The greatest 5 picnic spots in Dubai

The best time of the year to enjoy some delicious outdoor snacks straight from the hamper. We do not know why but sandwiches always taste better after sitting in a lunchbox for a few hours. So, while the weather is lovely we have outlined the top locations for you to shake off that blanket break open that punned of strawberries and break out the cheese and pickle sangria.

Park at Al Barsha Pond

This (unsurprisingly) pond side location where innumerable winter picnics are held is a great place to spread out your blanket and unwind for the afternoon. Once you have finished munching on your cherry tomatoes and piccalilli you can go and hop on a swan-shaped pedal and hare your way around the pond-lake which is more lake-sized than pond-sized really. It’s a lovely location for a sunny afternoon in January. Al Barsha Pond Park located in the center of the Al Barsha neighborhood offers a getaway from the city. Families and fitness lovers use the 1.5 km track, children’s cycling facilities, bike rentals, and workout equipment in the park which also has a number of courts and kid-friendly play spaces.

Park Al Kazan

The first park in the UAE powered entirely by solar energy is Al Kazan Park. What do you say? Due to its two playgrounds, a mini-cycle path for the small ones and plenty of hills for roly-polies and outdoor fun this location, which can be found just across from City Walk is incredibly well-liked by both parents and children. Al Kazan Park ought to be on your list of things to do if you are trying to decide what to do with the kids on a sunny afternoon. Al Kazan is a well-liked urban getaway that is close to City Walk.

Everything in the park, including the electricity, irrigation system and night lighting, is powered by solar energy produced on-site by photovoltaic panels. It is a zero-energy park. The distinctive 40-meter-tall water tank in Al Kazan Park which is painted blue and white is another highlight.


Simply relaxing in the lovely shaded space that looks out onto the playground is worthwhile. As a family park, you may also spend uninterrupted time with your children there or unwind with a quiet read at the well-liked cafe-library.

Park Burj

Consider packing a picnic basket with delicious food and relaxing for the afternoon in front of the Burj Khalifa. There are not many more beautiful places to sit around since in addition to being able to marvel at the tallest building in the world, you can also see The Dubai Fountain and The Dubai Mall while enjoying your sandwich. You can rent bikes there to get some exercise and burn off the calories from the occasional gig there. Park Burj is a great area for a picnic according to the image

Leaving the Dubai Mall at the exit for the Dubai Fountain and continuing along the walkway past the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Opera is the simplest way to get there. Burj Park is close to Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Metro Station. About half a mile separates the station from the park.

Park Creek side                   

An attractive location from which to see Dubai Creek as well as one that is equally excellent for relaxing with a hamper and munching on carrot sticks and hummus. Get your fill of the aquatic creatures that live next door while basking in the shadows (figuratively speaking) of the Dubai Dolphinarium, then ride the cable car through the park before putting in your time with a bite to eat and soaking up some vitamin D.

Al Qudra Lake

One of the most adaptable picnic areas in Dubai is here. It is a well-liked camping location and the lake itself is home to many migratory species making it a fantastic location for bird watching. The excellent riding path that runs alongside the lake will make cycling aficionados giggle and tourists who want to take images of some unusual creatures and birds may find having a camera beneficial. It is a free public barbecue yet breaking the rules here might get you severely fined.

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