DIP vs Green Community Motor City

This self-contained payment sits on the reward borders of Dubai’s urban feast providing exclusive living accommodations for city workers and workers of Dubai Speculation Park (DIP) a nearby manufacturing zone. Green Community is divided into two sub communities  East and West boastful a high leaf to concrete ratio with a low rise selling and hospitality multifaceted set everywhere a reformed central lake joining the Patio by Marriot hotel and policymaking apartments. Inhabitants alive in Green Community can enjoy its relaxed leafy sensation and the moderately traffic free environment of the area advances it an air of rustic serenity. Lodging is a combination of 3, 4, 5 and 6 bedroom villas townhouses and bungalow plus studio 1, 2, 3 bedroom and duplex apartments. The land nearby the unique project has since been industrialized to comprise apartment blocks retail parks hotels supermarkets schools and many other residential and profitable buildings and schemes.

Green Community is one of the highest areas to buy and rent properties in DIP. Villas are the most favored property type in the area. These villas variety from 3 to 6bedroom homes with sophisticated outsides and centers. Each villa has a modern well equipped kitchen large windows redesigned gardens and ample parking spaces.

NMC Hospital DIP is one of the main healthcare amenities near Green Community DIP beside with other clinics in the area. On the other hand Green Community in Motor City has Emirates Hospital Medicare Medical Centre and additional clinics contribution healthcare facilities.

When it originates to educational institutions Green Community Motor City has numerous early childhood education centers such as Emirates British Nurseries Building Blocks Nursery besides Jebel Ali Village Nursery. The most standard schools near Green Community Motor City are GEMS United School GEMS Metropole School besides Victory Heights Primary School.

There are numerous malls restaurants and other freedom options for populaces in Green Community DIP. Ibn Battuta Mall is around an 18 minute drive and Dubai Marina Mall is not also far away as well.

On the other hand Dubai Aerodrome the Els Club Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club and Dubai Miracle Garden are in proximity to Green Community in Motor City.

To sum up Green Community in DIP is a countless option for families couples and single specialists. There are sufficiently of parks and leisure magnetisms for residents to enjoy. The ecofriendly community has a ration to offer counting all the benefits of a calm gated community.

Likewise Green Community in Motor City is too a great fit for families who favor a healthy environment absent from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Savers absorbed in buying 3 bedroom villas in Green Community DIP can get one for an usual cost of AED 3.4M. The 4 bedroom villas for sale in Green Community DIP price AED 4M on average. Spacious 5 bedroom homes for sale in Green Community DIP are obtainable for an average price of AED 4.8M. The 6 bedroom homes are valued about AED 7.1M. The predictable ROI for villas in Green Community DIP is 6.73%.

If you observing for villas for rent in Green Community DIP Renters can get a 4 bedroom villa for rent in Green Community DIP through Great Dubai for AED 250k per year. Palatial 5 bedroom villas in Green Community DIP are accessible at a usual annual rent of AED 334k per year while 6 bed villas for rent cost AED 489k per annum on average.

Motor City is a standard residential area in Dubai that proposals a peaceful lifestyle for families and couples. The major advantages of alive in Motor City comprise spacious properties pet friendly residences and a well-integrated community existence. However the area may not be suitable for those who rely on community transport for daily travel.

This accomplishes our comparison of Green Community in DIP vs Green Community in Motor City. Together areas proposal reasonable speculation and rental chances for tenants. In fact Green Community DIP is also measured between the most beautiful villa communities in Dubai with lush parks gardens and lakes. Those attentive in moving to the area can consider in the pros and convicts of living in DIP before making a choice.

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