Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Dubai 2022

Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Dubai 2022

Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Dubai 2022

As a result of significant technology advancements, Dubai is quickly becoming a socioeconomic and environmental powerhouse. The UAE’s most densely populated state quickly transformed from a huge desert to an urban setting, establishing itself as a worldwide destination in the process. This development has attracted a great number of people seeking homes and companies in the city from all over the world. Not just individuals, but also a lot of multinational businesses are looking for a place to launch their operations.

Purchasing real estate in Dubai (UAE) has become easier than that of other Middle Eastern countries owing to some of the UAE’s leading real estate developers. These Dubai real estate companies offer a great deal of information as well as tempting property deals around the city. Make sure to check our blog out on the great dubai real estate online portal  for updates about the latest property sales and purchase!. Today, we’ve assembled the Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Dubai 2022 to assist you in connecting with and expanding your Dubai property. 

  • Aeon & Trisl Real Estate Brokers

Trisl Real Estate and Aeon Properties (formerly known as C-Max) started operations (individually) in Dubai Real Estate in 2008, at the start of the infamous recession.

         Dubai Office

 WhatsApp Us or Book on Call: +971 55 5248686


Office 407, Al Zarouni Business Tower, Al Barsha Dubai

  • Allsopp & Allsopp

Allsopp & Allsopp primary goal in the UAE is to establish itself as yet another property service center that handles all forms of real estate transactions.

This is a well reputable and one of the Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Dubai. They are dedicated to satisfying regulatory requirements, have a passion for providing excellent customer service, and are devoted to investing in the greatest resources.  That includes bringing in seasoned professionals, developing future experts, and utilizing cutting-edge technology to raise standards.

  • Haus & Haus Real Estate Broker

Haus & Haus has received several honors and adulation, including the most distinguished as the Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Dubai and the Highly Commendable Leasing Agency in Dubai. In addition, the firm received the renowned Gold Trusted Service Award. Haus & Haus provides clients and enterprises with efficient leasing, sales, property handling and maintenance, and valuation services. The organization also allows clients to offer their properties for sale or rent on the official website, and specializes in residential properties. They may also assist with land purchases in Dubai.

They’re a customer-focused firm that takes pride in what they do. With a robust property management department, they specialize in residential sales and leasing. Why is client pleasure so important to their company? Because they recognise the necessity of providing excellent customer service in order to establish solid foundations based on trust, repeat business, and recommendations.


  • PH Real Estate 

When PH Real Estate was founded in 2007, Dubai was a very different place than it is today. Sand-covered highways and unfinished real estate developments were prominent features of the environment. Only a fraction of the global attention that Dubai now enjoys was paid to it in the past. This year, Myles Bush collaborated with a long-time UAE resident to establish a real estate firm based on British standards of professionalism while remaining attentive to the Middle East’s unique ethnic milieu.  The acknowledged basis for a sustainable realtor to be appreciated by the diversity of nationalities who call Dubai home was a firm founded on globally recognised values such as trust, honesty, and transparency.

  • Dacha

Dacha was established in 2004 and has since evolved to become one of Dubai’s top and most reputable real estate businesses. Dacha managed to maintain its success even throughout the challenging era of the Dubai property crisis by focusing on offering a high-quality service that prioritizes the demands of the client. 

The Dacha team, which consists of over 50 real estate specialists, takes pleasure in providing transparent and trustworthy service. Dacha attempts to satisfy every demand of its clients, as well as property developers and investors around the UAE, by providing them with in-depth experience and real estate guidance.

  • FIDU Properties

FIDU Properties has been providing exceptional services in the real estate sector since its debut in 2018. Our staff is dedicated to meeting the requirements of our clients via a range of creative and compassionate solutions. We assist our valued clients by completing their real estate transactions at their own speed and according to their specifications.

Our name is synonymous with consistently exceeding all of our clients’ expectations via world-class solutions and creative service. We have developed a solid relationship with EMAAR, a worldwide famous developer, as a result of our outstanding service. By offering the greatest service in the industry, we are devoted to keeping our clients’ confidence and loyalty.

  • Fäm Properties

Fäm Properties are a tech-driven real estate firm that helps value-seeking investors, landlords, and renters achieve better results by providing advice based on both ethics and sound market fundamentals. 

Our goal is to provide impartial, real-time information to our clients. To accomplish so, fäm has built its own Oracle-based proprietary technology, which is several stages ahead of the competition. Simultaneously, rather than being a generalist, we concentrate on important UAE regions, providing our agents even more emphasis and knowledge. Our clients benefit from an unrivaled capacity to make better decisions faster because of the mix of technology and human intelligence.

  • Stones International 

Stones International Real Estate has a unique approach. For a seamless experience, they serve customers locally, regionally, and worldwide in their purchasing, selling, leasing, and commercial activities. They deliver customized consultation to the highest level, with a straight-talking approach to real estate and with a devoted staff focused on ethics.

Stones International aims to surpass our clients’ expectations both locally and globally by exploring far and wide for properties and solutions in order to obtain the greatest outcomes in a pleasant and stress-free environment. From new real estate purchasers to our existing loyal partners, they are happy to have created strong and enduring partnerships, giving advice from the start of their journey with us.

  • Capri Realty Real Estate

Capri Realty Real Estate is a constantly growing and dynamic provider of real estate solutions. The firm has evolved into a vibrant and full-service niche real estate company in the UAE, with significant presence in Dubai, during the previous few years. The firm is appropriately proud of its competence in assisting customers in making decisions about the purchase, sale, or letting of Residential, Commercial, and Leisure Properties.  Capri Realty is committed to providing a wide range of services to buyers, sellers, and international and local investors while adhering to all applicable rules and regulations.  The firm aspires to provide clients with one-stop shopping solutions based on a thorough understanding of their needs and limits, with the goal of exceeding their expectations.

  • Aston Pearl Real Estate

Aston Pearl Real Estate Broker provides top-notch real estate services to a diverse group of clients. We are ideally equipped to help varied clients with varying requirements because we are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and have a large client base with properties throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  We try to attain the best degree of customer service by offering what our clients demand and, in most cases, exceeding their expectations, since our main values are evident in our company strategy. 

  • Prestige Real Estate

Prestige is associated with high-end real estate and personalized service. Located in the heart of Dubai, UAE, we have grown to be regarded as a top producing Real Estate company year after year, and have earned a reputation for selling some of the city’s most unique homes since our founding in 2007.  The concept of establishing an exclusive local firm serving the city’s most distinguished and prominent inhabitants and investors is quite appealing, especially as Dubai gains increasing recognition owing to its worldwide outreach and excellent business climate. 

Clients receive individualized service paired with the finest of the industry’s expanding tools and technology thanks to over 100 devoted brokers who are uncompromising in their dedication to character, integrity, and competency.


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