Property Viewing Guide For First Time Renters

Renting has a growing importance in our daily lives due to the current market. It is frequently the best option because earnings in Dubai have not kept up with property values, making it more challenging to climb up the property ladder.

Because there’s so many alternatives and factors to consider, choosing a site may be difficult. Of course, you’ll need to have a firm understanding of the type of home you need as well as a wish list of features you’d want to see. The most important thing is to priorities your needs.

Even the most dedicated and informed first-time renters in UAE may become overwhelmed by the procedure. Although relocating has many challenges, such looking for properties, filling out applications, paying fees, planning, packing, and other tasks, it will all be worthwhile in the end.

Should New Tenants Schedule a Viewing Appointment in Advance?

There are a thousand words in a picture. It is real. However, you can’t make a decision based solely on an image. When booking a property viewing in Dubai, consider the following queries and warning signs for property guide for first-time renters:


Remember that timing is everything, particularly for first-time renters. If you sustained time and make a sincere offer, the landlords will only negotiate a better yearly rental amount & terms with you. However, after it has been vacant for one to two months, landlords strive to rent out their property, so you must act quickly.

Keep in mind that if you start your search too early, the Dubai rental property you see today could not still be accessible in a few weeks. Be certain of your moving timeline to save everyone’s time.

Keep in mind that visiting properties could take considerable time. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure that you’re maximizing it by showing up prepared with the appropriate questions to ask. Given what the marketplace has to offer, there might also be some opportunity for adjustment.

  • The following are some crucial inquiries that first-time renters should make sure to ask:
  • Are utilities included in the rent?
  • And how often by how much would the rent be raised?
  • Is the payment of rent subject to a grace period?
  • What are the terms of the lease?
  • What happens if your lease needs to be ended or renewed?
  • When you have quit the home, when can you anticipate receiving your security deposit back?
  • Exists a pet policy, and if so, would a pet fee be needed?
  • Is landlord’s insurance for tenants or renters required? If so, what ought to it contain, is there a strict minimum?

First-time renters should be aware of the following:

Before renting a home in Dubai, you should also take the following factors into account:

An examination of the location:

The carpets, walls, and floor will catch your eye first. It’s typical for some walls to have little holes where the previous tenant hung artwork or portraits. To prove that the prior renter was accountable for the damages, you should, however, make sure that any evident damage is recorded in the inspection report. If you’d want, you can take your pictures of the damage, but typically the landlord handles it.

Check the light switches and windows:

It’s possible that you won’t remember to turn on the lights for each room to check that they are functioning if you are seeing the rented flat at night and there is a lot of natural light, but you should try to remember. It’s also a good time to ask the landlord if you’ll be responsible for replacing a light switch or lights in light fittings if they appear to be malfunctioning.

Verify kitchen accessories:

Just as you would not remember to check the switches and windows during the day, you may well not think to turn on the oven or check the fridge’s temperature in the kitchen.

For first-time renters, though, the kitchen’s fridge, stove, oven, & sink are all locations where outward appearances could be deceiving. The absence of obvious physical damage does not guarantee that everything is in functioning order.



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