Offices for rent in Dubai hill business park 1

Dubai hills estate, also known as Dubai hills. It is the first state of Mohammed bin Rashid city. The community is easily reachable because it is situated next to al Barsha south and also with the al Khaill road (e44) highway. Dubai hills is recently being established as a consortium between Emaar properties and Meraas holding. It is seen in statements delivered by both developers. As per the Great Duhbai annual rental report 2020, hills estate is one of the popular areas for rental properties in Dubai.

The project is composed of many communities with various property structures like villas, apartments and residential plots, townhouses, and commercial places. It is a high and popular luxury residential area. Golf communities in Dubai are one the famous area in Dubai.

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Properties in Dubai hills estate

Dubai Hills is a large development planning and is provided to house over 100,000 residents in over 30 neighborhood areas. Rental apartments in Dubai Estate Hills are available in 1 to 4 bedrooms. Other rental properties in Dubai types are available like townhouses, mansions, and residential plots.

As Emaar Dubai Hills is highly famous among investors and Dubai developers. Many families and young couples are also attracted to the area due to its beauty and luxurious lifestyle. So, sale trends in Dubai Hills Estate have improved over the past few years. Villa in Dubai Hills is an option for those who seeking homes with privacy in Dubai.

The community also offered commercial properties at budget rates. Minimum renting one will cost somewhere around AED 175k. This would include a 2,000 sq. ft. office space in Dubai Hills business park 1. The Dubai hill business park 1 area is totally commercial area there are no residential plots.

Properties in a business park


The office buildings are the most prominent properties in Business Park Dubai. There are 11 well-settled buildings that give option or chance of flexible office options to administer various or different business models. These office spaces in Dubai South have unfitted or unfurnished and fitted options. The areas covered with ranging from 437 sq. ft. to 79,652 sq. ft.

The office spaces in business park 1 are fully air-conditioned with superior quality finishing and are attractive to external landmarks. There is a reception area and 4 high-speed lifts in every building. Other facilities like a prayer room and a pantry on each floor of the office buildings.

Choice of Location

It is important for every business that their customers be able to search for them. Taking an office for rent in Dubai gives an individual choice. Having the perfect business place, which is suitable and accessible by both your customers and your employees, is then a consider a simpler job.

Offices for rent in Dubai hill Business park 1

The range between AED 67k to AED 5.5M is for the commercial rental property in Dubai business park 1.The range from AED 67k to AED 5.57M for annual rents for offices in Business Park.

The rental trends for offices in Business Park Dubai South are as below:

For shell and core offices in Business Park started from AED 460k to AED 5.5M annually. Annually a fitted office in Business Park can be rented for a minimum of AED 67k.

Dubai South offers a highly competitive pricing structure and flexible commercial lease terms. Business Park is an ideal place for long-term business growth due to the licensing options.

Office space


The rental office space considers using a part of a large-scale company environment. There is a separate building, floor, or part of the floor if you rent a regular office. Your company will be competent and will not need to share public areas with other corporates. This formal approach suits only those companies that are ready to fully cover the whole expenses like a rental format. Businesses that require the detailed design of their central and facilitate an extraordinary level of confidentiality to their clients might voluntarily avoid affiliations in a shared environment.

Shared office space for rent in Dubai would be an adroit solution for all the other organizations. You will work in a beautiful serviced area with a lot of light and air, quick and stable Wi-Fi, and modern decoration. You will not need to consume in the renovation of the area or purchase any things. The price of the rent will be within the budget. The various corporates share common areas such as kitchens, meeting rooms, and lounge areas.


Renting a shared office space gives chance to you of high flexibility. When your company develops and you need a bigger room, you can move Or change your location Accordingly on your need inside the same Business Center. Your postal address will not change and you will keep using the same facilities while moving to a larger room that is more appropriate to your current demands and needs. On the other hand, there is a chance that you can develop your previous location by adding a few extra square meters to it. Keep in mind you never pay an extra large amount for this facility.


If you run your own business you need the office place, tech equipment office furniture, electricity connections, internet facility, and all other things for the office to run which takes a lot of costs and is time-consuming. On the other hand, If you rent office space you are free from all this work because rental office space provides these amenities.

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