1. Nad al sheba gardens
  2. Meydan heights
  3. Nakheel Nad al Sheba


NAD al Sheba garden is a project of Al Meeras. It is located at Al Ain road (E-66). It is a very beautiful luxury villa. It is a dream place to live which is developed by the AL Meeras development projects. It is almost seventeen kilo meters walk from the city and located at the Al AIN road. It is a place which is famous due to its beauty. In fact it is also attract the viewers toward itself due to its structure. Its structure is made with very efficient way that a viewer cannot be stop himself to live at this place. It has two places like G+1 & G+2, these two places are now offered with a flexible amount, that a buyer can pay easily. It has a Masjid, Hospital and schools in it. There are parks and recreation places that are always open for the tourists and those people who live in the NAD al Sheba gardens. This place is generally located next to the meydan complex. It is also near the Mohammad bin Rashid city. It is a villa type location. It area is 10,000 square feet round about. This is first type of villa. Second type of villa is round about 5, 000 square feet. Its ownership is like freehold ownership. It is a luxury property in Dubai. And the main point of this property is that there is no time limit to construct it. A one should construct it on its own deed whenever he wants to. Its facilities include following

  • GYM
  • BBQ
  • CCTV
  • Children Play Area
  • Shared pool
  • Children Pool.


Meydan heights is a place not for only living in fact it is a place for business, it is a place for sport and it is a place that gives you a lifestyle. This place provides you a chance to shape your lifestyle. That lifestyle is also shaping the heart of Dubai. Meydan height is a place that gives you a dream place. Meydan height has most became a popular horseracing venue that provides a luxury life to live in Dubai. Meydan height is a good place that is located in the center of Dubai. A city Muhammad bin Rashid has faces a lot of projects made by meydan city. Approximately it covers round about 47 million square feet of a free house hold venture that is located in luxury life of Dubai. The best part of it as it is located in the center of Dubai so it also faces the metropolitan that urges the travelers to reach soon at their places. It is the premium development structure that enclose the five hundred and twenty eight units of townhouse community living. Meydan heights is a place where a person can fulfil his dreams. The dreams like luxury life can be made at meydan heights with the love of family.


Nakheel residence is a place to live with its charm and beauty. To buy a luxury property in Dubai nakheel property is one of the best property in Dubai Nakheel developers is a world top going developers. In Dubai 21st century Nakheel is the leading property to make a world class location and place for the people to live with their dreams. It help the peoples to make their dream of big house to come true. It is also for business and tourism. Its master development is based upon the evocative palm jumeirah. The very high class places of Dubai include palm jumeirah, Jumeirah Island, jumeirah village together to span round about fifteen hundred hectares and currently they are providing homes for about 300,000 people to live their life like a dream.

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