Tips to cool down your Dubai home in the summer

You would not want to stay in a 51°C temperature outside it’s like scorching flaming melting or any adjective connected to that nature describes the present weather situation in Dubai. Although some enjoy lying the summer heat here we are trying to get away hide from the scorching sun and take housing in every air conditioned room we can discover.

During the summer time most of us favor to stay indoors in our home office shopping malls restaurants or in an air conditioned place to brand us cool and relaxed. One of the spaces where we tend to stay lengthier is in our house that’s why it is greatest to keep our home cool as abundant as conceivable.

Whether you are living in an apartment villa or townhouse in Dubai it is important for you to know some modest tips you can do to make your home summer resistant and helps cut down your utility bills.

Suspend curtains and shades

In Dubai it is not a good knowledge to let your windows open during this period as hot air can go conventional into your home. You can use a brownout curtain to resist the sunlight that reasons heat or devote in some rattan blinds to block the outdoor heat and will save your home cooler.

Protect your windows

If you are on a budget a virtuous insulation can keep the warmth out of your home. You can substitute your simple windows with dual pane glass or at least put on a window tint to your current window to reflect sunlight. Moreover if you are planning to acquisition a home in Dubai one of the belongings you need to checked is the window classify the type of window used by manufacturers as it may touch your comfort as well as the home’s airing especially during summer season.

Unblock unexploited applications

As much as conceivable unplug all unused appliances and strategies at home. Chargers TVs computers and additional home employments can still draw heat when they are plugged in but not in usage. Also switching off electrical appliances and unplugging it if it’s unexploited can too lessen your electric ingesting at home.

Circumvent heat producing usages

It’s not a good idea to grill bake or roast thru this time. Try to reduce the use of such appliances like oven dishwasher broiler and any other heat producing expedient at home. Also if it’s conceivable to replace traditional glowing bulbs to LED lights as it crops less heat less energy consumption and last longer than the modern home lighting system.

Keep your air conditioner sanitary

Cooling ingesting characteristically gets higher during summer that’s why you need to make sure your ACs are well preserved. Apartments in areas like Business Bay Downtown Dubai Jumeirah Lakes Towers and Dubai Marina are air-conditioned by a central production and delivery of cooling energy. It is sensible for property-owners and proprietors to have their cooling system check once every two months rather at the commencement and the end of summer.

Keep your home closed

Use impermeable sealant around your doors and windows to avoid the heat arrive your house or for the cold air get out. Waterproofing expedient can help seal all holes and reservation the cold inside your house particularly in the afternoon when the summer heat is evil.

Vivacity green home plants

One of the greatest ways to keep your environs cool is to plant more trees and shrubs particularly if you live in a villa. Get the most out of your garden space by having more plants and assemble them properly shading the frontage of your home. Villas in Mudon Emaar south and Damac hills typically offers redesigned gardens and correctly located trees to minimize the outdoor heat.

If you living in an apartment you can also position indoor plants can help cool your home. Select from home plants like aloe Vera sansevieria bonsais and cactus to name a insufficient.

Snowy and sunny

White and light colors at home can make a sensation of aery and wide. For example use light colored blankets pillowcases and bed sheets of natural fibers like cotton or linen these types of fabrics draw dampness off the body particularly in a hot weather. Also lighter colors do not fascinate sunlight as likened to a dark and thick variety of fabric.

Successfully Use Color in Your Home

Try to be imaginative

Summer can too a time for you to be creative do some DIYs search online around different philosophies on how to save your home cool during summer. Here are some samples.

  • Residence a bowl of ice in front of fans to create an enjoyably cool air.
  • Produce your own mixtures of summer drinks.
  • Ice-covered fruits and ice drops.
  • Invitation your friends and have an ice cream party.
  • Cool down your body hotness

There are a lot of methods to keep your home cool but possession yourself cool and hydrated is one way of pounding the summer heat. Take a cold shower quick dip in the pool drink your favorite drinks and hydrate yourself regularly all can assistance you beat the summer heat. For more information you can get help through Great Dubai which is great services provider.

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