Top 5 local apartment in Dubai

It’s never simple to find a home to live in Dubai. Tenants will constantly be searching for affordable rental homes in town since landlords will always seek to increase the yields from their properties and commission driven real estate agents will always raise rents even higher.

Guides has compiled a list of the least expensive neighborhoods in Dubai based on free advertisements from landlords and real estate agents after conducting extensive research across numerous property websites, including, real estate adverts and GN Classifieds. The lowest rentals being requested in these areas are mentioned below.

  • Al Qusais
  • Dubai Investment Park
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Jumeirah Village
  • Deira

Al Qusais

Near Port Saeed and the Dubai Airport Free Zone is the suburban community of Al Qusais (DAFZA). Al Qusais has various advantages for residents. It is one of Dubai oldest and most culturally diverse neighborhoods. In the north it borders Muhaisnah 4, Al Nahda and Al Qusais Industrial Area. Hor Al Anz is located in the east of the area and Al Twar is to the south.

The glitzy aspect of contemporary Dubai is very different from Al Qusais. It lacks the gleaming richness of Downtown Dubai and doesn’t have any tall towers. In this charming residential area, families can live in harmony and comfort in low-rise, affordable apartments in Top Dubai.

In Al Qusais you can also maintain a respectable level of living on a smaller budget. When compared to other locations of the emirate these places rental trends are substantially lower. Al Qusais restaurants provide inexpensive prices for their menu items and the same is true of their other services. The fact that there are so many excellent schools and daycare centers nearby may be the finest thing for families.

The decision to live in Al Qusais has many advantages. However, there might be certain difficulties with residing in Al Qusais depending on the circumstance. This blog examines both the advantages and negatives, so if you are considering of moving to Al Qusais read on to make an informed choice.

Dubai Investment Park

Top Dubai Investments Park sometimes known as DIP is a mixed use neighborhood in the emirate that provides both residential and business real estate. The neighborhood has drawn attention from homebuyers and renters as one of the city ecofriendly developments with a wealth of family friendly features. The following advantages and disadvantages of DIP will aid in your decision making if you are considering buying property there or relocating there.

An industrial complex, a commercial district and a number of residential subdivisions make up Dubai Investments Park. The 2,300 hectare city within a city provides people with a wide range of practical amenities and services. DIP facilitates industrial activity in addition to providing luxurious lodgings. Furniture, plastic, utilities, pharmaceuticals, textiles and oil are among the major sectors that have established roots in DIP this is advantageous for prospective tenants or homeowners who wish to advance their careers in these fields and value shorter commutes to work.

DIP is a well-known neighborhood offering a variety of residential units, including affordable apartments, townhouses and villas. The Green Community, The Palisades, Ritaj and Dunes Village are just a few of the seven sub-communities that make up DIP.

Dubai Investments Park is well liked by prospective tenants and investors looking for apartments as far as economical residential options are concerned. Apartments with studios, one, two, three and four bedrooms are available for rent and purchase. One of the reasons Dubai Investments Park has quickly gained popularity is the wide variety of flats available for rent there.

Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis sometimes known as the “city inside a city” has grown to be one of Dubai luxurious project most well liked neighborhoods particularly among expats. Read on to learn more about Dubai Silicon Oasis benefits as a place to live and what to think about before relocating there if you are considering doing so.

One of the best neighborhoods for renting or buying homes is Dubai Silicon Oasis according to Buyout and dubbizle Market Report for Q3 2021. This is hardly unexpected given the area accessible well maintained residential and commercial spaces. Although Silicon Oasis Dubai began as a center for tech startups it has since developed into a bustling neighborhood.

Residents of Top Dubai Silicon Oasis have a wide range of property types from which to pick. From cozy studios to spacious 3 bedroom flats Dubai Silicon Oasis has a variety of properties. All inhabitants from young professionals to small families that are interested in living in DSO will find it to be excellent because of this. The two villa communities of Summer Villas and Cerda Villas which feature a nice selection of family friendly residences are options for families prepared to spend a bit more in Dubai.

The near proximity to schools is another factor in family’s decision to relocate to Dubai Silicon Oasis. The Indian International School, GEMS Modern Academy, Repton School Dubai and Kings School NAD Al Sheba are also conveniently accessible for those with school age children. From Dubai Silicon Oasis all of these colleges are within a 10 to 15 minute drive away.

In the neighboring neighborhood of Academic City which is close to Dubai Silicon Oasis are some of the cities leading universities. These include Manipal University and Heriot Watt Universities in Dubai. Because of this higher education students who do not want to reside on campus might consider Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Jumeirah Village

Living in Jumeirah offers the chance to enjoy a laid back family friendly lifestyle with first rate facilities and conveniences. Look no further than Jumeirah if you are seeking for a stress-free and secure area for your family and children. Today Bayut examines daily life in Jumeirah in order to highlight both its benefits and potential drawbacks.

Would you like to spend some time relaxing on the warm sand or swimming in Dubai sea azure waters? All of this is available to Jumeirah residents after a short stroll to Jumeirah Beach. Since the community of Jumeirah is located along the sandy shoreline of Jumeirah Beach, residents there can go to the beach every day.

In Dubai Jumeirah Beach is a well liked location for outdoor water sports like sailing, jet skiing, windsurfing and riding banana boats. Lifeguards are present on the beach so you can swim in safety, although of course, take care to supervise children and those who are not strong swimmers yourself and make sure you have sunscreen packed. One of the reasons many locals consider renting is the simple beach access.

One of the best things about living in Jumeirah is that it is a great place for families with kids because the villas there are so close to entertainment options, medical centers and schools. A short distance away are the grocery store, a salon and a doctor office. Another noteworthy place to see if you were thinking about relocating to Jumeirah is the Jumeirah Grand Mosque.

Living in Jumeirah has several advantages for parents because there is a wide variety of nurseries and reputable schools with British and American curricula available. Being calmer than many other areas in Dubai the neighborhood is very safe. Living in Jumeirah also means you would not have an excuse to neglect your fitness since there are plenty of alternatives available from free running trails in Jumeirah parks to CrossFit and Pilates classes.


The proverb “Old is Gold” is especially applicable to Deira the region of Dubai with the most history. The area is the oldest business center in the city. Deira which is south of the Sharjah border and north of Dubai Creek gives people a unique fusion of modernism and antiquity that is prominently displayed. This neighborhood is one of the most cheap and nicest areas to live and work, and it is home to some of the UAE historic attractions.

Before relocating, weighing the benefits of living in Deira is only logical but it is as important to weigh the drawbacks. You will have a better notion of your possibilities if you have a general understanding of the benefits and potential negatives of this key area of Dubai.

Deira one of the city oldest neighborhoods still has ties to the city vibrant trading past as seen by the numerous historical sites that dot the area. Living in Deira also offers the advantage of being a convenient residential area in Abu Dhabi due to its multitude of shops, eateries and markets. Here are some of the benefits of moving to Deira if you are thinking about leaving your current neighborhood.

The Gold Souk in Deira is well known among tourists. The region is primarily known for apartments, though you might also find some great discounts on villas here. It also has a bustling gold market.

As a business district Deira provides a selection of housing options for single professionals and families with kids who have jobs nearby. Tenants wishing to relocate here typically favor the apartments for rent in Deira.

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