Top facts about Blue waters Island in Dubai

The stunning man-made island known as Blue Waters Island (or Blue Water Island Dubai) is situated off the coast of JBR and, as its name suggests, is one of the most beautiful in all of Dubai. Ain Dubai, the largest observation wheel in the world, is part of a multi-billion dollar project by Meraas. The island, which is next to The Beach and has a number of recreational amenities, beach activities, opulent resorts restaurants, is positioned to grow into one of Dubai’s top tourist destinations. Additionally, 132 retail establishments, Caesars Palacethe popular Cove Beach are all part of the master plan.

Launched in 2013, the waterfront complex was built mostly by Van Oord, Hyundai Contracting Starneth Engineering. It is one of the best master-planned residential islands in Dubai, offering opulent waterfront villashas the approval of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai.

At first glance, Blue Water Island Dubai appears to be all about living by the beach, opulent homes and resort-style amenitiespopular tourist destinations. Public access to the project began in 2018, while residential property handovers had already started in March 2017. There are 10 mid-rise apartment buildings with a total of 15 stories. Alongside the designated retail center, these buildings’ ground floors contain F and B establishments and retail stores. It is one of the most expensive neighborhoods to live in Dubai due to the availability of luxurious services and properties.

It is without a doubt a groundbreaking structure and a top tourist attraction in Dubai. Off the shore of Jumeirah Beach Residence across from The Beach, Bluewaters Island, which combines a family-friendly ambiance with the excitement of modern city life.

Here are some quick facts about Bluewaters Island before visiting the man-made mixed-use island:

  • Sand made up 4,118,425 m3 of the island’s volume while rock covered 962,530 m2.
  • 10 apartment towers, 4 penthouses17 townhouses comprise the elite Bluewaters Residences, which are housed there.
  • There are 164 shops, restaurantsentertainment venues.
  • Aside from the one in Las Vegas, it has the only other Caesars Palace property in the entire world.
  • The marina regions in Dubai are easily reachable: 30 minutes to the Al Maktoum Airport, 45 minutes to the Abu Dhabi International Airport and 7 minutes to the Dubai Marina20 minutes to Downtown Dubai.
  • The oceanfront of Jumeirah Beach Residence is connected to the island by a 265 m pedestrian bridge.
  • It will run the driverless Group Rapid Transit (GRT) service that is connected to the Dubai Metro Red Line.
  • The largest observation wheel in the world, Ain Dubai, sits in the center of the pure grandeur.

In addition to dominating the shoreline of Jumeirah Beach Residence, you should be aware of the following information about Ain Dubai:

  • The 210-meter-high largest observation wheel in the world
  • The legs are 6.5 meters in diameter construction began in 2013
  • On a barge, two legs were brought on site at once.
  • Each leg is 126 meters long, which fits 15 London buses.
  • In high winds, 6 dampers inside the legs and a-frames stabilize the wheel.
  • Each crane can lift up to 3,000 tons during construction.
  • The spindle weights the equivalent of four Airbus A380s.
  • a massive undertaking utilizing some of the largest machinery
  • The price is US$1.6 billion.

Bluewaters Island property

One of Dubai’s best waterfront neighborhoods provides a variety of homes with views of the city’s immaculate beaches. Townhouses and flats with sea views can be found in the podium levels of residential buildings. There are around 698 including 17 exquisite townhouses and opulent penthouses. Offering 360-degree views of the island the Ferris wheel the boulevards are a variety of 1, 2, 34-bedroom apartments. In there are metallic terms of building quality, the interiors’ minimalistic themes and neutral color scheme suit the architectural types. To fit the general aesthetic, fixtures and oak floors from Scandinavia.

Ample indoor and outdoor space, an open-concept kitchen, in-suite bathrooms expanded living areas are features of every property. The kitchens also have marble worktops and Italian-made appliances. Each unit has been outfitted with double-glazed floor-to-ceiling windows to optimize views of the gorgeous parent neighborhood.

Rents for properties at Bluewater Island are computed annually, like they are in the majority of Dubai. Renting a reasonable apartment in Bluewater Island for AED 120k will get you a space that is between 963 and 1,155 square feet. AED 150k may be the price in various circumstances. Additionally, 2-bedroom apartments on Blue Water Island are available for rent for AED 190k for individuals seeking a more generously sized residence. These residences range in size from 1,451 to 2,033 square feet. Similar to this, a 3-bed apartment for rent starts at AED 260k annually, while 4-bedroom properties on the island often cost AED 351k. These apartments’ covered spaces range in size from 1,935 square feet to 2,473 square feet.

One to four-bedroom flats are available for purchase near the beach. Penthouses and four-bedroom signature townhouses are also available here. Penthouses on Bluewater Island start at AED 22.4M for sale. This type of home often has 4 to 5 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a covered space of more than 2,400 square feet. A 5-year post-handover payment plan for some of these units includes a full waiver of the DLD cost. A typical five-bedroom penthouse for sale is about 9,000 square feet large. The cost of these opulent apartments ranges from AED 22M to AED 31M.

Townhouses in Blue Water Island’s lower floors are for sale, with prices ranging from AED 11.9M to 24.9M. A typical four-bedroom townhouse in this area costs about AED 15M.

For the majority of homes, you’ll probably get a ROI of 6%. Interested buyers may want to think about purchasing the 4-bedroom flats for sale in Blue Water Island, which provide a 6% rental yield. These units typically sell for AED 5.8 million. Additionally, 1-bedroom apartments have the potential to return roughly 6% on investment, while 3-bedroom apartments can yield 6.1% in rental income. In Blue Water Island, buying a two-bedroom apartment would typically set you back AED 3.3M. Such units should generate a ROI of 5.6%.

Facilities for recreation

Living on Bluewater Island has several benefits, one of which is having quick access to recreational facilities. Naturally, Ain Dubai, which is slated to be the largest and tallest observation wheel in the world, is the gem in the crown of all the recreational amenities and activities on Bluewaters Island.

It broke the record set by the London Eye and the High Roller in Las Vegas after its opening. On the LED screens in each capsule, visitors may read about all the amazing landmarks they are viewing from the top.

A further draw on Bluewaters Island is Caesars Palace, a hotel in the illustrious hotel group that is also found in Las Vegas. One of the two hotels on Bluewaters Island, it has a beach club, two pools, a spahealth facilities.

In addition, the well-known resort is the location of some of Bluewaters Island’s top eateries, including Cover Beach and Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Visitors can go to the Caesars Resort Bluewater in addition to Caesars Palace. The resort has 301 rooms with the help of its helpful staff, it has quickly earned a good reputation. Visitors come from all over the UAE to take advantage of the water sports facilities. Don’t forget about Dubai’s Brass Monkey, an all-encompassing entertainment complex. It’s the ideal place to spend the weekend.

On the island, the well-known Madame Tussaud Museum in Dubai just opened. So you can now take photos of yourself with wax replicas of your favorite celebrities.

In addition, some of Bluewaters Island’s best restaurants, like Cover Beach and Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, are located at the well-known resort.

Along with Caesars Palace, visitors have access to the Caesars Resort Bluewaters. The 301-room resort has swiftly built a solid reputation thanks to its friendly personnel. The water sports facilities are used by tourists from all around the UAE. Keep in mind Dubai’s Brass Monkey, a comprehensive entertainment complex. It’s the perfect location for a weekend getaway.

The renowned Madame Tussaud Museum in Dubai has just begun operations on the island. So now you can pose for pictures with wax figures of your favorite celebs.

Over circulation of tourism

The area is a well-liked tourist attraction because of the abundance of leisure opportunities. Although there are numerous benefits to residing in such areas, congestion may occasionally be an issue, particularly when it comes to transportation. Would you be prepared to ignore this aspect and concentrate on the merits?

Before relocating, those who intend to live on this Bluewaters Island must take this into account. Avoiding busy hours taking the metro or a cab instead of driving yourself while visiting this area can all help visitors save time.

The basic designs of the residential units feature wooden floors and tasteful metallic fixtures. The luxurious amenities in the Bluewaters Island apartments for sale will appeal to those looking to purchase expensive residences.

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