Shop, eat, repeat at Mercato Shopping Mall

If you walk done the Mercato Shopping Mall, you would reason that you had landowning in Italy. The numerous cozy squares, cafes and over-all streamers in Rebirth style make you sensation like you are ambulatory finished Rome. There are 130 stores situated in the Mercato mall, which is less associated to the other shopping malls in Dubai such as the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates. Motionless you can treasure whatever you essential in Mercato Mall!

Mercato Mall shops

In the delightful streets of the Mercato mall you can discovery clothing stores with stylish clothes, such as MANGO, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Topshop, Berksha, Calvin Klein, GAP and Diesel. Besides these main products there are numerous other fashion shops with loads of excellent. In totaling to fashion shops you will discovery many additional shops in Mercato Mall anywhere you purchase fashion fittings, true Arab clothing, books, chocolate and other fragilities, electronics, shoes, flowers, home streamers and numerous other things.

To the movies after shopping

If would similar to reduce afterward shopping you can call the VOX cinemas located in the Mercato Mall. Appreciate a comfortable film knowledge afterward you have given praise to all those delightful shops. VOX cinemas proposals seven VIP screens, extra-large and contented VIP seats, picture and sound rendering to the newest technology and a buffet where you can select from numerous delightful nibbles for the movie.

More to do in the Mercato Mall

Also shopping and liking the newest movies in the cinema, there are additional things to do in the Mercato Mall. When you income your kids for shopping you can income them to Amusing City. The slight ones can enjoy uphill, clambering and playing on the numerous playgrounds. You can stay Mercato Mall for a good coffee, fair like you can coffee in Italy. You determination also find numerous fast food chains, such as the general hamburger restaurant Jiggle Hut, and many restaurants where you can enjoy from shopping.


  • GAP

 The spectacular renaissance-style construction is home to global fashion and lifestyle brands. Let’s discovery out about the Mercato Mall shops where you can treat by hand to some trade treatment.


The well-known French product doesn’t essential any outline. With its attractive and exclusive designs, Balmain is falsifying its way into the fashion industries upcoming. The store is situated on the earth floor of the mall.


Diesel is additional universal brand you will discovery on the first floor at Mercato Mall Dubai. Playing everywhere with novel classes and known for location tendencies, you distinguish you can’t go incorrect with Diesel. Be it denim, tees or fittings, you will catch it here!


Recognized for its factual soul of independence, GAP is an iconic brand addition to the extended list of global brands at Mercato Shopping Mall. The store is situated on the ground floor and proposals clothing for women, men and children. They too have fairly a assortment for offspring, so if you’re observing to shop for your diminutive one, you can make a rest here.


Virgin Megastore is situated on the foremost floor, where you can shop for DVDs, books, gaming comforts, iPods and a variety of microelectronic harvests.


If all that spending has made you hungry, not to worry. Just head to the indoor street cafe, or snatch a piece at one of the restaurants in Mercato Shopping Mall.


Welcoming from New York, Shake Shack is recognized for its juicy burgers and delish fries. It’s amusing to suspend obtainable with your friends and family at Mercato Shopping Mall. And you have no need to worry. through Great Dubai rent a car you can get every type of car on rent and reach Mercato Mall to enjoy those things who you want.

Consequently nearby you have it, a whole director to the Mercato Mall Dubai. The mall suggestions a one-of-its-kind shopping involvement. But subsequently you are in the locality, don’t disremember to check out other astonishing malls in Jumeirah. Of course, if your marketing needs are previously occupied care of, there are numerous other things to do in Jumeirah to retain you busy.

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