za’abeel 2 make up the neighborhood, which is situated on the southern edge of Bur Dubai and borders Dubai Creek on the east.

The region is primarily known for being the location of Zabeel Park and the Za’abeel Palace, two of the city’s most well-known sights. The region is bordered by Downtown Dubai, the World Trade Center neighborhood, and the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). Al Ain-Dubai Road runs next to it on the eastern side, while Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) passes through the northern part of the neighborhood.

One of the wealthier and more recent neighborhoods in Bur Dubai, one of the biggest and oldest residential districts in the city, is Za’abeel. According to the Great Dubai Annual Market Report for Dubai 2020, Bur Dubai is the second-most sought-after location in the emirate for apartment rentals overall.

Community Overview

Za’abeel used to be a sizable tract of undeveloped territory, but after seeing the construction of the royal family’s Za’abeel Palace, it also witnessed several other changes. Zabeel Park and several villas and townhouses are located there right now, and there are other residential and mixed-use skyscrapers being built.

Once finished, these townhouses, apartments, workplaces, and retail locations will be offered both for rent and as freehold properties.

One of the neighborhood’s significant advantages is its convenient access to Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), Dubai’s main thoroughfare. Additionally, it acts as a passageway between Old Dubai and New Dubai.

Property in Za’abeel

In Za’abeel, there is a mixture of residential and commercial buildings, such as:

Apartments, townhomes, offices, and retail establishments

Private mansions and villas make up the majority of the district, but public apartments, shops, and offices are available for purchase and rental. The flats come in configurations ranging from 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms.

Apartments with one bedroom often have a floor space of 678 square feet to 999 square feet, while those with two bedrooms typically have a floor area of 1,074 square feet to 1,635 square feet. Floor space for 3-bed homes ranges from 1,456 square feet to 4,138 square feet. Apartments with four bedrooms typically have a floor space of 3,661 square feet to 10,872 square feet.

Za’abeel’s Rental Trends

  • In Za’abeel, you can rent an apartment following the outlined rental trends.
  • The average annual rent for one-bedroom residences is about AED 80,000.
  • Apartments with two bedrooms typically cost AED 120K per year in rent.
  • A 3-bedroom flat costs, on average, AED 165K per year to rent.

You can search for more flats for rent in Bur Dubai that fall on the cheaper end of the scale and are located in the same regions.

Za’abeel Sale Trades

In Za’abeel, you can purchase an apartment following the recorded sales trends.

  • One-bedroom apartments can be purchased for between AED 1.4 million and AED 1.7 million.
  • A 2-bedroom flat can be purchased for anywhere between AED 1.8M and AED 2.0M.
  • The average sale price of 3-bedroom apartments in Dubai is AED 3.1 million.

Since most of the structures are considerably older, the majority of the flats for sale in Bur Dubai are significantly cheaper than those in Za’abeel.

Floor Plans by Za’Abeel

The floor plans for Za’abeel on Great Dubai can help those shopping for properties in the neighborhood better grasp the arrangements.

Za’abeel Hotels

Although there aren’t any hotels in the Za’abeel region, there are several different hotels in the nearby neighborhoods. A few of these are:

  • Hotel Four Seasons, a 5-star hotel: Dubai International Financial Centre
  • Astoria Waldorf, a 5-star hotel: Dubai International Financial Centre
  • The Trade Center at Jumeirah Emirates Tower, a two-star hotel
  • Hotel and Trade Center Novotel 2 A four-star hotel
  • Trade Center 2 residence at Jumeirah Living World Trade Center A four-star hotel

These hotels are just a few of the many that are present in their respective localities and are all among the best in the city.

Za’abeel Supermarkets

In Za’abeel, there are a few supermarkets and grocery stores, including:

  • The following addresses are for grocery stores:
  • Ali Sulaiman Grocery
  • Villa No. 41, Near Zabeel Palace Fatma Murad Grocery
  • 18 Za’abeel Street Zabeel Grocery
  • 5/1, 23b Street

Supermarket Grandiose, Dubai Mall Small food stores include Zabeel Fatma Murad Grocery Store, Zabeel Grocery, and Ali Sulaiman Grocery; a new supermarket, Grandiose Supermarket, is situated in the nearby Zabeel expansion of Dubai Mall.

The supermarket offers a variety of products, including conventional groceries, organic products, gourmet items, and a sizable hot food section, along with access to parking spots for more than 3,000 cars.

Za’abeel Mosques

In Za’abeel, there are numerous mosques, including:

  • Za’abeel Mosque is located at 30 Street in Za’abeel; Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is located at 23B Street in Za’abeel, and Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum is located at 14 Street. 7 Street, Za’abeel Al Shaikha Hind Bint Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum No. 12 Ahel Alsunnah, 26 Street, Za’abeel 2

Additionally, the Za’abeel region is about 15 minutes away from the well-known Jumeirah Grand Mosque. The mosque was built by His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum between 1976 and 1979. The mosque, which has beautiful architecture, also gives tours to non-Muslim guests.

Hospitality and Clinics Near Za’abeel

People can obtain high-quality medical care in nearby places. In the vicinity of Za’abeel, some prominent hospitals include:

  • American Hospital: 7; 19 Street; Oud Metha Latifa Hospital: 7; Latifa Hospital Street; Al Jaddaf
  • Iranian Hospital is located at 219, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah, and is located at 219, Al Madina Al Tebia Street, Umm Hurair 2.

Latifa Hospital, one of the biggest maternity and children’s hospitals in the UAE, offers a wide range of neonatal and maternal treatments. Emirates Hospital and American Hospital are two of Dubai’s best hospitals.


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