Top 3 Best beaches to visit in Dubai UAE

The nicest beaches in Dubai are primarily found along the coastline while some are also found on man-made islands. There are not many places on Earth that have recently seen such profound change. A big part of that along with the citys renowned structures and cutting-edge transportation systems are these fantastic beaches.

Most of Dubai beaches are brand-new just like the majority of its landscapes thus they have been meticulously maintained to resemble postcard-perfect beauty. Some are more family-friendly with services like lifeguard towers, while others are more private and where you can pretty much have the beach to yourself.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

One of best private Dubai beaches with the best amenities.

Family-friendly Adventure Al Mamzar Beach Park is Dubai’s top beach for big groups and families. The beach park has a small entrance cost but it’s worth it. There are several amenities available here, including BBQ pits, running paths lined with palm trees, beach volleyball courts and a variety of water activities. All day long, lifeguards are on duty and beachside chalets can be rented.

In the summer a portion of the beach is open for night swimming due to the sweltering temperatures. Keep in mind that on Mondays and Wednesdays which are known as Ladies Days only women are permitted on the beach (and children under 4 years of age).

Public access to the Al Mamzar Beach Park is available every day. However only women and young boys (under the age of six) are permitted on Monday and Wednesday. The store is open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm on Sunday through Wednesday.

Enjoy yourselves at the beach. You may enjoy five public beaches at Al Mamzar Beach Park. Enjoy a dip in the clear seas, make sandcastles with the kids, and soak up the sun.

White Beach

A posh beach at the southernmost point of the renowned Palm Island in the Atlantis UAE resort White Beach is a private beach club with its own section of powder-soft sand. It is situated on the perimeter of the man-made Palm Jumeirah Island. The infinity pool and comfortable sun loungers are ideal for Integra selfish and the top-notch service means you would not have to do much work. Additionally the views of Dubai Marina are pretty unique.


The swimming pool and restaurant are open until late at night while the beach is open all day. White Beach is especially well-liked on Sundays when a free-flow brunch and a cheerful atmosphere draw couples and small groups.

Jumeirah Beach

A popular beach with plenty of amenities. An artificial beach known as Jumeirah Beach may be found south of Dubai city Centre. Because of the islands protection the already quiet Arabian Gulf is especially safe for young children and inexperienced swimmers. Jet skis and banana boat excursions are examples of water sports.

You would not have any trouble choosing a suitable lunch spot because a row of eateries selling both Middle Eastern and western cuisine is located directly behind the beach. Jumeirah Beach is around 500 meters long and on weekends it can get crowded. Although there are no restrooms there are sun loungers.

One of the nicest public beaches in Dubai is Jumeirah Beach. It is fairly long and offers a variety of food and drink options. Despite being quite crowded the beach nonetheless exudes a tranquil atmosphere. One of the greatest times to visit is during golden hour and sunset. Jumeirah Public Beach is accessible from Jumeirah Road and is open daily from seven in the morning until eleven or eleven thirty. While entry to the park costs a few dirhams entrance to the beach is free. Jumeirah Public Beach has a blue flag designation and is a safe place to swim. The closest Jumeirah beach park contains a garden, children’s play areas, a BBQ area and many more amenities that give beachgoers a top-notch experience.

With its picturesque surroundings Jumeirah Beach is unquestionably one of Dubai’s most well-known and often visited tourist destinations. Jumeirah, formerly a significant hub for pearl harvesting and fishing has developed over time into one of the city’s main residential neighborhoods especially for affluent families and western expatriates.

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