The 8 Most Affordable Office Spaces In Dubai

Our productivity is greatly dependent on our surroundings. Some people are more productive in a quiet and peaceful environment while others perform best in an office with a crowded atmosphere. With  Great Dubai being such a business hub, many of its residents own their own businesses or work from home, and these workspaces are the ideal solution to provide an exclusive workplace.

From vibrant cafes to rental desk services, here are eight of Dubai’s most productive coworking places.

1-Nasab from KOA

What is it exactly? It is a private members-only club that offers social and workspace for “thought leaders” and “game-changers” from Dubai. The club’s design is elegant and makes you feel at home, even though your house has the amenities of a fitness centre, a library, two swimming pools, a private office, and a library. There are also three food and beverage outlets. To be considered, applicants must show their interest in the job. This does not necessarily mean you should boast about your many Instagram followers.

How much does it cost? Nasab has increased the number of levels in its membership. Drop-in is a way for solo business owners to rent a space for a day. Prices start at Dhs140.

A nomad is an option for freelancers who are on the go. It offers hot desks, office space, social benefits, and office facilities. The monthly fee is Dhs1,000, and you can access the internet for ten days per month. The resident plan starts at 1500 dollars per month for unlimited access. You can rent rooms for up to 12 people starting at Dhs2,000 per month if you need a private space.

What are the benefits? This club hosts regular workshops, events, and discussions, allowing members to communicate and collaborate. You’ll also have access to two beautiful swimming pools, a tennis court, and F&B facilities.

Prices start at Dhs140 per day for Wadi Al Safa 3, Wadi Al Canvas, and Nasab.

2-A4 Space

It is what exactly? It is located on Alserkal Avenue, the heart of Dubai’s art scene. The cafe serves organic coffee and delicious organic food from Raw Coffee Company. You can find tables upstairs and small reading nooks where you can curl up and read a book.

How much will it cost? You can get a cup or sandwich to keep the Space occupied.

The cinema has many benefits: High-speed WiFi, a screening room and a mezzanine level with the library.

Warehouse 4, Alserkal Avenue Dubai, 10am-7pm Sat to Thur, free of charge Tel: (050) 5569797.


It is what? It’s located in JLT JLT. The sun streams into Astrolab and lights the massive “Make It Happen” banner. While tech start-ups work, it hangs on the wall. It’s a community atmosphere with many success stories prominently displayed. Collaborations with Google For Entrepreneurs and IBM are also a major draw. You can find many restaurants within a short distance.

What is the cost of this membership? Prices start at Dhs750 per month for Moonlighter After Hours, a flexible, month-to-month membership that’s a non-peak hour and available anytime. You can sign an annual agreement for Dhs1,500 to get a flexible membership that includes 24/7 access and other benefits. For Dhs2,500 monthly, you will receive an official trade licence, sponsorship for five residents and 24-hour access.


What is it? Ravi Bhusari, Derv Rao and others founded Nook to help entrepreneurs in the fitness, sports, and wellness industries establish and manage their businesses. They offer commercial licensing and collaborative Space in a workspace.

How much will it cost? The cost of coworking desks starts at Dhs80 per day, Dhs300 every week, and Dhs1000 per month. You can also rent office space, gyms, fitness studios, and Zoom rooms for video calling and event rooms.

The benefits: Studio and purpose-built training areas with changing rooms and showers available on-site. Regularly, there are community socials and talks. Training sessions also take place. All coworking plans include a commercial license, which DMCC grants.

Nook, One JLT Jumeirah Lakes Towers Dubai, Starting at Dhs80 per day Tel: 04 405 4100. bookwork.


What is it exactly? The coworking lounge, Nest, is located in the quirky Tryp By Wyndham. It offers plenty of Space for business. Privacy pods, an indoor gardening area, and a stylish, communal space are some of the highlights. This is a great alternative to noisy cafes for freelancers.

What is it? One day of access with limited benefits is available for Dhs80 during weekdays and Dhs50 on weekends. For Dhs599, ten visits per fortnight, fifteen visits per year with additional perks, and unlimited access to all the perks, you will need to pay Dhs1,499 per month.

HTML0 Benefits include unlimited coffee and snacks printing and discounted food, spa, laundry and gym services at the hotel. Also, you have lower hotel room rates.

NEST, TRYP at Wyndham, Barsha Heights Dubai, 8-11 a.m., Dhs50 – Dhs1,499. Tel: (04) 247 6699. next


What is it exactly? Let’s Work has turned some of the most popular venues in the city into affordable coworking spaces. Register online and make payment. Then, visit any participating venue. There are currently 68 venues, including Arabian Ranches Golf Club and Caya, Chicago Meatpackers and Social District.

What does it cost? Day rates start at Dhs39 per seven days and Dhs209 per seven days. Monthly charges start at Dhs399, and commitments range from one to six months.

Benefits include unlimited tea, water and coffee, WiFi, free parking and plug-in seat access, 20% off all food and drink items, and access to meeting rooms.


What is it exactly? As Lets Work, Wetwork allows you to access spaces that aren’t in use during the day (i.e. Cafes, restaurants, pubs, and bars are very popular on weekends and late nights. However, they are often empty during off-peak hours in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras al Khaimah.

How much does it cost? The Dhs25-day pass is the cheapest. Plans start at Dhs125 per week after that. Dhs250 per month and Dhs666 for each quarter.

The benefits: Unlimited tea and coffee and reduced rates for meeting rooms at the WitWork hotel are some of the many advantages.

Dhs25-Dhs666 Network, various locations in the UAE Tel: (050) 622 7614.

Ayana 8-WrkBay

What is it? WrkBay allows members to use their private meeting rooms and offices, as well as networking events and pop-ups. It offers cloud computing services, 3D printing, mentoring, and a podcast room.

The price: You can pay daily rates or rent a coworking space starting at Dhs45. Depending on your requirements, you might also be able to rent a monthly space.

The benefits include a chic cafe, tranquil gardens, super-fast internet and a cute macaw named Rio.


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