Popular communities to Buy Serena Dubai Villas

Serena is a Dubai Properties master complex that is situated in Dubailand. It offers lovely villas and townhomes with first-rate amenities and is split into three sub-communities called Bella Dora, Casa Viva, & Bella Casa. If you’re thinking about purchasing a villa in Serena, we’ve ranked the 3 subs according to their level of popularity. Let’s look at it.

Why Buy Villas In Serena Dubai?

The excellent portfolio of Dubai Properties comprises housing developments in City Center, JBR, Dubailand, and Jaddaf Waterfront. Serena at DP is a lovely family-oriented neighborhood with Mediterranean-inspired architectural styles.

The proximity of Serena to the Al Maktoum Airport and major thoroughfares is a big benefit. Residents have easy access to Shaikh Mohammed Ibn Zayed Road and Emirates Road (E611) (E311).

Serena Dubai’s villas feature European-inspired architecture. The villas for sale in Serena Dubai provide purchasers with something special thanks to their tiled roofs, open floor plans, and sophisticated details.

Given the high standard of building and the range of communal services available, such as a market, a mosque, and a few restaurants, life in Serena is a pleasurable time. Within a 20-minute drive, parents with children in school have a few possibilities.

The estimated rate of return for each of the three sub-communities is approximately 6%, which will please investors. Villas in Serena Dubai are thus available for purchase as a family home as well as an investment. Let’s examine the ROIs for every neighborhood in the region.

Casa Dora:

Casa Dora is in the Serena neighborhood where villa purchases are the most common. The neighborhood provides 2, 3, and 4-bed houses, all of which were designed to be as comfortable and convenient as possible. The Portuguese-themed villas at Casa Dora provide residents with park and lush environment views as they wake up. Additionally, there are shopping malls nearby.

The excellent ROI is one reason individuals purchase real estate in Serena Dubai. The ROI again for Casa Dora villas up for sale is 6.14%. The average selling price of Casa Dora’s two-bedroom homes is AED 1.5 million. The typical cost of a 3-bed villa is AED 2 million, and a larger 4-bed villa would cost you AED 2.6 million.

Casa Viva:

Casa Viva provides homes with a Mediterranean motif that is surrounded by a lot of greenery. The Serena Dubai villa market is greatly influenced by this neighborhood. Jogging paths are seen at regular intervals. The neighborhood clubhouse is also very popular with the locals.

2, 3, and 4-bed villas are available at Casa Viva. The ROI for Casa Viva’s available villas is 6.30 percent. Two-bedroom properties in this area often sell for AED 1.5 million. AED 2.0M will get you a three-bedroom villa in Casa Viva. In Casa Viva, Serena, the average cost of a 4-bed villa is AED 2.5M.

Bella Casa:

Bella Casa is the third subdivision on our listing of the most well-liked places to purchase villas in Serena. The Spanish-themed buildings are near shopping malls, educational institutions, and entertainment venues. In addition, inhabitants have access to Al Qudra Road, making it very simple to commute to other parts of Dubai.

Bella Casa townhomes or homes for sale are ideal if you wish to be surrounded by lush greenery. The houses in Bella Casa are expected to provide an ROI of 6.30%. Average 2-bed property costs AED 1.5 million to purchase. AED 2M is the typical sales price for a 3-bed property in Bella Casa.

A Fantastic Place to Live, Is Serena:

On the fringes of Dubai, there is a modern development called Serena. For city dwellers seeking a quiet neighborhood, this is the place to go. If you intend to relocate there, weigh the benefits and drawbacks of doing so in order to make an educated choice.

Can Villas Be Bought In Serena, Dubai?

You can buy a house in Serena, yes. There are many three-bedroom homes in the neighborhood with top-notch features.

This completes our overview of Serena’s top neighborhoods for renting villas. The region, which is a part of Dubai land, is one of Dubai’s most well-liked villa communities. Good facilities are available in the three Serena sub-communities. As an alternative, you might think about these places when renting or purchasing a luxury house in Dubai. Keep checking Great Dubai for more details and updates regarding real estate developments in the UAE.

What distinguishes Al Raha Gardens?

The location is an important consideration when buying or renting a property.  To prevent traffic and high transportation costs, it is ideal to rent an Abu Dhabi villa close to your place of employment. Schools close by should also be taken into account if you have children. Look up the location of key establishments such as chapels, hospitals, and grocery stores. As you go through your checklist, you might need to compromise, therefore group the facilities according to priority.

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Buying vs. Leasing a Villa in Al Raha Gardens

Unquestionably, investing in real estate in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is a wise move. Both cities are megacities and present a wealth of business options. Similar to renting a villa in Al Raha Gardens, purchasing one has advantages and disadvantages. The duration of your stay will ultimately have a big impact on whether you lease or buy a villa. Your financial capacity is another factor.

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