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Many real estate properties around the world can catch the attention of investors. In recent years the real estate market in Dubai has outperformed other real estate markets around the world. If you want to invest in Dubai real estate, you can choose The great Dubai Plans 2022. The projects will provide you with an income that is rewarding if you do it with professionals’ assistance, making Dubai the preferred destination to invest in. Many reasons have led to this. The first is that the innovative public UAE policies attracted interest from investors worldwide. The second advantage is the location. Gives Dubai to be one of the top investment destinations worldwide.

Prospects for the Dubai property market are more lucrative in the coming years. In particular, after the restrictions on Covid-19 are lifted. This means more investors are keen on investing in Dubai real property.

The most sought-after destination to invest in, The Great Dubai offers multiple investment opportunities. It is all about the investor in the case of investors who believe that the returns on Investment could be greater. The Dubai property market is predicted to expand in line with the current trend. If you’re searching for the best Dubai properties, consider these projects for 2022; look no further. Here are some of the top choices:

Palm Jumeirah

Suppose you’re interested in making an investment in Palm Jumeirah villas for sale. If so, Seven Palm is the highly recommended location to invest in. Seven Palm is constructed in the exclusive zone of Palm Jumeirah. The 14-floor building has a reputation for its extravagant design. Residents can also access numerous restaurants and entertainment choices besides the stunning design.

Seven Palm is a prime example of modern living, with a range of floor plans and layouts. The price structure starts from AED 649,000 for residential Apartments. Hotel Apartments start at AED 855,000, the most expensive option from a living and Investment perspective. Below are the services and features you can expect at Seven Palm.

  • Public Beach Access
  • Retail Access
  • Olympic Size Rooftop Infinity Pool
  • Property Details & Amenities
  • Sports Bar
  • Studio – 3-bedroom apartments

Business Bay

Dubai is a hub for trade and commerce. Particularly in Dubai’s Middle East region, Dubai is a business and trade hub. If you are an investor, you require a quick investment return. The business bay is one of the locations in Dubai which can give you the most profit from your Investment. The business bay is situated in the centre of Dubai and is the most preferred location to invest in. This area is well-known for its infrastructure, which is top-notch, as well as business possibilities.

The region’s infrastructure and infrastructure has more than 250 towers, mostly located in offices and workplaces. Apart from business and job opportunities, Business Bay has a lot to offer its residents. Most towers at the business bay have homes for rent, penthouses, penthouses and garden villas.

Peninsula By Select Group

If you’re thinking of investing in Dubai off-plan projects, Peninsula By Select Group is set to be completed by 2024.

Property Details & Amenities

  • The studio starts from 385 sq.t
  • Spacious 3 BR with 1,950 sq. feet
  • Luxury Style Amenities
  • Waterfront Location

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is the most-visited area in Dubai. Why shouldn’t it be? For one thing, Downtown Dubai is the location of Dubai Mall, the Dubai Mall, Burg Khalifa, and Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. These three places are all popular with visitors, making Downtown Dubai the most frequented region. The luxurious lifestyle and high quality of living are the main reasons why Downtown Dubai was the focus of investors.

There are many reasons why Downtown Dubai apartment rent and price are among the highest in Dubai. Studio apartments typically fetch AED 920,000. 1-bed apartment rentals are priced at AED 1.45m. But, the forecast shows that the rising number of visitors visiting Downtown Dubai is a great opportunity for you to earn the highest rental yield.

Dubai Marina

Another project that has managed to grab investors’ interest is Dubai Marina. It is among the most desirable and sought-after real property Dubai projects.

Among the other projects, the most distinctive feature of the Dubai marina is its stunning waterfront location. Apart from its waterfront location and affluent residents, it’s also home to high-rise apartment buildings. In addition, retail stores, brands, outlets for brand names, and restaurants have made it a long-standing favourite for Dubai real property investors.

The price quoted for properties within the Dubai marina has been stable for a long time. However, the ROI on Investment has dramatically increased and currently stands at 5.80 5 %.

City Walk

Suppose you’re looking to buy a vibrant, functional, livable area in Dubai. City walk should be at the top of your list. Additionally, the area surrounding City walk is very relaxing and serene, which makes this one of the most beautiful locations to live.

There are many upscale restaurants, boutiques, chic shops, and entertainment spots within the area. If you’ve planned to relocate to Dubai with family members, you might consider buying a home. This is a great option.

From a perspective of Investment From an investment perspective, Dubai is among the most sought-after locations for investing. With more ex-pats and foreigners moving to Dubai, it is clear they require a place to stay. So investing in Dubai is a good investment and will yield greater returns than in any other location in Dubai real property.

Jumeirah Village Circle

Recently, Jumeirah Village Circle has been a magnet for foreigners and ex-pats, thanks to its magnificent lofts and luxurious manors. Jumeirah Village Circle is one of the new projects which was completed in the year 2005.

The vast neighbourhood is surrounded by 350 towers, making Jumeirah Village Circle one of the most prestigious communities in Dubai. Jumeirah Village Circle has all the amenities you’ll find in other places, like cafes, supermarkets, health centres, and food courts.

You can find Luxury villas to buy in Dubai or Dubai rental homes. There is a broad selection of choices. Prices range at AED 485k and go up to AED 1.1 million for a 2-bedroom house. ROI (ROI) is currently 6.7 per cent, more than most properties in Dubai.

Langham Place

There is a myriad of projects that are currently in construction. Many have already begun to build and are now ready to move. Langham Place is one of the projects which had attracted attention in the construction phase.

Concerning general architecture and design, Langham Place is a twin tower divided into luxury apartment buildings and service residences. Langham Place is a London-based hospitality project which has extended its hotel properties to Dubai.

So, whether you’re seeking to buy a home in Dubai or you are planning to invest in quality construction projects, Langham Place is the ideal choice. Langham Place provides 1-to-3 bedrooms with penthouses also available. Langham Place is located at an ideal location in Dubai.

Arabian Ranches

Dubai isn’t just famous because its high-rise buildings allow you to purchase one or two bedrooms. There is also the option of investing in Luxury villas available for sale located in Dubai for investment purposes. However, these aren’t the best option for Dubai residents as the costs are high.

However, there is one area in Dubai where villas are a magnet for expats and investors. The luxurious Villas in Arabian Ranches are an ideal neighbourhood that draws families. Recently, Covid restrictions are resting as international tourists are planning to relocate to Dubai and require some accommodation. Arabian Ranches is a gated community situated in Dubai’s outskirts, away from the rumbling noise in the town centre.

Return on Investment and cost (ROI)

The price of villas begins at a million. Manors with small three rooms, 4 room manors, and huge 5-bed units at Emaar Arabian Ranches are priced at AED 2.6M and AED 3.8M, and AED 4.5M in each case. Expect a great ROI of approximately 5.8 per cent.


Suppose you’re planning to move to Dubai and want to get away from the bustle and hustle that is the centre of Dubai. It is recommended that you stay in Al-Qudra. Al-Qudra is the most recommended area. Al-Qudra is a tranquil neighbourhood. Following Covid, projects such as Al-Qudra have gained a lot of attention due to the changes in the way of life.

From an investment standpoint, Investors can count on amazing returns on their investments from this location. Furthermore, when you compare Houses Dubai rent of other projects like Al-Qudra, rental rates are affordable.

A list of the real estate developments mentioned in the previous paragraphs is among the Great Dubai projects for 2022. There are many more projects that are in the process of being built. You can check them out or contact the top real estate firms in Dubai.we offer the following services.

Time Homes real estate is among Dubai’s most reputable real estate firms. We provide valuable advice and help to our customers looking to buy a property in Dubai. Our team of experts includes the best property agents from Dubai with a vast knowledge of Dubai.

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