The Most Affordable Properties For First Time Buyers in Abu Dhabi

Are you seeking to rent or purchase property or rent in Abu Dhabi at a reasonable cost? If this is the case, you’ve come to the right place. The Great Dubai Team has just discovered the most affordable parts within Abu Dhabi for prospective renters and buyers for 2017. For those interested, this list of the cheapest locations to buy or rent to buy or rent in Abu Dhabi with average costs and a quick overview of each Area.


The most important place of prayers in the UAE, The most important site of worship in the UAE is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

The name implies that the Area is close to the major landmarks of Abu Dhabi, the Sheikh Zayed and The Grand Mosque. It’s a community of mixed ethnicity with a variety of apartments and some villas too. Besides the affordable cost, Grand Mosque District is located on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, making it a breeze to commute into Abu Dhabi city centre and Dubai.

In comparison to other places, the Grand Mosque District is not overcrowded. Even ex-pats who live there can find parking.


A Grand Mosque District shares its first spot among the most affordable areas in Abu Dhabi with a less well-known community, Hadbat Al Zaafran. The community is a portion of Al Muroor, located near any of the more gorgeous natural attractions of Abu Dhabi – the Mangrove National Park. Habitat Al Zaafran offers a combination of high-rise and low-rise properties, including studios priced reasonably.

The vast Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street passes through the neighbourhood, and residents can easily travel to different parts of Abu Dhabi. Habitat Al Zaafran is also 15 minutes from Yas Island. Yas Island is a lifestyle destination and offers international schools, eateries, and other amenities within the Area.


The third place on our list of Abu Dhabi’s most affordable locations for rent is another sub-community of apartments called Al Muroor – Al Zahraa. Like Habitat Al Zaafran, Al Zahraa is located close to the centre and central areas of Abu Dhabi, as well as international malls, schools, restaurants (Mushrif Mall), A mosque and the Alam supermarket, and a bus stop.

The location is suitable for singles and families alike and provides apartments with a typical rental of AED 47,000.


View of the villas available for rent in Al Ghadeer

Al Ghadeer is a tranquil community near the border of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This makes it the location most suitable for those who have to split their time between both Emirates since it’s at the same distance between them. The location is also perfect for people who regularly fly out or depart via Abu Dhabi International Airport or the Al Maktoum Airport (Dubai).

When you consider that Al Ghadeer is a very well-established community, it is economical (56,000 annual rent, on average just). The community has affordable villas, apartments and townhouses to meet everyone’s preferences. Al Ghadeer is also near the major destinations for lifestyle in Abu Dhabi, such as Yas Island and Al Raha Beach.


Diplomatic Area is the last one on our list of cheap rental properties within Abu Dhabi. There are numerous embassies within the Area, which is why it is named. The Embassies District and the Embassy of the United States are situated there, making the Diplomatic Area the perfect renting Area for diplomats and Embassy employees.

It’s also famous for being the home of one of the most renowned Abu Dhabi buildings, the Capital Gate tower (the Leaning Tower). This tower houses lofts that offer breathtaking panoramic views over Abu Dhabi. Another option for renting in the Diplomatic Area is the AD 1 tower.

Real estate in the most renowned place within the UAE has always drawn buyers from across the globe. Whether you’re seeking a second residence or a buy-to-live investment opportunity, it’s a fantastic option.Great Dubai offers the  stability of the economy, high security, excellent standard of living and pleasant climate make the region a popular destination for foreigners. With the highest standards for green development, Great Dubai offers the following services.

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