Top Areas For Beachfront Villas In Dubai International City

In Dubai, having a beachfront home is an experience to treasure. You can take pleasure in the cool breeze and the fascinating ocean views. If you’re looking to buy or rent a waterfront home in Dubai, you should take a look at the breathtaking sea-view villas. We present to you a list of the best areas in Dubai to rent or purchase sea-facing villas.

Palm Jumeirah:

The Palm Jumeirah artificial archipelago, one of Dubai’s most stunning constructions, is shaped like a palm tree. The man-made island, which projects into the Gulf, has a 3-mile-long trunk and fronds that are covered in a wide variety of opulent residences and hotels. There are several villas in the region, ranging in size from 1 to 7-bedroom homes, providing options for homebuyers and investors alike. The Garden Homes, Signature Villas, and Palma Residence are some of the well-known villa developments in Palm Jumeirah. On the Crescent, there are a few opulent villas as well.

The distinctive island’s homes have numerous luxury facilities. The homes provide access to shops, mosques, and medical services in addition to beautiful sea views. Three-bedroom villas in Palm Jumeirah cost, on average, AED 6.1M, while four-bedroom houses cost, on average, AED 9.5M. If you want a larger area, you may choose one of the community’s 5- or 6-bedroom homes. In Palm Jumeirah, 5-bedroom villas cost, on average, AED 17.5k, while 6-bedroom homes cost, on average, AED 35.5k. For AED 42.9k, a 7-bedroom home in the neighborhood is for sale.

UMM suqiem:

The neighborhood of Umm Suqeim, one of Dubai’s trendiest, is our next choice. It is situated on the well-known Jumeirah Beach Road and is home to a wide variety of unique cafés, boutiques, apartments, villas, and townhouses. Please be aware, though, that as none of the properties listed here is freehold, neither foreigners nor ex-pats are permitted to buy them. One of Dubai’s most well-known non-freehold communities for villas is this one. It has homes with various layouts, ranging from beautiful three-bedroom cottages to seven-bedroom palaces. These apartments provide lovely views of the stunning Kite Beach and have the most recent neighborhood amenities. The average cost of a 3-bedroom villa in Umm Suqeim is AED 2.1 million, while a 4-bedroom villa costs AED 2.6 million. In Umm Suqeim, 5-bed residences can be purchased for an average price of AED 7.4M. The cost of 6-bedroom homes in Umm Suqeim is around AED 6.7M. The 7-bed houses are a good choice if you want an even larger property and are available for an average price of AED 9.6M.


One of the most coveted residential neighborhoods in the city, Jumeirah is nestled along Dubai’s shoreline and offers a lavish way of life. It is close to the tranquil Sunset Beach and is home to the energetic Jumeirah Beach. Jumeirah residents can take in stunning sea views and the calming sound of the waves from their studios, apartments, and villas. Jumeirah offers non-freehold villas for locals to invest in or purchase, similar to Umm Suqeim. There are several floor plans for the sea view villas in Jumeirah; you may purchase 3- to 7-bedroom homes in the neighborhood. Jumeirah has 3-bedroom oceanfront homes for sale that cost, on average, AED 4.5 million, whereas 4-bedroom villas cost, on average, AED 6.1 million. However, 5-bed homes in the neighborhood typically cost AED 10.1M.

Al Sufouh:

The homes in Al Sufouh are lovely and give you a chance to enjoy both a breathtaking view of the sunset and views of the beach from the terrace. Three-bedroom villas in Al Sufouh rent for an average of AED 223k, while four-bedroom houses there rent for an average of AED 226k, with barely any price difference. The five-bedroom homes cost, on average, AED 368,000. Our overview of Dubai sea view homes is now complete. Read up on the benefits and drawbacks of waterfront living before choosing the location so you are prepared. You may also take into account several beachfront houses in Dubai for a taste of sunlight, coastal cuisine, and family entertainment.

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