1. The farm house villas
  2. Safa two apartments
  3. Malta town houses
  4. Venice standalone villas
  5. Cavalli estates villas Dubai

The farm house villas

The farm house villas is a great location for the tourists to live. In fact it is a place to live due to its beauty, charming location. These houses are made with the best of efforts. This place has 5 to 6 bedrooms apartments. If u are looking for a place to live like a dream you shall visit the farm house villas. These houses are designed in such a way that they are like European style & North American style. If we look at the 5 bedrooms apartments then it consist of European style. But if we look for a 6 bedrooms apartments then it calls as North American style. This place gives a comfort. This is a luxury life to live in Dubai. This is a type of place where you can spend your time with your family in a great view of nature. The person who wants to live his life like a dream life the one should have to visit this place to live because it has a beauty, it has a charming nature views. This place has an area of 3500 SqFt. It is a villa type place. It is located at Damac hills 2. Its developers are DAMAC developers. Its prices start from AED 6,500,000. Its price per square feet starts from AED 1,857.


The properties names damac has an excellent name in Dubai. It’s one of the best place to live be Safa two apartments. Safa two apartments is a best to live in Dubai. Safa two palace is a very beautiful place. This project is a project of nature of luxury. This place consists of 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms. Safa two apartments is located on sheikh zayed road Dubai. It is an apartment type place to live. This type of apartment consists of bedrooms from 1 to 3. These apartments are an example of comfort as a luxury property in Dubai. It has a fully comfort life that attracts the tourists towards itself. Its developers are also DAMAC properties. Its area consist of 450sqft. Its price starts from AED 750,000. Its price per square feet starts from AED 1,667.


Malta town houses is a luxury place to live. This place comprises a beauty in it. This place is located in Damac Lagoons in Dubai. This living place is a type of luxury townhouse in Dubai. This beautiful place attracts the viewers towards itself due to its greenery. This town house consist of 4 bedrooms & 5 bedrooms. The town house that consist of 4 bedrooms has 2 floors with a big garage to park the car and a beautiful backyard garden. The town house that consist of 5 bedrooms has 3 floors with a fully securited garage to park the cars and a greenery backyard. This is a project of Damac Properties. Its area is 2273.77 sqft. Its price starts from 1,748,00. Its price per square feet starts from AED 769. This is a very beautiful place to live with a comfort.


Venice stand-alone villas is a charming place to live in Dubai. This place is famous due to its beauty. It has an attractive view that attracts the viewers and tourists towards itself. This place has a definite view and a luxury life in it. This place provide a luxury life with its beautiful designs in the rooms and outside of the building. It is a villa type location for the living luxury life in DUBAI. It consists of 6 bedrooms and 7 bedrooms. It has a full luxury life to live in the Venice villas with the family because it has a fully completed 6 and 7 furnished bedrooms. Its location is Damac Lagoons. Its area is 4355 square feet. Its price per square feet starts from 1125 square feet.


Cavali Estate Villa Dubai is the villa that located at the most high good communities located in the Damac properties. At all the sides Damac hills properties has an excellent location in the Dubai that it has a connection with many famous places in Dubai to live a luxury life in Dubai. This is the place that has a connection with places with very short time of drive round about 21 minutes to every place. The very famous places like Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Mall of Emirates, Dubai Mall, and Mall of Emirates. Its area is 11317 square feet. Its price starts from AED 19,797,000.

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