Most popular areas for students to live in Dubai

Dubai is identical with luxury and ultra-modern living and has seen a quickly rising population over the last ten years. There are numerous different residential areas for expatriates to choose from, each with their own separate life style.


Mirdif is situated just to the North of the Global city and is directly east of the Dubai International Airport. Mirdif is one of the additional affordable options for expatriates moving to Dubai. It is a good choice for those looking to live close the center without expenditure a lot on property especially for persons moving with families. Mirdif has a collection of baccalaureate and GCSE schools, a public park with basketball and tennis law court and a limited super mall.


On the topic of malls, if you are a keen shopper then you should reflect finding a property in Downtown Dubai where you can find the world’s second major mall. Simply called the ‘Dubai Mall’ it greetings around 54 million visitors a year.
Being in the temperament of city means that property prices will be among the highest but the lodging is also amongst the most extravagant with the added suitability of being on the approach of many of the big companies that have offices in the city. Not to reference existence near the ice rink, underwater zoo and the Dubai fountains.

 Media City

If you are preparation on working in the imaginative businesses when you transfer to Dubai you can reflect moving to the Media City. This where news activities publishing online media publicity and transmission services are likely to be based. Within the Media City you will also discover a large beautiful park and lake which marks for an ideal picnic destination. There are apartments accessible however it isn’t a chiefly housing area with many workers in the area selecting to live in close areas such as Dubai Marina.

Arabian Ranches

If living in the propel of the city is not for you and you have universe in your budget for something additional lavish then head East past the Aerodrome and Motor City to what might be labelled as Dubai’s answer to Bel Air. The Arabian Ranches is a gated public that has houses and apartments of all sizes sedentary arrogantly next to a golf course, equestrian center, hospitals and outstanding English speaking schools.

Sports City

If you have complete any research on properties in Dubai you will have realized that there are themed areas within the city that have expressive yet rather boring names. Sports City is no exception to this rule, but it is positively a standout area if you are observing for an lively lifestyle and have relaxed access to gyms, sports clubs, grounds and academies. Sports City is one of the more reasonable options when it comes to properties in Dubai, so if you are fervent about sports, this is surely one to deliberate.

Motor City

Additional one of the areas that is what it says it is, the Motor City is where you can discover the Dubai aerodromes motor track. Beside the FIA sanctioned circuit, there is sufficiently of reminders of the motor theme counting Up Town MotorCity which is a residential growth complex containing its own schools, shops and racing themed fun areas. Location wise, it sits among Sports City besides the lavish Arabian Ranches.

Dubai Marina

Greatest of the areas mentioned so far have been family friendly then what if you are moving to Dubai by hand or just as a twosome. The Dubai Marina has unbelievable sea opinions from the ultramodern highrise apartments. Living here will also mean that you have plenty of amenities nearby as you will be close to actuality in the very center of Dubai. Property near the Dubai Marina does not come cheap, but you grow sufficiently of luxury for your money.

So, these are the finest areas for students to living in Dubai. If you famine to study in Dubai, you must know about the routine as well as the rules and principles.

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