Top 4 most expensive Abu Dhabi residences

The UAE is a beacon of culture, heritage, and nightlife that energizes the soul. When you arrive in the UAE, you will see more than just a glimpse of the modern world. This is because it is a beautiful blend of luxury, fashionable residential areas, and Mediterranean lifestyle.

When one thinks of the UAE, the first thing that comes to mind is Dubai. As a result, the capital city is frequently overlooked. However, there are many beautiful places and adrenaline-pumping activities in Abu Dhabi that will leave you longing for a steady flow of air.

As the UAE’s oil-rich capital recovers from the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, the Abu Dhabi real estate market is showing signs of steady growth. As a result, now is an excellent time for investors to invest in real estate and earn a high ROI.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the most expensive Abu Dhabi residence that is worth your money.

Abu Dhabi residence

The capital city fronts the Persian Gulf, giving you a sense of the sky above and sand beneath your feet. Thus, whether you go off-road to endless dunes or discover the underground world at the National Aquarium, living here has a lot to offer.

Do you want to know where you can find the most expensive place in Abu Dhabi and live the royal life? The Emirate has a sufficient number of Abu Dhabi residences and areas that are unrivalled in terms of price, design, amenities, and location

6 bedroom villas immersed

A palatial-style residence is eye-catching, beckoning you to immerse yourself in a pool of luxury. This mansion in Hidd Al Saadiyat is 48,500 square feet, according to the current great Dubai Property listing. It costs AED 100 million.

Among other Abu Dhabi most expensive residences areas, this magnificent mansion will give you the feeling of living in a palace. It is a plethora of luxury features perched glamorously on the island to provide you with a beachfront view. Its unique design includes a sauna, living room, dining room, storage room, gym and children’s playground, majlis, a park, study, family room, driver’s room, and a massive swimming pool.

Residents will also have easy access to recreational areas such as Saadiyat Public Beach, where you can visit Saadiyat Beach Club if you invest in Abu Dhabi properties.

A desirable family home near ocean

A family home on the coast will always capture the attention of a large family among expensive Abu Dhabi properties. This 6-bedroom villa, also on Saadiyat Island, will blow your mind with its voguish interior design. Because of its large size (37192 square feet), it is ideal for large families. In addition, this magnificent mansion costs AED 82M.

It has six bedrooms and six bathrooms, as well as wardrobes made of high-quality raw materials. You can host a dinner party behind the glazed windows that surround the living and dining rooms. Cooking meals would be a breeze thanks to the efficient home appliances that had previously been installed in the kitchen. The garage, where you can park your car and enjoy the view of the sea, is one of the most impressive features.

Luxury living in an upgrade villa

This stunning renovated villa in Marina Village is one of the most expensive hotels in Abu Dhabi. It is a large villa spanning over 7922 square feet for the asking price of AED 36M. It has the following unique features:

  • 5 bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms, on a private marina berth
  • Swimming Pool on Your Own
  • Pool area outside
  • Dining Room
  • Majlis
  • Fitted Kitchen on the 3rd Floor Maids/Drivers Room

Furthermore, by purchasing this high-style villa, you can enjoy all of the glitz and glam of living in Abu Dhabi properties.

It is because the neighborhood, Marina Village, is a modern community that offers a posh lifestyle. Al Marsa Street, located near Emirates Palace and the Abu Dhabi expensive Residential area, connects this lovely neighborhood to the rest of Abu Dhabi. You will also have easy access to hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, and other popular destinations. So, act quickly to secure ownership of this villa before someone else does!


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