Top best Cheap Properties in Hattan, The Lakes Dubai

The sub-community of Hattan, which is a part of the larger district of The Lakes Dubai, is located on the outskirts of Dubai. The sub-community is further divided into Hattan 1, Hattan 2, and Hattan 3 subareas. It was built to provide a peaceful, natural living environment, with picturesque lake views, parks, and wonderfully planted surrounds. This particular sub-community only has villas for sale and rental. regarded as a destination for people seeking to get away from the urban jungle. First Al Khail Rd, which is regarded as an important artery connecting with the rest of Dubai, is strategically connected.

Summary of the community

The neighborhood has drawn both foreigners and locals to move here since it has a suburban feel. Residents rarely feel the need to drive into the inner city because the suburb is self-contained.

  • Common Points of Interest include:
  • Specialized community pool
  • A fitness center and aerobics studio
  • Daycare for parents who work

There are tennis, squash, and volleyball courts nearby, which is perfect for anyone who enjoys participating in these sports on daily the neighborhood also features parks and playgrounds, as well as designated cycling paths. A local mosque and round-the-clock security are also present.

Hattan 3

Hattan is a section of Emaar properties’ Lamaster complex. It has a vital connection to the first al Khali road, which serves as Dubai’s principal access road to important locations. Hattan 1, Hattan 2, and Hattan 3 are the subdivisions of the Hattan sub-community. The neighborhood, which has lovely parks, lakes, and groomed gardens, was designed to provide a peaceful living environment.

Detached villas in Hattan 3 the lakes exhibit a fusion of conventional Arabic and modern architectural styles. A handful of the plots in this development also have the best views of the lake, the golf course, and the neighborhood park.

Summary of the community

  • Hattan 3’s most well-known attractions are
  • Hattan 3 neighborhood park
  • Basketball court, tennis court, and swimming pool at emirates hills

There are parks, playgrounds, and bicycle routes throughout the master community. On-site amenities for residents include a communal mosque, a fitness center, shops, cafes, and restaurants.

House for sale in Hattan 3 the lakes

House for sale in Hattan 3 There are many large villas in The Lakes. These houses have guest rooms, maid’s rooms, driver’s rooms, eating areas, and bedrooms with private bathrooms. There is a contemporary kitchen with all the necessary amenities. From the terrace, you can see the lake and the Emirates Golf Club. There is ample parking available, and each home has its garden where occupants can relax in the evenings.

Check out the variously sized villas for rent in Hattan 3 if you’re seeking an affordable place to live. These rental costs can be compared to those of comparable The Lakes villas available.

Summary of the community

Family-friendly Hattan 2 offers residents entire privacy as well as access to the lakes’ common amenities and services. The community’s villas have lovely golf course views and lots of outdoor space. Properties in Hattan 2 the majority of the properties in Hattan 2 are villas with 4 to 7 bedrooms. These two- or three-story homes are between 8,000 and 11,000 square feet in size. The family room, living area, study room, laundry room, and maid’s room are all located on the ground level. The first floor has bedrooms, while the second floor has a utility room and a roof deck. A garage and an open courtyard are additional amenities.


City international

The best option for investors looking for inexpensive Dubai real estate for sale in an international city. The area is said to as Dubai’s capital of inexpensive homes. The potential rental yields are one of the factors contributing to its popularity. You can anticipate quick returns because there is typically a significant demand for a rental property in the neighborhood.

The prominent Nakheel group, a top UAE real estate developer, is behind the creation of the international city. Low-rise buildings can be found in a variety of groups. The buildings’ distinctive architecture further raises their worth. There are two dragon marts in the neighborhood. Additionally, inhabitants have access to the academic city and Dubai safari park.

  • The typical price for a studio in n international city landed and
  • For 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, respectively, the average sales price climbs to aid 324k and 676k.
  • The flat ROI in the neighborhood is 9.59%.


Next on our list of the best places to hunt for inexpensive flats for sale in Dubai is Liwan, which is in Dubai, and of Dubai’s EST freehold neighborhoods is the community. Liwan may be a terrific choice if you’re looking to purchase a cheap apartment in dubaiDubaiuse the area’s real estate is so affordable. At the same time, the area’s apartments provide first-rate amenities.


Since there are respectable nurseries and schools in the region, it is a great place to raise a family. Similarly to that, Taiwan is home to prestigious medical facilities.

Description gardens

Discovery Garden, a Nakheel project, with about 300 apartment structures. Themes for garden living are used to group these buildings into six groupings, including contemporary, zen, cactus, Mediterranean, Mogul, and Mesoamerican. The large open spaces and beautifully landscaped gardens are the area’s most notable features. Properties in Discovery Garden offer top-notch facilities. So, whether you’re thinking about buying a property for your family or as an investment, this area should be taken into account.

  • In Discovery Gardens, a studio typically sells for AED 309k.
  • A 1-bedroom apartment costs, on average, AED 459k.
  • The ROI is 9.02%.

Damac Hills

DAMAC Hills 2, formerly known as Akoya Oxygen, is one of the best places in Dubai to get a cheap house. It is regarded by many as one of Dubai’s premier golf communities.

Eco-friendly and self-sufficient, DAMAC Hills 2 is a community. In actuality, it was the emirate’s first green neighborhood. Due to the proximity of four motorways, getting around the rest of the emirate is not a problem. So, it is not surprising that it is popular.

  • A two-bedroom townhouse in DAMAC Hills 2 typically sells for AED 1 million.
  • The cost increases to AED 1.1M and AED 1.5M for larger 3- and 4-bed townhouses, respectively.
  • Townhouses in the neighborhood have an ROI of 5.55%.  


City Square

The Neshama Group has a residential project called Town Square. It is a desirable alternative for investors due to the presence of retail establishments, amenities including plenty of parking, open space, and a family-friendly way of life. There are 2, 3, and 4-bedroom townhouses for sale in Town Square, which are dispersed throughout several sub-communities.

Town Square’s parks and shaded paths provide residents with the opportunity to live an active lifestyle. The neighborhood has recreation centers for people of all ages.

  • Town Square 3-bed townhouses typically sell for AED 1.7M on the open market.
  • In Town Square, you may buy a 4-bed townhouse for AED 2.1M.
  • Townhouses in the neighborhood have a return on investment of 6.32%.
  • Considering purchasing a townhouse nearby? See if the Town Square floor plan suits your needs by looking at it.


One of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Dubai for townhouse purchases is Serena. The flagship property, created by Dubai Properties, provides community living at an accessible price. The neighborhood is further divided into the Casa Dora, Casa Viva, and Bella Casa sub-communities.

Being a relatively recent development, Serena’s properties are made of contemporary tastes. Its strategic position is perhaps another important factor in its popularity. Areas like Downtown Dubai, Arabian Ranches, and Sustainable City are easily accessible to residents.

For purchasers who desire a tranquil lifestyle while living close to the city, townhouses in Serena Dubai are the ideal investment choice.

South of Dubai

Next on our list of locations to search for inexpensive villas for sale in Dubai is Dubai South. The region has rapidly increased in size and popularity. It is home to Expo City (the site of Expo 2020), a Business Park, and Al Maktoum International Airport.

Eight sub-communities make up Dubai South, which is accessible from various locations within the emirate. This relatively young community has a variety of amenities.

  • The typical selling price of a 3-bedroom property in Dubai South is AED 1.3 million.
  • For a 4 or 5-bed villa in the neighborhood, prices might reach AED 2.6M and 3M.
  • The ROI is at 6.84%.
  • The floor plan for Dubai South might provide additional details on the properties in the area.

Damac Hills 2

  • A popular place to purchase inexpensive villas in Dubai is DAMAC Hill 2. The region, which is a master project by DAMAC Properties, is renowned for its open areas and houses that use less energy. The neighborhood’s residents can take advantage of several amenities, including hospitals, ample parking, a clubhouse, a golf course, and much more.
  • Three-bedroom villas in DAMAC Hills 2 will, on average, cost roughly AED 1.1M.
  • At DAMAC Hills 2, purchasers can purchase a four-bedroom home for AED 1.5 million.
  • 5-bedroom villas, meanwhile, will run you an average of AED 1.9M.
  • The ROI for villas in the region is 5.29%.

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