Most popular areas to live in Dubai for foreigners

Dubai has experienced a sharp increase in population over the past ten years and is known for its luxurious and ultramodern lifestyle. Expats can pick from a wide variety of residential neighborhoods, each with a unique flavor. In this piece, we’ll list our best neighborhoods for foreigners to live in Dubai in 2022, in no particular order.


Just north of an International City , Mirdif is located directly east of Dubai International Airport. For foreigners to live in Dubai, Mirdif represents one of the most affordable place to live in Dubai. It is a smart choice for people moving with family who want to live close to the city center while spending a significant amount on real estate. In addition to a city park with hoops & racquetball courts and a nearby super mall, Mirdif has a variety of matriculation and GCSE schools.



Regarding malls, if you enjoy shopping, you might want to look into buying a home in Downtown Dubai which is an affordable family area in Dubai, which is home to the second-largest mall in the world. It is known simply as “Dubai Mall” and receives about 54 million tourists a year.

Being in the center of the city means that real estate costs will be among the highest, but the accommodations will also be among the most opulent, with the added benefit of being close to many of the big businesses with offices there. Not to mention being close to the Dubai fountains, underwater zoo, and ice rink.

Media City:

You might think about relocating to Media City if you intend to work in the creative fields after moving to Dubai best residential areas. This is presumably where news organizations, publishing houses, online media, advertising firms, and broadcasting facilities are headquartered. Additionally, Media City has a sizable lake and picturesque park that are perfect for picnics. There are flats available, but the neighborhood isn’t especially residential; many local workers opt to live in neighboring communities like Dubai Marina.

Arabian Ranches:

If you don’t like the bustle of the city and have money to spend on something more opulent, drive east through the Autodrome & Steel City to what may be considered Dubai’s Bel Air which is the best area to live in Dubai for couples. A gated neighborhood called The Arabian Ranches boasts homes and condominiums of all sizes near a golf course, an equestrian center, hospitals, and top-notch English-speaking schools.

Sports City:

If you’ve looked into Dubai real estate, you’ve probably seen that the city is divided into themed neighborhoods with names that are both descriptive and uninspired. This is true regardless of where you live, but Sports City stands out if you want to live an athletic lifestyle and also have quick access to athletic facilities like stadiums and academies. If you love sports, Sports City is undoubtedly one to take into consideration because it is among the more reasonable options for houses in Dubai.

Motor City:

The Dubai Autodrome race circuit is located in Motor City, another region that lives up to its name. There are several remnants of the automotive theme nearby the FIA-sanctioned track, such as UpTown MotorCity, a new residential complex with its own schools, stores, and recreation facilities with a racing motif. It is situated halfway between the opulent Arabian Ranches and Sports City.

Dubai Marina:

The majority of the neighborhoods described thus far are family-friendly, but what if you’re going to Dubai alone or with another person? The ultra-modern high-rise residences at Dubai Marina have stunning sea views. Because you’ll be close to Dubai’s city center, living here also will mean that there are many conveniences close by. Although real estate near Marina Bay is not cheap, you get a lot of luxury with your money.

Business Bay:

You may think about relocating to the Business Bay neighborhood of Dubai for unmatched closeness to the important commercial centers such as the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) as well as the Dubai World Trade Center. The Business Bay’s multiple towers house a large number of firms, as the name suggests. This neighborhood ought to be on the list of places to think about if you can envision yourself living in a luxurious high-rise apartment as well as want to be in the middle of it all.

In Al Barsha:

One of the best well neighborhoods for foreigners relocating to Dubai in Al Barsha. Workers at Media City, Internet City, and Emaar Business Park can easily commute to Al Barsha due to its close proximity to two main roadways. Although there are some flats available, detached as well as semi-detached villas make up the majority of real estate in Al Barsha.

You don’t have to travel far to stock up on food for the week because the area has a good number of restaurants, cafes, shops, and supermarkets. There are hundreds of stores, a sizable movie theatre, and even an artificial ski slope at the popular Mall of the Emirates, which is close by.

Jumeirah Islands:

Maybe we’ve kept the most alluring one for last. It doesn’t get much more opulent for most people relocating to Dubai than the collection of 50 artificial islands called the Jumeirah Islands. This gated community, which is situated between Jumeirah Lake Towers as well as Dubai Marina, is nearly self-sufficient and has almost all utilities covered, including schools, hospitals, shops, and gyms. There are various clusters with distinct personalities inside the Jumeirah Islands. A region with a classic Islamic vibe, for instance, and areas with architecture that is obviously inspired by Spanish as well as Italian design.

When deciding which part of Dubai to reside in, you will have a lot to consider if you’re moving there. Each of the aforementioned regions has its own charm, and this is not mean a comprehensive list of all that Dubai has to offer. To learn further about our solutions to assist you when relocating to Dubai, contact our global removals team.


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